One of the greatest secrets of the ancient mysteries was the solar cycle of Naros or Neros. This was reflected in the age of the world according to early Christians at 6,000 years. Noah was 600 years old at the time the flood ended and a new age began. This symbolism was a bind to show a cycle of 600 years which extended over 10 ages. The beginning of each age saw the birth of a great avatar or spiritual leader for that culture.

Godfrey Higgens in his ANACALYPSIS (1833) describes the Jewish cycle of Naros begining with Enoch, who did not die but ascended to heaven. The second ended with the birth of Noah. The third ended with Noah leaving the Ark when was 600 years old. The fourth ended about the time of Melchizadek, that high priest of God whom the Essenes in the Dead Sea Scrolls also say lives forever. As to the fifth and sixth cycle, the author is unclear. However, Higgens places the end of the seventh cycle with Elijah, another prophet who did not die, but left his cloak and astral body to his successor Elisha. The eighth cycle began about 600 B.C.with the birth of Cyrus, the king who was described as a sun god and later liberated the Jews from the Babylonian Captivity. The ninth cycle began with the birth of Christ, making eight complete cycles of 600 years each before the birth of the Messiah. Higgens makes no mention of the tenth avatara, but I would suggest he ponder the birth of Mohammed at 608 A.D.

Higgens touches upon an important hidden correspondence in the religious traditions described in the above genealogy. The first reference was to Melchizedek, that priest of the Most High God who was initiated into the mysteries of the sun oracle by Manu himself. At Jeru(salem), he gave bread and wine to Abraham and initiated him to become the father of the Jewish and Persian nations. In the Dead Sea Scrolls (Hebrews 7:1-3) Melchizedek was spoken of as a heavenly high priest who also lived forever, " He is without father and mother or genealogy, and has neither beginning of days nor end of life, but resembling the Son of God he continues a priest forever."

The next reference was to the personage called Enoch by the Jews and EDRIS by the Persians. Both of these cultures related Enoch to Elijah and in both religious traditions, both of whom did not die. Likewise, there is an occult Jewish and Persian (called Al-Choder) tradition that Elijah previously incarnated as "Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest." Phinehas had single handedly saved the destruction of the Jewish tribe from the wrath of Jehovah when the people of Moses were led astray into idolatry. Steiner confirms this tradition of the continous line of descent thru the high priest sons of Aaron of the Levite line.

Later, the soul of Phinehas incarnates in the personage of Elijah, who used as a physical vehicle the body of Naboth, the vineyard owner. The Bible tells the story that after Elijah defeated King Ahab's priests of Baal with his sacrifice on the alter of 12 stones on Mt. Carmel, Queen Jezebel, herself an initiated priestess of Astarte, declared her revenge upon Elijah with a death sentence. However, in the Bible, Elijah did not die but passed his mantle on to Elisha, a Korahite. The one who did die was Naboth the vineyard owner who refused to sell his garden to King Ahab. Through a scheme of Queen Jezebel, he was later invited to a feast where he was stoned to death. Thus, Naboth the physical vehicle for the spirit of Elijah was murdered in satisfaction of the death sentence of Jezebel.

In the GOSPEL OF ST. MARK, Steiner says that Elijah bore within him the folk-spirit of the ancient Hebrew people. This archangel or folk-spirit corresponds to the fifth degree of initiation in the ancient mysteries of Mithras, where the adept is called a "Persian".

In the sixth degree of the Mithras mysteries, the adept is called a "sun hero" (heliodromos). During the Babylonian captivity, the future King Cyrus is born, then abandoned and raised by a Shepard. Destiny followed him as if he was on a Divine mission to conquer Persia and liberate the Jews. Finally, in 538 B.C. he ordered the reconstruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and sent the Jews home from exile. Cyrus was called CAI COSROE derived from CORESH, a Persian name for the sun and the prophecy of Isaiah correctly refers to his birth and not the birth of Christ. By both the Jews and the Persians, he was called a "sun hero" and "sun king" and maybe was another incarnation of Elijah at the level of the sixth degree of the Mithras mysteries.

In relation to the Christ event this incarnating personalty called the Naros was not the Christ, but at least with St. John the Baptist, the messenger of Christ. The Old Testament contains many references to Elijah as an angelic entity who does not die and has a prophecy to return, "Behold, I send my angel to prepare the way before me." In a veiled secret, the Gospel of St. Luke recognized the returned Elijah in the person of the preacher in the wilderness, who ate locusts and wild honey. His mother Elizabeth, wife of the priest Zacharias, was "of the daughters of Aaron" and the angel Gabriel said, "He shall go in the spirit and power of Elias".

In the Jewish cycle, we see the Naros exoterically accepted as an angelic being who never dies in the figures of Enoch, Noah, Melchizadek, Phinehas, Elijah and finally John the Baptist (who did die). In the figures of Noah and King Cyrus we see an esoteric connection with this angelic being. There are many gaps in between and questions to answer for occult research. However, this cycle makes evident at least two important truths. First, the idea of an incarnating personality is accepted exoterically by Western religions and second, this personality is a messenger from God who directs the spiritual guidance of the Jewish and Persian nations.

Historically the Naros cycle represents a luni-solar cycle of 31 periods of 19 years anf one period of 11 years making 600 years of 7200 solar months and 7421 lunar months and 219,145/6 solar days. Every 60 years there is a syzygy cycle when all the planets are in conjunction, aligned in a straight line with the sun. The 19 years cycle probably represents the lunar Metonic cycle exoterically named after Meton in 433 B.C. but was most certainly known to ancient Chaldean astronomers. Lunar phases recur on the same day of the month every 19 years. It happens that 235 synodic lunar months are equal to 19 years, which were split into two sets of 12 solar years with 12 lunar months and 7 solar years with 13 lunar months. Although I can not say with certainty, the 600 year cycle represents a renewal of the conjunction of the sun and planets on a new moon at the vernal equinox. For the Gautama Buddha in the Eastern Neros, this conjunction occurred on a Wednesday, the day of Mercury. In Hebrew, the gematria for the letter SAMACH is 60 and as mem final is 600. Many Biblical names use this cipher. Also, it was the practice of the hierophant in the ancient mysteries to make the mark of the 600 on the candidate,"And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit od wisdom: for Moses samached him (Joshua), laying his hands on him". In Ireland the X was the letter for the 600 and the life of the Phenn(icshe) was 600 years as was the life of the Phoenix (or Phen-X) for both the Greeks and Egyptians.

The good Madame H.P.Blavatsky comments in THE SECRET DOCTRINE (III):

"the numerical base of 6, the exoteric figure given by Arya Bhatta, was made good use of. From the first secret cycle of 600-the naros, transformed successively into 60,000 and 60 and 6 and with other noughts added into other secret cycles-down to the smallest, an archaeologist and mathamatician can easily find it repeated in every country, known to every nation. Hence the globe was divided into 60 degrees, which multiplied by 60, became the great year. Hence also the hour with its 60 minutes of 60 seconds each. The Asiatic people count a cycle of 60 years also, after which comes the lucky seventh decad and the Chinese have their small cycle of 60 days, the Jews of 6 days, the Greeks of 6 centuries-the Naros again. The Babylonians had a great year of 3,600 being the Naros multiplied by 6. The Tartar cycle called Van was 180 years, or three sixties; this multiplied by (12 X 12) 144 makes 25,920 years, the exact period of revolution of the heavens."

The Naros cycle does not readily coincide with any of the periods of the Messianic cycle of 2,160 years as Higgens observed below in the Enoch cipher. However, every 72 years, the precessional cycle moves one degree and thru a circle of 360 degrees, this equals the great solar precessional year of 25,920 years. If one Naros is given for one degree of the precessional cycle at 72 years, then this would equal the Hindu Kali Yuga (72 X 600) of 432,000 years.

We know that a Messianic cycle for the third cultural epoch began with Melchizadek and Abraham which was carried thru the 3 X 14 generations of the St. Matthew Gospel to the birth of Christ. Higgens correctly suggests that the age of Enoch said to be 365 years would at first glance appear to be a cipher for the solar year. However, if Eusebius correctly set Enoch's age at 360 years by his own calculations from the birth of Methusaleh as suggested by commentators, the the historical age of Enoch was really an intercalation to square with the precessional cycle. The first three Neros total 1,800 years and added to that the age of Enoch at 360 years, then begining the age of Melchizadek, we have the 2,160 years of the 42 generations of the St. Matthew Gospel.

Convergence of Adepts
Some commentators like to ascribe to the Naros cycle twelve ages of 600 years each for a total of 7200 years in a completed world age. The difference would mean that the ten incarnations of the Messengers who spiritually direct that particular culture, would over the longer cycle appear every 720 years instead of every 600 years. I think it more reliable to follow the 600 year cycle since it fits neatly with the phenomenon of the convergence of adepts that occured around 600 B.C. and coincides with the birth of Christ 600 years later.

One cannot but notice that the age of 600 B.C. was truly a remarkable time, a unique convergence of adepts. In India, the Bodhisattva named Gautama rose to the rank of Buddha. In China, Loa-Tzu and Confucius taught a new religious revival. In Greece, Heraclitus and Pythagorus ushered in mathematics, geometry, philosophy and legislative government.

In Judea, the lineage of the great prophets began, starting with Elijah, then, Isaiah, Hezekiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Ezra. In the GOSPEL OF ST.MARK (1912), Steiner says that "the souls of the Hebrew prophets are reincarnations of initiates who had lived in other nations and who attained certain stages of initiation". The adepts of former cultures such as in the Hindu, Persian, and Egyptian, all passed thru the stages of initiation within their own national element. We know historically that in the fifth grade of the mysteries of Mithras, the successful candidate was given the name of the nation to which he belonged. Thus, an initiate was called a Persian or in the case of the disciple Nathaniel, he was called by Christ, "an Israelite indeed, im whom there is no guile." This national identity occurs because the adept in reaching the fifth grade was lifted up into the spiritual realm of communion with the archangel od folk-spirit who ruled over that particular nation.

However, one cannot speak of the Hebrew prophets in the same sense as an initiated adept in the Mystery schools. Even the Bible does not describe how the prophets went thru their occult training. Without such an occult initiation, the spiritual vision of the prophets could only have arisen from their own inner genius. The souls of these great prophets did not incarnate from previous lives as a Jew in Judea, but arose from their past lives as initiates from various other nations and cultures. Their spiritual genius was an inherited memory from a past life as an initiate.

Starting 600 B.C, there begins a gradual convergence of adepts brought together in one focal point to be born again out of the blood of the Jewish people. The center of gravity of this convergence was the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews from 587 to 538 B.C. With the destruction of the ten northern Tribes by the Assyrians in 722 B.C., the two remaining tribes preserved the Hebriac tradition in the southern kingdon in Jerusalem. In 597 B.C. Nebuchadnezzer began the deportation of a select group of Jewish leaders. Within ten years, he had razed the city and the Temple and deported the entire population. The Jews in Babylon represent the last third of a combined mystery stream of the 3 X 14 generations of the Gospel of St. Matthew. This priestly line begins with Melchizadek, then the sons of Aaron and the house of David. This was the branch from Abraham and his wife Sarah who with the child Isaac, founded the Hebrew nation. The great prophets of the captivity, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Ezra were all descendant from the Zadek line converging in ancient Chaldea.

The other line from Abraham and his wife, the Egyptian Hagar, began with Ishmael and founded the Persian nation, spiritually guided by the Naros Zarathustra. Against this background of the Jews in Babylon occured the timely incarnation of Zarathas or Nazarathos into the mystery sanctuary of Marduk and the cult of Ishtar. Steiner says that Zarathas was the teacher of the Hebraic initiates during the captivity. He was also the teacher of Pythagoras who one Naros later incarnated as one of the three Magi Kings and later became a disciple of Christ. Corresponding to the adept Jethro who taught Moses in the desert, Nazarathos was the leading spirit of this Chaldean mystery school and his ordained task was to appear one Naros later in an incarnation as the Solomon Jesus child.

Against this background of the Chaldean mystery school, we have at the same historical time the birth of the Buddha mystery stream. When the Gautama Buddha achieved nirvana, he passed on his mantle to the Bodhisattva who later incarnated in the person of Jeschu ben Pandira, the Teacher of Righteousness in the Essene community in Qumran. This mystery stream merged one Naros later when the nirmanakaya of Buddha was given to the Nathan Christ child.

The purpose of the convergence of adepts and the three mystery streams was to prepare for the Christ event one Naros later. This three-fold merger of the Jewish, Chaldean and Buddha mystery streams through their human representatives of Ezekiel (and the other prophets), Nazarathos and the Bodhisattva was only made possible thru the archangel Michael. Prior to this great age, Michael had been the guiding folk-spirit of the Jews until He ascended, in his turn, to the status of Spirit of the Age. Michael as countenance of the sun, whose angelic body would host the Christ ego as He descended thru the heavenly spheres to incarnation during the baptism at the Jordan river, led a golden age which converged in the Babylonian Captivity.

The Star of the Magi

The convergence of Adepts starting 600 B.C. was a remarkable historical event in preparation for the Christ event one Naros later. As told by R. Steiner in THE GOSPEL OF ST.MATTHEW, about 100 B.C. the Bodhisattva of Buddha incarnated in Judea in the person of Jeschu ben Pandira. He became the Teacher of Righteousness as described in the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Essene community at Qumran. His task was to teach and prepare the members of this community the cosmic significance of the birth of the Messiah. Pliny said there were about 6,000 Essenes at the monastery at Qumran. Of course, only a few of these members could understand the signs of the times. At the same historical time, the Magi of the Chaldean mystery school were also waiting and watching for the signs of the birth of their Naros, Zarathustra.

Dr. Ernest Martin in his book, THE STAR THAT ASTONISHED THE WORLD (1991) describes the astronomical events that occured in the heavens in the two years prior to the birth of Christ. Of course, there is always an astronomical key to every great symbol. One key was described by a Jewish Rabbi named Abarbanel (1437-1508) who said to look for a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the constellation of Pisces as the time for the birth of the Messiah. Kepler also suggested this sign as did the good Madame H.P. Blavatsky in ISIS UNVEILED.

In the 19th. century an extrapolation of this configuration by Ideler showed three conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces in the year 7 B.C. However, the problem with this date is that it is too early to square with the writings of early Christians who insist the birth date to be between 3 to 1 B.C. Dionysius Exigus in the 6th. century gave a date of 1 B.C.

Most historians place the birth of Christ in the spring of 4 B.C. This stumbling block comes from the testimony of Josephus who wrote that King Herod died soon after an eclipse of the moon and was buried before the spring Passover. Nineteenth century astronomers calculated that such an eclipse occured during the evening of March 13, 4 B.C. which was just one month before the spring Passover. The problem here as stated by Dr. Martin is that 29 days between the eclipse and the Passover was too short a time to conduct "the grandest funeral ever bestowed upon a King" so great as Herod.

Dr. Martin selects the date of January 10, 1 B.C. at which time there was a total eclipse of the moon at 1:00 a.m. as seen from Jerusalem. This gives 12 1/2 weeks to conduct a funeral for Herod before the spring Passover. This also solves another problem. The Bible says that King Herod consulted with the Magi concerning the signs in the heavens and as a result, he ordered the slaughter of the innocents, being all male children under two years of age. However, nothing spectacular occurred in the heavens between the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 7 B.C. and the supposed historical date of Herod's death in 4 B.C.

As a matter of astronomical fact, Dr. Martin states that the heavens were silent until the spring of 3 B.C., when everything under the sun began to happen. He has shown several of the major conjunctions as follows:
19 May 3 BC 22:47 mercury-saturn
12 June 3 BC 16:06 venus-saturn
12 Aug. 3 BC 5:20 venus-jupiter
31 Aug. 3 BC 21:03 mercury-venus
14 Sept. 3 BC 5:05 jupiter-regulus
17 Feb. 2 BC 15:15 jupiter-regulus
8 May 2 BC 16:10 jupiter-regulus
17 June 2 BC 17:53 jupiter-venus
26 Aug. 2 BC 15:15 mars-jupiter
The Hebrew name for the planetary spirit of Jupiter is (T) ZADEK. From this name derives the priestly caste of Melchizedek, the King of Righteousness. The planetary angel is SACHIEL, the intelligence is IOPHIEL and the spirit is HISMAEL. Jupiter is also the ruling planet of the constellation of Pisces in the fourth precessional cycle.

As Jupiter is the king planet, so Regulus is the King Star, located in the foot of the lion in the constellation of Leo. It is one of the Royal stars: Regulus in Leo, Aldebaran in Taurus, Antares in Scorpio and Fomalhaut in the mouth of Pisces, on which falls the water poured out by Aquarius. In the Hebrew camp in the desert, the central division was four-fold representing the ancient four elements and the four fixed signs of the zodiac, which in turn were ruled by the four Royal stars. The King Star Regulus rules in Leo the sign of the lion, which is also the "lion of the tribe of Judah." The gematria of J(10), U(6), D(4), A(1) and H(5) is 26, the number of JHVH Jehovah. The three conjunctions of Jupiter and Regulus would have looked viewing from Jerusalem like a halo or crown circling over the King star.

The conjunction of Jupiter-Venus on June 17, 2 B.C. was separated by only 0.01 degrees. This would have appeared viewed from Jerusalem as a brilliant double star also visible west from Babylon. Again, 72 days later, a last conjunction of Jupiter-Mars occurred in midafternoon. The significance of this conjunction corresponds to what Steiner says in THE MISSION OF FOLK SOULS (1910) that the nations of Asia Minor and Western Europe are especially under the influence of the planetary spirit of Jupiter. To prepare for the descending Christ spirit, a special occult arrangement was made with the planetary spirit of Mars to allow JAHVE as Elohim (Spirit of Form) to work in the blood of the Hebrew Semitic nation. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob worked in the blood without interference from the Mars planetary spirit thru the 3 X 14 generations of the St. Matthew Gospel.

Dr. Martin relates that all the ancient planets, except Saturn, were clustering together in the constellation of Leo, while the moon was entering Leo and the sun was entering the sign of Virgo, the celestial Virgin. He says, "Recall that the account in the New Teatament said the Magian astrologers saw the star rising above the eastern horizon. And on August 12, 3 B.C., Jupiter rose as a morning star which soon came into conjunction with Venus. That started Jupiter off on a journey in which six conjunctions with other planets and the star Regulus took place. The final planetary union was the massing of the planets which occured with Mars, Venus and Mercury on August 27, 2 B.C."

Indeed, the signs in the heavens that occurred between 3 and 2 B.C. were brilliant, spectacular and full of Messianic meaning. Finally, in December of the following year of 2 B.C., the planet Jupiter left its cluster with the other three planets and continued its apparent westward motion, until on December 25, it became stationary over Bethlehem. This stationary position between the retrograde motions of Jupiter lasted about six days and also placed its position in the abdomen region of the sign Virgo, the Celestial Virgin.

The Two Jesus Children

Dr. Martin's astronomical re-working of the planetary motions immediately prior to the birth of Christ, set up two important dates. The first being the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on June 17, 2 B.C. as a celestial impregnation of the King Planet and the Mother, Venus. The second being the traditional Christmas day event of December 25th., 1 B.C. when the King Planet stood still over Bethlehem for six days.

Certainly one could speculate that these two planetary events were celestial signs for the birth of St. John the Baptist and the birth of the Christ child. The ancient wisdom of the Jewish Naros could predict the messenger of Christ in John the Baptist from the Phinehas-Elijah (sons of Aaron) line and in the line of the Persian Naros, the Magi went to Bethlehem looking for signs for the re-birth of Zarathustra. The profund esoteric wisdom here is that the Magi searched for and accepted the birth of the Christ child in Bethlehem as an incarnation of Zarathustra. Thus, the Persian Naros became the physical vehicle for the incarnation of the Macro-cosmic Christ ego thirty years later at the baptism in the Jordan.

However, at the Essene monastery at Qumran, the pupils of the Bodhisattva Jeschu ben Pandira were looking for more than only two signs in the heavens. They knew something that the rest of the then ancient world did not know and the key to this secret was preserved in the MANUAL OF DISCIPLINE 9:9-11 from one of the Dead Sea Scrolls as follows:

"They shall depart from none of the councels of the Law to walk in the stubbornness of their hearts, but shall be ruled by the primitive precepts in which the men of the community were first instructed until there shall come the Prophet and the Messiahs of Aaron and Israel."

Certainly the Essenes were looking for three celestial events, the sign of the Prophet and the signs of the TWO MESSIAHS. Of course this passage means nothing to those scholars who understand there to be only the one Messiah of the New Testament. Other passages in the text refer to the child of the virgin Mary to be called the "Son of the Most High" and "Son of God" and "His kingdom shall be forever". For the first time these similar passages found in the Luke gospel at the annunciation to Mary by the Angel Gabriel, occur in a Palestinian text outside the Bible. The Luke gospel was written in Greek and these passages were written in Aramaic, the language of Christ and the Essenes, but the meaning is exactely the same. Here in the two Messiahs of the Essenes lies the mystery of the two Jesus children.

Probably the most remarkable esoteric secret revealed by Steiner was the story of this mystery. The Bible hints several times to the genealogy of the Messianic line coming from the House of David. However, outside the Bible in texts and archeological remains, there really is no other mention of this term, the House of David, as an historical entity. King David had two sons, Solomon and Nathan. The Nathan line was the priestly line referred to in the Books of Enoch and the Essene scroll as the Messiah of Aaron and into which we saw the incarnations of Phinehas and Elijah. The genealogy of this line is preserved in the Gospel of St. Matthew. The Messiah of the kingly line is referred in the Old Testament Psalms and the genealogy of the Nathan line is reflected in the gospel of St. Luke. Commentators have tried for centuries to reconcile these two Gospel accounts of the House of David as well as the infancy stories of Jesus. Now the conflict can be resolved by the secret of the birth of two Jesus children, one born as reflected in the St. Matthew Gospel and one born as reflected in the gospel account given in St. Luke.

The genealogy given in the St. Matthew gospel goes back to the beginning of the Hebrew nation in Abraham and the blood line established through his son Isaac. The key is the 3 X 14 blood line generations as an historical preparation of the physical, etheric and astral bodies of members of the Jewish race as a vehicle suitable to bear the ego incarnation of the Christ when He appeared. This evolution from Abraham to Jesus proceeds thru three stages as described in the gospel. The first stage was the 14 generations from Abraham to the Kings as a preparation of the physical body; the second was the 14 generations from the Kings to the Babylonian Captivity as a preparation of the etheric body and the third was the 14 generations for the astral body lasting a Neros from the Babylonian Captivity to the birth of the Solomon child as an incarnation of Zarathustra. This is why the Magi, who were looking for their Naros, accepted the birth of the Bethlehem child as Zarathustra. This great Naros had in former times sacrificed his etheric body and gave it to Moses and also sacrificed his astral body and passed it over to the Egyptian Hermes, both great initiates and founders of cultural epochs. Now in this incarnation, this great initiate gave his fourth principle or ego to the Bethlehem child of the St. Matthew Gospel. (It is interesting to note the Vatican frescoes painted by Pinturicchio for Pope Alexander VI in which one scene shows IO-Isis seated with Hermes Trismegistes, as law giver to the Egyptians and also seated with Moses as law giver to the Jews. Hermes was called the Egyptian Moses and this series of paintings was inspired by the Hermetic-Cabbalistic writings of Pico Della Mirandola, who undoubtedly knew of the Hermes-Moses connection.)

The genealogy of the St. Luke Gospel goes back 77 generations to Adam and Eve, the original ancestral parents of Genesis. Steiner says that there existed an original Adam-soul that had been preserved in the Great White Lodge by the great sun initiate, Manu. The chacter of this soul was such that it had waited the longest to incarnate on earth so that it represented an Adam-soul as it was before the "fall", dating back the the ancient age of Lemuria. This soul was young and pure and had not been burdened by repeated earth lives. Only such an innocent soul could later unite with the Nirmanakaya of the Buddha. This ancestral soul was incarnated into the Nathan Jesus child of Nazareth born to a young mother.

Very supportive of this genealogy of the two Jesus children is the testimony of sister Anne Catherine Emmerich taken from her LIFE OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY as follows:

"I saw the line of descent of the Messias proceeding from David and dividing into two branches. The right hand one went through Solomon down to Jacob, the father of St. Joseph. I saw the figures of all St. Joseph's ancestors named in the Gospel on this right-hand branch of the descent from David through Solomon. This branch has the greater significance of the two; I saw the line of descent issuing from the mouths of the separate figures in streams of white colorless light. The figures were taller and looked more spiritual than those of the left-hand line. Each one held a long flower stem with hanging leaves like those of palms: this stem was crowned with a great bell-shaped flower shaped like a lily and having five stamens, yellow at the top, from which a fine yellow dust was scattered. These flowers differed in size, vigor, and beauty. The flower borne by Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus, was the most beautiful and purest of all, with fresh and abundant petals. Halfway down this ancestral tree were three rejected shoots, blackened and withered. In this line through Solomon there were several gaps separating its fruits more widely from each other. The right-hand and left-hand branches met several times, and they crossed each other at a point a few generations before the end. I was given an explanation about the higher significance of the line of descent through Solomon. It had in it more of the spirit and less of the flesh, and had some of the significance belonging to Solomon himself. I cannot express this.
The left-hand line of descent went from David through Nathan down to Hell, which is the real name of Joachim, Mary's father, for he did not receive the name of Joachim till ~1 S later, just as Abram was not called Abraham until later. I forget the reason, but it will perhaps come back to me. In my visions I often hear Jesus called after the flesh a son of Heli.
I saw this whole line from David through Nathan flowing at a lower level: it generally issued from the navels of the separate figures. I saw it colored red, yellow, or white, but never blue. Here and there were stains; then the stream became clear again. The figures upon it were smaller than those of the line through Solomon. They carried smaller branches which hung down sideways and had little yellow-green leaves with serrated edges; their branches were crowned with reddish buds of the color of wild roses. These were always closed; they were not flower-buds but the beginnings of fruits. A double row of little twigs hung down on the same side as the serrated leaves. At a point three or four generations above Hell or Joachim, the two lines crossed each other and rose up, ending with the Blessed Virgin.' At the point of crossing I think I think I saw the blood of Our Lady beginning to shine in the stream of descent."

A chart of this Solomon-Nathan genealogy is shown in the front of vol. I of her LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST. Although she never spoke of the two separate Jesus children in her visions, it may be presumed that it was not the time for this revelation until the 20th century. She definately had the material, but chose to remain silent about this greatest of all mysteries.

Thus, born into the era of 3 to 1 B.C. were three great persons, St. John the Baptist and the two Jesus children. (see the painting of Raphael of the Madonna del Duca di Terranuova with St. John the Baptist and the 2 jesus children). The prophecy of the Teacher of Righteousness as the Bodhisattva Jeschu ben Pandira concerning the coming of the two Messiahs and the prophet had come true. The priestly Messiah of Aaron was the Nathan Jesus child. The kingly Messiah of Israel was the Solomon Jesus child.

There also were two couples named Joseph and Mary. The child of the Solomon line was born in Bethlehem and the child of the Nathan line was born in Nazareth and travelled to Bethlehem "to be taxed" as described in the St. Luke Gospel.

Twelve years later on the way to the Temple, thru an occult process, the Zarathustra ego of the Solomon child passed over into the bodily sheath of the Nathan child. This was why at the presentation at the Temple, the parents could not recognize the child (see the painting of the 2 Jesus children in the temple by Borgognone).. It was the wisdom of the Zarathustra ego residing in the body of the Nathan Jesus child speaking to the Rabbis and scribes. and the painting of Defendante Ferrara circa 1526 of the Jesus child in the Temple.

(In addition, see the painting by Leonardo DaVinci called "the Virgin of the rocks." What is interesting here is that the staff of the child represented to be that of St. John the Baptist was ADDED after DaVinci painted it. This photo is from the London Gallery, where I have seen it. There is another version in Paris to which the staff was not added. To me this is a very clear example of a painting of the "two jesus children" by a Renaissance adept that has been touched up to redirect the traditional sensibilities of the public.)

After this occult process occurred, the health of the ego-less Solomon Jesus child declined rapidly and he thereafter soon died. Likewise, the young mother of the Nathan Jesus child, who had no other children, soon died. The Joseph father of the Solomon child was very old, and prior to the presentation in the Temple, he died. Then, the mother of the Solomon child married the Joseph of the Nathan child and she took Jesus and her other children to the house of the Nathan Joseph where they lived together as a family in Nazareth. The Nathan Jesus child became to be known as Jesus of Nazareth and he bore the etheric body of a pre-Adamic soul, the astral body as Nirmanakaya of the Buddha and the ego of Zarathustra. In this way there occured a complete fusion of Buddhism and Zorastrianism in the Hebrew blood line.

The historical truth of this family arrangement was preserved by Epiphanius (b.315 A.D.) in his HISTORY OF JOSEPH THE CARPENTER. He relates that Joseph had six children by his first marriage, four sons named Jacob, Joseph, James and Simon, and two daughters named Assia and Lydia. He was a widower many years before he married the Solomon Jesus mother and he lived 111 years. Profoundly, Epiphanius also says that Joseph was the son of PANDERA, the exoteric Talmud name of the Bodhisattva Jeschu ben Pandira. This appears to be another secret in the Essene tradition that even Steiner does not speak of. If Joseph lived 111 years as historically stated and died before the presentation in the Temple at 12 A.D., he would have been born about 100 B.C. which is the date established by Steiner for the time of Jeschu ben Pandira.

The eldest son of Joseph named Jacob, a Nazir, became the first Christian Bishop until he was martyred by Jewish zealots about 63 A.D. Of the two sisters referred to in the New Testament as Miriam and Solome, Salome was said to be a sister of Mary the mother of Jesus and she was present at the crucifixion and afterwards visited the sepulcher.

Another riddle solved by the mystery of the two Jesus children concern the so-called massacre or slaughter of the innocents as related by the St. Matthew Gospel. Historically, the Magi appeared soon after the birth of the Solomon Jesus child and Herod ordered the slaughter of the innocents after his consultation with the Magi about the great astronomical events that occured in the heavens. Why then did St. John the Baptist escape death if all other children under two years old, "that were in Bethlehem and in all the coasts thereof" were murdered? Steiner says that the Solomon Jesus child was born first in time was taken to Egypt by Joseph and Mary before the slaughter. Then, after the massacre and the death of Herod, St. John the Baptist and the Nathan Jesus child were born. Although Steiner says that these births were only a few months apart, we know from the St. Luke Gospel that this would have to been at least six months later, since Elizabeth was six months pregnant at the time of the visit of Mary and the Annunciation (see Duccio d. 1318) by Gabriel.