It should be considered also that the Asian continent bears three totally different sub-races. The Chinese culture derives from the last of the seven sub-races of the fourth Atlantean Root-Race. This is a wholly self-contained culture not capable of further development, since they did not take up the ego impulse of the primal Semite sub-race.

The Hindu-Indian culture derives from the first sub-race of the Fifth Aryan root-race and represents a polar opposite to the Chinese culture preserving the Atlantean character. Since all sub-races of the fifth root-race receive the ego impulse to a certain extent, the Hindu-Indian culture is capable of further development. However, this development is limited since their folk-spirit evolved its high spirituality prior to the Christ event.

It would seem very likely that these two opposite cultures, the last of the Atlantean race and the first of the Aryan race, would someday come into conflict, even war. And if this conflict did arise, it would occur in the backyard of Russia, the evolving future sixth sub-race.


The seventh sub-race or cultural epoch will see a return to unity, characteristic of the Hindu-Indian sub-race but, again, repeated at a higher level. In a certain sense, mankind was destined to so return because when the spirit of the age of the first sub-race of India has completed his task, he was raised to the guiding spirit of the entire evolution of the fifth root-race.

Even though this spirit is evolving over the many thousands of years of this root- race, he necessarily must retain some of his original Hindu character. This Hindu character experienced the ego or I subjectively long before it was able to experience an objective ego or I available after the Christ event. The Hindu culture is the Alpha or first sub-race and was very mature in its soul development and spirituality at the time of the Christ event, which occurred many thousands of years after the Rishis appeared to instruct the old Indians. The Christ event could not be grasped and understood by a culture who did not recognize the workings of the angels and archangels that cooperatively who brought about the Christ event.

At the opposite extreme, we observe in the cultures of the fifth and sixth sub-races, the relatively young peoples of Western and Eastern Europe, who lived through workings of the angels and archangels who brought about the Christ event. For example, the folk-spirits (archangels) of the English (1650), Italian (1530) and French (1600) peoples did not achieve an ego-will-identity, which in the physical plane reflects itself as a distinct nationality, until the 16th and 17th Centuries. Prior to this time, these cultures were barbaric compared to the mature Hindu, then later Persian and still later Egyptian sub-races. For the peoples of Western Europe, the ego was more of an objective reality that developed relations between things, such as other people, other groups and other nations. As the ego matures into the last Omega seventh sub-race, it will harden, become selfish ad evil.

The task of this presiding spirit of the fifth root-race is to unite the Alpha races of the subjective ego with the Omega races of the objective ego. The religions of the Alpha cultures look backwards to a union with the spiritual worlds with a personal subjective ego. Thus, Hinduism, Brahmanism and Buddhism are characterized by suppression of the ego, a denial of the senses, a recognition of maya, an escape from desire and rebirth, and a personal striving to nirvana.

The religions of the Omega cultures look forward to a union with the spiritual worlds with an impersonal, objective ego. The Omega religions carry within themselves the Christ impulse which is a religion for all humanity. The Christ impulse is impersonal and rejects the castes of the Brahmans, Magi and Egyptian priests. It is universal humanity accepting beggars, thiefs and indian chiefs. It is objective because it recognizes the Christ as a spirit united with earth evolution and which descended from a celestial sphere higher than Brahman, Ahura Mazda and Osiris. It does not suppress the ego with an aversion for earthly incarnation but raises the ego to work cooperatively within the various groups and nations of humanity towards a common salvation.

Thus, there is necessarily some conflict between the Alpha and Omega sub-races which can be characterized as the personal, detached self path towards salvation and the impersonal, group path of the Christ impulse. Likewise, there is necessarily some conflict between the presiding (formerly Hindu) spirit of the entire fifth root-race and the various spirits of the age for the fifth, sixth and seventh sub-races who evolved during and after the Christ event.

Likewise, there must necessarily be some conflict between the Christ who is a spirit united with all humanity for all future root races and the presiding spirit of this fifth root-race. When during the fourth sub-race (Greek-Roman) the spirit of the fifth root-race appointed the spirit of motion on Mars to lead his epoch as a spirit of the age, the West rejected this appointment and exchanged in his place the Christ spirit, a split occurred between the East and West, the Alpha and Omega. The task of the seventh sub-root race is to unite these religious conflicts.


On another level, we shall see during the seventh sub-race this "marriage in heaven" the unity of the ego and manas. The task of the Atlantean fourth root-race was to prepare the human physical body to become the bearer of the microcosmic ego. For this to happen, a physical event in evolution had to first occur. Prior to the Atlantean flood, no person was able to develop ego self-consciousness to the extent to say "I am". His ego was more closely connected to a common group soul and ancestral memory. By the time of the flood, the physical body had developed to such an extent that the physical event could occur, i.e., the etheric head sank into and merged with the physical head. This physical event made it possible for the human body to carry the descending ego fulfilled by the Christ Spirit.

The task of the Aryan fifth root-race was to prepare the ego for the descent of the microcosmic fifth principle of manas. This preparation took place slowly, spread over the seven sub-races as follows:

1. Hindu/Indian etheric body
2. Persian astral body
3. Egyptian/Chaldean feeling -soul
4. Greek/roman thinking-soul
5. European willing-soul
6. Slavonic Manas
7. Seventh Buddhi

In the first post-Atlantean sub-race, the Hindu-Indian culture developed the etheric body as bearer of the ego, as was accomplished with the physical body prior to the Atlantean flood. The ancient Indian could perceive by the forces of the etheric body and this gave rise to the great wisdom of the Vedas and the developed soul forces of the yogas.

In the second sub-race, the Persian culture developed the astral body as bearer of the ego. The astral body being much more active than the etheric body, the Persians performed physical work in developing a material culture, much the opposite of the Indian culture.

Beginning the third sub-race, the ego itself develops through its soul functions of feeling, thinking and willing. The Egyptian - Chaldean sub-race developed the feeling or sentient function of soul as bearer of the ego. These cultures were directed outward towards the stars and their transits. Astronomy arose as a science.

In the fourth sub-race, the Greek-Roman culture developed the intellectual or thinking soul as bearer of the ego. The intellectual achievements of the Greek culture have never really been equaled by a later culture. For this reason Alfred North Whitehead says that the history of Western civilization consists of a series of footnotes to Plato. Aristotle invented logic. The Romans invented jurisprudence, legislative government and the concept of the free citizen with legal rights. However, for reasons stated in the section on "the culture of 666", the knowledge of Hellenistic culture was suppressed in Europe beginning about 400 A.D. because it was not inspired with the Christ impulse.

In the present fifth sub-race, the European culture develops the willing or consciousness soul as bearer of the ego. The political reflection of this event is the extension of the Roman concept of a free citizen with legal rights to the concept of a personal, individual freedom for each citizen. The rule of primogenitor, where a person inherited his rank in the community, together with the laws of fiefdom, serfdom and fee-tail, all worked against the striving of the individual, conscious ego to achieve statue in society. Beginning first in England with the Magna Carta and its Parliamentary forms of government and later in Italy with its free city states, the individual ego actively worked in society releasing the bonds chains of inherited status. The pinnacle of the transition from Medieval government to Constitional contract government was the American Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. All of the demands of the modern age come from the conflict between the consciousness soul seeking political freedom from the old institutions. In present American jurisprudence, nearly every week, the legal system extends the boundaries of individual human rights in housing, education and social services, particularily in the area of homosexual rights.

Now, within the European culture each nation has its specific mission and this mission is guided by the respective folk-souls as archangels. Folk-souls work into mans etheric body and guide from therein. Physical events being a reflection of spiritual events, the political life of humanity as reflected thru nations is really the spiritual life of folk-sprits. In addition, folk-spirits evolve their principles over time in the same way that individual men and cultures develop and evolve their principles. For this reason every nation represents a certain stage of development of their evolving folk-spirit ego. For example, Steiner says that in Italy and Spain, the national element comes to expression in the feeling or sentient soul. In France, it comes to expression as thinking or intellectual soul. In England, it comes to expression as willing or spiritual soul. In Germany, it comes to expression in the full ego.

Eventually, the conflict between the warring folk-souls will converge into a common, unified folk-soul of Europe. Efforts to achieve this is now seen in the effort to create a European Common Market. With the new unification of East-West Germany, the German folk-spirit will gradually transform Himself into a Spirit of the age, leading a unified Europe into the sixth sub-race.

In the future sixth sub-race, manas will descend producing (duality) two will centers of higher and lower manas, as above described, which when evolving into equilibrium, will create the "marriage in heaven" of the human ego and manas. This epoch will be characterized by an agreement between what different people experience as a higher reality in the same sense that people today experience as an agreement of higher mathematical and geometric axioms. As fortold in THE APOCALYPSE OF ST. JOHN, this culture of Philadelphia will bring peace and brotherhood thru a common wisdom that "hath the key of David".

Steiner refers to the descent of Manas in the sixth epoch as the three days of initiation. In the GOSPEL OF ST. JOHN(1908) he comments on the prophecy from this gospel, "on the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee". The first day of initiation was the transition from the third to the fourth cultural epoch. The second day of initiation was the transition from the fourth to the fifth epoch. The third day of initiation will be the transition from the fifth to the sixth epoch. These three days of initiation correspond to the three days of entombment in the ancient Mystery Schools the candidate spent under the spiritual guidance of the hierophant. The marriage in Cana corresponds to the marriage in heaven of higher and lower manas with the mature Christ impulse.

These three days of initiation also correspond to three historical ages. The first representative of the Father as the age of the Old Testament. The second representative of the Son as the age of the New Testament. The third, beginning the 20th century, as representative of the Holy Spirit.

In the future seventh sub-race, Buddhi will descend upon a community of free and independent egos. This is referred to in THE APOCALYPSE as the Church of Laodicea which forms a stream in humanity of warring, fighting egos, unable to unite and harmonize conflicting social and personal interests and desires. The other stream in humanity is represented by the brotherhood of the Church of Philadelphia, whose foundation will be laid down in the sixth epoch.

At the close of the seventh epoch these two streams will do battle in what is called the "great war of all against all". At the close of the fourth Atlantean age, civilization was destroyed by the great flood. So will the civilization of the fifth Aryan age perish by the great war. As occurred at the end of the Atlantean age, the great Manu will lead a small group of highly evolved persons out of the ashes to populate a new civilization of the sixth root race.


(The other Son of Abraham)

Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet. In our century, the great french intellectuals, Frithjof Schuon, Rene Guenon, Titus Bruckhardt and Henry Corbin, have fallen away from Christianity and embraced with open hearts the Islamic revelation.

Bruckhardt says, "Islam regards itself as the renewal of the primordial religion of Humanity." Schuon says,

"Islam integrates Christ in its perspective...According to this perspective, the Word does not manifest itself in any particular man as such, but in the Prophetic function-in the highest sense of the term-and above all, in the revealed books: and since the Prophetic function of Mohammed is real and the Koran a true revelatiom, Moslems, who admit only these two criteria, see no reason for placing Jesus before Mohammed. Indeed, they must give precedence to Mohammed, in as much as the latter, being the last representative of the Prophetic function, recapitulates and synthesizes every aspect of this function and CLOSES THE CYCLE ON THE MANIFESTATION OF THE WORD."

Schuon further says that the three monotheistic religions, Judism, Christianity and Islam, are all religions of the Prophet and the revealed book(s). Excepting the Mormons, it is true that Mohammed is the last prophet of the cycle. Schuon raises the following grave issues for Christians.

Why should Christianity be considered the "true religion" , when it is, admittedly, not the final one of the cycle.

Why should Christ as a prophet and His books (the old and new Testaments) of the Divine Word be given precedence over other revelations, when both Christ and His Revelation can wholly be integrated into the Islamic paradigm, which extends from Adam, thru Abraham, to Mohammed?

Why should Christianity continue the priestly functions of the sacraments, when the historical necessity of the division between royal and sacradotal functions has virtually been eliminated by the rise of Democracy and women in the (protestant, anyway) priesthood? Islam has eliminated the need for a priesthood, since every Moslem is everywhere a priest within his own religion. "It matters little to him whether or not he is externally severed from the Moslem community; he always remains his own priest and an autonomous unity." Every Moslem can perform the essential rites of his religion, personally, by himself.

It is clear to me the reason the great French intellectuals have left the Christian community is that Islam is a "spiritual, religious and social block" that has solved the historical problems of the Prophet, the Word and the priesthood. Like no other religion, Islam is a complete unity and perfect monotheism. So say what you Christians about that? Well, I might only retort that the Bodhisattva of this century converted to a Roman catholic!

To evaluate this dilemma, I would say first, that Schuon is wrong to call Christianity one of the three monotheistic religions. There is NO what he terms, "Ternary Aspect of Monotheism." With its Trinity, Christianity is not strictly monotheistic, as it resembles all religions of the third cultural epoch that reflect the recapitulation of the sun-moon-earth evolution in the form of a trinity.

The reason why Islam is so popular and powerful is that it replaced Judaism as the only monotheistic religion on the planet. As Dr. Steiner says in THE MISSION OF FOLK SOULS (1910),

" There are two spiritual currents in mankind. The one must be called, that which proceeds from plurality, Monadolgy, which conceives the origin and source of existence as consisting primarily of a number of beings and forces. (Thus we have the Hindu) Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu (and the German) Odin, Hoenir and Loedur. This is the current which, because it proceeds from a number, may assume the greatest possible variety.

"This worship of many HAD to be opposed by a synthetic, all comprising movement which proceeded strictly from the Monon, Monism. The actual inspirers, the impulse givers of all monotheism and monism, of the worship of a single divinity, are the Semitic peoples... It is in their nature, it is in their blood, to represent the one God, the Monon. The other peoples have pluralistic impulses."

Looking at this dichotomy of monism vs monadism, Christianity certainly is pluralistic in its Trinity, contra Schuon. Steiner even confirms this when he says, "the monon in India was soon divided into a trinity, as the one God of Christianity is divided into three persons." The key to understanding these two spiritual currents of humanity is that the schism creats a "great polarity' between pluralism and monism and we know that evolution on the physical plane always proceeds thru a duality of yin-yang. Here Dr. Steiner states the key-

"Monism is not possible without pluralism and the latter is not possible without the former. Therefore, we must recognize the NECESSITY FOR BOTH."

This is the rule for spiritual evolution on the physical plane.

Now, what happened to the monistic impulse of the Jews? As Steiner has said many, many times and Schuon re-emphasizes as follows:

"The monotheistic religion belonged originally to the entire nomadic branch of the Semitic group, a branch that, having issued from Abraham, was subdivided into two secondary branches, one issuing from Isaac and the other from Ishmael, and it was not until the time of Moses that

monotheism took a Judiac form: it was Moses who, at a time when the religion of Abraham was growing dim among the Ishmaelites, was called upon to give monotheism a powerful

support by linking it in a certain manner with the people of Israel, who thus became its guardians. It may thus be said that Judaism annexed monotheism and made it the possession of Israel."

Obviously, the line of Isaac has terminated with what Schuon calls "Christ put a final term to the religion of Moses." This is very true but for the wrong reasons.

In that most profound treatise of revelation, THE MISSION OF FOLK SOULS, Dr. Steiner explains why certain civilizations rise to a pinnacle but suddenly, almost overnight, crumble away into cultural diaspora. For the Celts, their guiding archangel renounced going to the higher level of a Spirit of the Age. Instead, he sacrificed himself and became the "inspiring spirit of Esoteric Christianity." Likewise, the Greek archangel renounced his ascension to this higher level to become the "guiding spirit of Exoteric Christianity." As a result, both Celtic and Greek nations "crumbled away so quickly."

Here is another occult law of spiritual evolution. Every nation is guided by its archangel, who lives and evolves himself within this cultural-linguistic group characteristic of a natioon. When the folk-spirit leaves his folks, by reason of either, (1) renounciation or (2) the normal evolution of the rise and fall of civilizations, the folk, without a center, crumbles away into diaspora.

The Celtic and Greek diaspora are two examples of renunciation. The other process is one of normal evolution, when the guiding archangel, lives in unity within his folk culture, thru the rise and fall of its civilization. Then, the archangel matures and leaves his folk of his own volition, in order to continue his evolution in the higher spheres of the angelic hierarchy. Scattered around the planet are pockets of "remnants of former cultures" such as the Polynesians in the Pacific ocean, the Indians in the Caribbean and the American Indians. These groups are the remnant diaspora of the former Atlantean races and sub-races whose guiding archangel matured and voluntarily left many thousands of years ago. Contrast this situation with the genocide of the native Indian of 19th century Argentina, which results with, of course, no remnants left over.

The archangel of these remnants did not desert their folks in any negative sense. To the contrary, their archangel, having completed his evolutionary task assigned to him, departed and rose to the level of a Spirit of the Age, as a normal process of evolution thru the angelic hierarchies. We know the Divine Plan of the Spirits of Form was to have each of the seven Atlantean races evolve consecutively, one after another. However, because of the interference of the Planetary Spirits of Motion, evolution of the successive races was held back, held over.

Thus, the Divine Plan of the Spirits of From was to have, for example, the Toltecs, to evolve in their normal course, the rise and fall, the ascending and descending phases. But, when the descending phase was historically and chronologically completed, this race was not terminated (yes, in the genocidal sense of the word), but certain peoples remained over. So in the Americas, for example, we have small groups of "held over" sub-races, such as the Mexican and American Indians, who struggle to survive, without the spiritual guidance of their archangel. At least, the American Indian acknowledged that their Great Spirit was dead. As V.S. Naipaul has correctly observed, the Carribean peoples of Central America will never have a cohesive social and political culture. They can not ever, being a surviving remnant of a former great civilization, that should have been extinct when the deluge waters of the Biblical flood submerged the Atlantean continent.

I know that this analysis sounds harsh and I do not want to be accused of fostering genocide, but the Divine Plan of the Spirits of Form is an example of what the ancient Egyptians called the "Iron will of necessity."

For the Jews of the third cultural epoch of the Aryan fifth root race, the situation is even more dramatic and complicated. First, at the angelic level, there was an inspiring folk-soul, Elijah, who was not merely the normal angel, aspiring to rise to the level of arch-angel. He had the (miraculous) powers of an archangel who had descended to the level of an angel. Dr. Steiner speaks of the origin of this folk-soul: "For such an individuality, provision is made in the Mother-Lodge of Humanity. Such an ego was born into the body under the immediate guidance and direction of the great Mother-Lodge of Humanity in the central sanctuary of earthly spiritual life. The John (Elijah) ego descended from the same holy region as that from which the soul-being of the (Nathan) Jesus child descended." In each of his incarnations as Phinehas (son of Eleazar), Elijah-Naboth, Elijah-Elisha and St. John the Baptist, he rescued the fallen group spirit of the people and restored its vigor to fulfill their karmic mission.

At the arch-angelic level, Michael was the guiding folk-spirit, who received orders from the higher Archai and give orders to his folk-soul. He was also more elevated than the normal archangel, being a sun spirit and acting as the countenance of Jehovah. The corresponding Spirit of the Age was the Greek Archai, which had basically fulfilled his task by the end of the Golden Age of Greece.

In normal cultural evolution, when we approach the second angelic hierarchy, there is no direct correspondence between the nation and the guidance from the Spirits of Form and Spirits of Motion. These higher spirits normally work equally thru all nations of a race or sub-race. However, with the Hebrew nation, Jehovah-Elohim, as a Spirit of Form worked directly in the Jewish blood from Abraham, thru the 3 X 14 generations of the Matthew Gospel, to the birth of Jesus.

At the level of the Planetary Spirits of Motion, the Semitic race belonged to the Mars race-spirit. Again, there is not a normal relationship here. The Mars Spirits themselves work directly thru the blood producing the Mongolian race. However, in order for Jehovah to intervene and work directly thru the blood, a special cooperation had to be reached between the two spirits, so that Jehovah ALONE and not the Mars Spirits, could have exclusive influence over the Hebrew nation.

Thus, throughout the second and first angelic hierarchies, all angelic beings worked cooperatively for the great karmic task of the evolution of the Semitic race; which in the Abraham-Isaac line would bear the incarnation of the Christ and in the Abraham-Ishmael line which into the future would continue the monotheistic tradition of the Prophet and the Word. The special angelic beings who guided this mission were:

Elijah angel Folk-soul
Michael arch-angel Folk-spirit
Greek Archai Spirit of the Age
Jehovah-Elohim Spirit of Form
Mars/Jehovah Spirit of Motion

Now, as Schuon says, the Christ event ended the prophetic cycle of the Abraham-Issac Semitic line, but as I have said, for the wrong reason. The real reason was that the "Mission Impossible" accomplished, the special alliance of guiding spirits served its Divine purpose and was therefore disbanded. Elijah has had at least two subsequent incarnations, as Raphael and Novalis, but these are not connected with the Hebrew race. Michael has withdrawn his leadership in preparation for his Regency as Spirit of the Age beginning 1879. The Greek Archai renounced and lives on as the inspirer of Exoteric Christianity throughout the future Spirits of the Ages. Jehovah had ascended the angelic ranks and the Mars Planetary spirit had resumed his former activity as a race spirit. With these angels leaving in the normal course of evolution, Jewish diaspora resulted, with the destruction of the Essene monastery in Qumran and the razing of the Temple and city of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

Mission Impossible accomplished, was the departure of the leading Jehovah spirit the end of the monistic impulse ? No, the Spirits of Form, in their infinite wisdom, had a back up plan preserved in the Semitic line of the other son of Abraham, Ishmael. For a new monistic impulse to be implanted, the remaining Semitic peoples were the best suited for two reasons. First, the blood line had been worked over for the 3 X 14 generations by Jehovah. Second, the monistic tradition of the prophet and the book of the Word had also existed since the time of Moses. Islam as the direct descendant of the duplicate Semitic line from Abraham was the best suited to integrate these two traditions. They need only to eliminate the priesthood which was destined to extinction anyway as a penalty for the crucifixion of Christ.

In conclusion, Islam is the logical conclusion to the other Adam-Abraham-Ishmael line established by Melchisadek as the bearer of the monistic impulse. As a religion of fervent monotheism, Islam will necessarily conflict with its closest pluralistic religion, Christianity. It will most likely be the source of the anti-Christ. However, Christianity and Islam should stand side by side, like neighbors with a good fence, and recognize a respect for each other. The spiritual development of humanity needs and requires this eternal duality.