1. The Source in Abraham

The most comprehensive way to summarize the Laws of 3, 12 and 22 is by correspondence to the Sephir Yetzirah, the oldest text of occult Kabbalist Hebrew wisdom.

The source of the text is attributed to the founding father, Abraham, which of course, extends back to the beginning of the Hebrew sub-race. But what were Abraham's sources? There would seem to be only two possible sources.

The first source could have been the ancient Chaldean wisdom of Babylonia. We know from the Bible, that Abraham came to Canaan from Ur in Chaldea. Thus, the text of the S.Y. could have originated in the ancient wisdom of the Chaldean initiates of the mystery center existent there.

The other source could arise after Abraham arrived in Canaan and met the high priest Melchizedek in Salem. Who was this strange figure described in Hebrews as,

"For this Melchizedek, King of Salem, priest of the most high God, met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the Kings and blessed him. He is first, by translation of his name, King of Righteousness, and then also King of Salem, that is King of Peace. He is without father or mother or genealogy, and has neither beginning of days nor end of life, but resembling the Son of God he continues a priest forever."

The Letter to the Hebrews is a New Testament book found in the Dead Sea Scrolls located in Qumran labeled 11 Qmelchizedek, which clearly gives eternal life to this priest to whose order the "Son of God", Jesus belonged.

As revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essene monks recognized Melchizedek as the heavenly high priest who guided the incarnation of Christ through the genealogy of Abraham to the birth in Bethlehem. This spiritual connection is exoterically described in Genesis in the giving of bread and wine to Abraham and later realized in the giving of bread and wine at the Last Supper by Christ to his Apostles.

The highest regard given to Melchizedek by the Essenes absolutely confirms the spiritual research of R. Steiner who says that "Malek-Zadek" was the occult name of this priest of the great oracle center presumably located in the volcanic rift of Jerusalem known as the Tyropoeon valley. As described in Occult Science, the evolution of the seven root races during the Atlantean epoch was guided by initiates through seven mystery centers or oracles. Thus, on the one line of evolution and oracle wisdom stood the Saturn, Jupiter and Mars initiates. On the other side stood the Venus, Mercury and Vulcan initiates and in the middle were the sun or Christ initiates. At seven different locations on our planet were the seven mystery oracles guarded by the initiates. When the Atlantis civilization was destroyed, the great sun oracle initiate led a new colony of survivors from the West (Ireland) to the East (Indus Valley) and re-established the seven mystery-oracle centers to guide humanity through the post-Atlantean epoch. The seven Rishis were the first teachers of the first Hindu cultural epoch initiated by this great sun-oracle leader named Manu. Later, Zarathustra was initiated as the leading spiritual force of the second cultural epoch. Hermes was the leader of the third cultural epoch arising in the Egyptian-Chaldean peoples. The Semites were a sub-race of the fourth Greek-Roman cultural epoch. Abraham was the progenitor of this sub-race and Malak-Zadek was his occult teacher. Melchi-Zadek or King Zadek takes his title from the Hebrew name for the residing spirit of the planet Jupiter-ZADEK. Thus, Malek-Zadek was the leader of the Jupiter race and the Jupiter oracle.

Thus, we see that the meeting between Melchizedek and Abraham at Salem was esoterically an initiation into the Jupiter oracle center by Abraham which resulted in, among other things, the source of the text of the S.Y.

The key to the mission of Abraham is described in the S.Y. as "the Lord most high revealed himself.. and made a covenant with him (Abraham) and his seed". Now the seed of Abraham grew into two branches. The first was the Hebrew nation derived through his son Isaac with his wife Sarah. The second was the Arab nation derived through his son Ishmael with his Egyptian wife Hagar. The task of the Hebrew people was also twofold. First, through the genealogy of blood, the Hebrew people prepared the physical, etheric and astral bodies through the three times fourteen generations described in the beginning of the St. Matthew gospel to serve as a perfect crucible in which to receive the ego of the Christ at the baptism at the Jordan.

The second task was to prepare the mind to recognize the significance of the Christ event for future humanity. The great sun initiate Malek-Zadek gave genetically to Abraham's brain an organ to observe the phenomena of the external physical world and to relate these sense impressions into number, measure and weight. Thus, Abraham is the father of constructive reasoning and mathematical logic which is clearly evident in the Semitic sub-race of the Hebrews. This genetic change evident in the Hebrew descendants of Abraham was accomplished by a merging of the etheric body closely with the physical head which transformed a portion of the physical brain into the actual organ of thought.

In other sub-races living at the time of Abraham, the physical and etheric bodies were more separated in varying degrees which resulted in the Atavistic clairvoyance in the brain and unlimited ancestral memory in the etheric body. The old ancestral consciousness was symbolically represented by the snake and the newly propagating mathematical consciousness was represented by the two horns of the lamb. The later is graphically represented by Michelangelo's portrait of Moses with two horns protruding from his forehead (the so-called two-petalled lotus).

Here is the fountain source of the gift from Melchizedek to Abraham, the S.Y. is the occult text of the cosmology of the universe written according to number, measure and weight as reflected through the Laws of 3, 7 and 12.

2. The Hebrew Alphabet as Logos

The text of the S.Y. divides the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet into three sections, the first as:

"The three mothers Aleph, Mem & Shin are a great mystery... and from them proceed air, fire and water, which divide into male and female forces...and from them have proceeded all things that are in the world."

This of course recognizes the primary law of three, as reflected in the three mother letters, as the moving forces which create the cosmos. As discussed in Chapter One, 3., the Law of Three represents the unmanifest trinity of forces active, passive and neutralizing.

The letter aleph is an aspirate, pronounced with a silent breathing and for this reason correlates to the primordial substance air. The letter mem is a mute produced by the pressing together of the lips. The fish is the silent resident of water and for this reason, this letter correlates to the primordial element water. The letter shin is a sibilant and pronounced with a hissing sound and for this reason correlates to the primordial element of fire.

Additional correspondences are described in the S.Y. as follows:

Microcosm Primal fire Spirit air Water
Universe Heavens Atmosphere Earth
Elements Terrestrial Fire Air Water, Earth
Man Head Chest Stomach
Season Heat (summer) Temperate Cold (winter)

"The seven double letters beth (B), gimel (G), daleth (D), Kaph (K), pe (P), resh (R), and tau (T,TH)... are called double, because each letter represents a contrast or permutation...and He (Jehovah) preferred the number seven above all things under Heaven."

This, of course, recognizes the Law of Seven as the maker of the manifest world, in duality or double letters. Thus, the S.Y. describes the manifest world of the 7 planets, the 7 Heavens, the 7 earths, 7 Sabbaths, 7 days of creation, 7 gateways of the soul of man (7 orifices), 7 days of the week and every 7th year a jubilee. In addition, the text recognizes the 7 directions of space as north, south, east, west, above, below and the holy palace in the center of them. This corresponds to our hidden cube within the Tetractys on page 51, herein. Additional correspondences are described in the S.Y. as follows from each of the seven days in the week.

1. Beth Wisdom moon right eye
2. Gimel Health mars right ear
3. Daleth Fertility venus right nose
4. Kaph Life sun left eye
5. Pe Power mercury left ear
6. Resh Peace saturn left nose
7. Tau Beauty jupiter mouth

"The twelve simple letters are heh, vau, zain, cheth, teth, yod, lamed, nun, samech, oin, tzaddi and qoph...they are the foundations of these 12 properties, sight, hearing, smell, speech, taste, sexual love, work, movement, anger, mirth, imagination and sleep... and formed with them the 12 celestial constellations of the zodiac."

This, of course, recognizes the Law of Twelve in the macrocosm (zodiac) and the microcosm (man). In addition, the S.Y. describes 12 directions in space as the "arms of the universe" which corresponds to our 12 degrees of freedom on page 89. Additional correspondences are described in the text as follows:

1. He Aries march right foot
2. Vau Taurus april right kidney
3. Zain Gemini may left foot
4. Cheth Cancer june right hand
5. Teth Leo july left kidney
6. Yod Virgo august left hand
7. Laured Libra september sex organs
8. Nun Scorpio october intestines
9. Samech Sagittarius november stomach

10. Oin

Capricorn december liver
11. Tzaddi Aquarius january gullet
12.Qoph Pisces february spleen

Thus, we see that the S. Y. establishes the Hebrew alphabet as the Logos and the instrument of creation in itself. It also establishes for the first time, the concept of the unmanifest trinity in the words,"the three are one and that one stands above". It establishes the manifest world of seven in the words, "the seven are divided, three are over against three and one stands between the triads." And finally, it establishes the microcosm and macrocosm of man in the universe expressed by the Law of Twelve. The laws of the triad, Heptad and dodecad are shown in Plat of 22 letters .

3. The 231 Gates

A greater mystery of the S.Y. is that of the 231 gates. In Chapter II it is revealed,

4. These 22 letters, which are the foundation of all things, He arranged as upon a sphere with 231 gates, and the sphere may be rotated forward or backward, whether for good or for evil, from the good comes true pleasure, from evil, nought but torment.

5. For He shewed the combination of these letters, each with the other; Aleph with all and all with Aleph; Beth with all, and all with Beth. Thus, in combining all together in pairs are produced 231 gates of knowledge.

What are the 231 gates?

Clearly, the commentaries on this mystery set the 231 gates as a permutation of pairing each of the 22 letters with each other such as aa, ab, ad, ag, etc. However, this is not a solution since this permutation adds up to 242 not 231. Likewise, the commentary in the William Wynn Westcott edition says, "the number 242 is obtained by adding together all the numbers from 1 to 22. The Hebrew letters can be placed in pairs in 242 different positions." This also is not a solution because the numbers added together equal 253, not 231. Further, Westcott adds, "for the reason why eleven are deducted, and the number 231 specified, see table and note 15 in the edition of Postellus."

This again evades the solution since the year 1552 Latin edition of Guliielmus Postellus resides in the British Museum. Even the volumes of printed rituals of ceremonial magic of the Golden Dawn is silent and never even mentions the 231 gates. If the S.Y. is as ancient as Abraham himself, the good fathers of the Great Lodge have remained silent for some unknown reason.

R.B. Fuller provides the solution on one level of correspondence. On page 62 we discussed the tetractys frequency grid. This showed the underlying order in seemingly random events. The algebraic (B. Fuller's) formula shown as R = N squared -N, divided by 2, where N equals the number of events and R the number of relationships between the events. Substituting the number 22 (the number of the Hebrew letters) into our formula we confidently arrive at the number 231, the mystery number of the gates, and as the S.Y. would say about the number of the ten Sephiroth, not one more or one less, but exactly 231.

Thus, the S.Y. explaining the combination of the 22 letters shows the number of communication relationships between the letters, the sum of which is tetrahedronal.

On a higher level of correspondence, the mystery of the 231 gates requires a brief journey into mineralogy.

4. The Crystal Space Groups

Crystallography has had a short and concise history. In 1611 J. Kepler published a small pamphlet on hexagonal snow suggesting that the regularity of crystal form is due to the regular geometrical arrangement of small building blocks. In 1669 Nicolas Steno published a theorem that the angles between corresponding faces in crystal structure were constant. In 1780, Carangeat invented a device to measure the Steno interfacial angles. In 1784 the Abbe Havy published an essay on a theory of crystal structure wherein, like Kepler, all crystals are composed of small polyhedral units, the unit for each mineral having a characteristic shape. Later in 1850, M.A. Bravais discovered that 14 types of regular geometrical patterns result from arranging identical points in space, so that any point is repeated at regular intervals along each row of the pattern. These 14 geometric arrangements of unit cells called Bravais lattices as shown in Plat No..

When arranged into groups of symmetry, there are 32 crystal classes and the Law of Seven works into these 32 classes creating seven crystal systems or general crystal groups into which all 32 classes have common elements. Plat No. shows examples of the most common crystal form of each system.

In the late 19th century, in three different locations, three different persons independently developed the geometrical concept of the number of different kinds of arrangement possible in crystal systems.

The first was Leonhard Sohncke (b. 1842) a German professor of physics who combined the fourteen possible space lattice types with the symmetry inherent in the 32 crystal classes and added to it translational motion (screw axis and glide planes). He discovered the concept of space groups. Each of the 32 crystal classes is characterized by symmetry elements that pass through a single point, thus they are now called point groups. However, if each point group is moved through space by transnational motion, the result is a geometrical array of scaffolding with symmetry elements grouped into what is called space groups.

In 1879 (the beginning of the reign of St. Michael) Sohncke published the first crystallographic work identifying a total of 65 such space groups. About the same time, E. S. Fedoron a Russian crystallographer and mineralogist published in 1885 the results of his efforts. Likewise, in 1891 Arthur Schoenflies a German mathematician published the result of his research and in 1894 William Barlow an English amateur published his efforts. Although the last three publications arrived independently and from different scientific approaches, they arrived at the same result, to the 65 space groups proposed by Sohncke could be added an additional 165 for a total of 230.

Thus, the combination of the 32 crystal classes with the 14 Bravais space lattices produces 230 possible distributions that atoms can assume in minerals. While, the number of combinations of atoms and molecules is infinite, the number of their arrangements in three-dimensional space or form is limited to 230.

In conclusion, modern era classification of crystalline structure is as follows:

1. Triclinic 2 2
2. Monoclinic 3 13
3. Orthorhombic 3 59
4. Tetragonal 7 68
5. Hexagonal (3-fold) 5 25
6. Hexagonal (6-fold) 7 27
7. Isometric 5 36
Total= 32 230

5. The Mineral Kingdom

There is an occult correspondence between the 231 gates and the 230 crystal space groups. To develop this we return to page

55 where in the seven conditions of life or rounds are briefly described. Here we see that after the 1st - 2nd - 3rd elementary kingdoms, the conditions of life proceeds through the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and lastly, the human kingdom. It is important to realize from this evolution that we as humans are in the present mineral kingdom, and not the human kingdom, which is the last of the evolutionary kingdom. Each of the seven conditions of consciousness (manvantara) passes through 49 conditions of life (rounds) for a total of 7 x 49 or 343. To date, we have passed through a total of 171 conditions of form (globes). When evolution proceeds through the remaining 172 conditions of form, mankind will pass into the next higher Jupiter condition consciousness wherein humanity will have evolved into the plant kingdom. In this future condition, a portion of humanity will have angelic bodies and will regulate the plant kingdom as is now accomplished by the present angelic community of spirits ruling from Lower Devachan.

Now, what does this mean that humanity is in the mineral kingdom and not in the human kingdom? Steiner explains the mystery in the lecture series entitled, The Apocalypse of St. John.

"In the earlier period of the Earth's evolution, the mineral kingdom existed in the condition of the (three) elementary kingdoms...It is as if these elementary kingdoms had condensed and disappeared, so to speak, into our world. They precede our mineral kingdoms."

Thus, in one sense fine atomic and sub-atomic substance of the three elementary kingdoms have passed into and created the mineral kingdom. In another sense, man's ego-consciousness is at the level of the mineral kingdom and has not yet evolved into the higher kingdoms. Again,

"What can man comprehend today? He can only understand the mineral kingdom. As soon as he comes to the plant kingdom, he no longer understands it. The mineral kingdom he can understand. From the forces of the mineral kingdom he can construct houses, machines, and so on. When he comes to learn in the same way to observe what the forces are in a plant which make it grow tall, only this will lift him with his consciousness into the plant kingdom.

In time will come when he will take planthood into his own being, just as he now has the mineral kingdom within him. And just as he builds houses of minerals, just as he now uses the forces of the mineral kingdom, so he will in the future, out of the familiar forces of the plant kingdom, produce plant forces and still higher things in the laboratory, without resorting to seeds...Man will then have risen into the plant kingdom when he understands the plant nature as he now understands the mineral...

Elsewhere, Steiner says,

"The mineral kingdom came into existence during the fourth round. Everything that man does today, the entire world of industry, is the transformation of the mineral kingdom...The whole mineral kingdom will be transformed by man. Here man will work right into the molecules and atoms. Eventually there will be no single atom on earth that has not been worked upon by man. At the end of the fourth round he will have transformed the entire mineral kingdom. From the fifth round onwards man will do the same with the plant kingdom."

The key here is that "at the present time man is perfected alone in the mineral kingdom". When these words were first spoken in 1908, the meaning was less then obvious. Now, at the end of the 20th century, its meaning is crystal clear. Man is building skyscrapers; rubies and emeralds are synthesized in the laboratory; man made ceramics are approaching the perfect super-conductors and silicon valley is the Tower of Babel of synthetic quartz. In fact, we now see the rudiments of the beginning of our consciousness in the plant world with DNA genetically engineered bacteria.

How was this perfection in the mineral world accomplished? It was accomplished by the identity of the 230 crystal space groups, beginning in 1879, the commencement of the Michael Age. Each possible crystal form of the mineral world has now been identified and catalogued by our rational mathematical mind descended from Abraham. With identification comes control of synthesis and reproduction of the mineral elements.

This event of perfection in the mineral kingdom was foreseen by the wisdom of the sun oracle, Malek-Zadek and prophetically given to Abraham in the 231 gates of the S.Y. When Abraham speaks of the 231 gates as the foundation of all things, he speaks of the foundation of all things in the present mineral kingdom. The 231 gates are the 230 crystal space groups. The foundation of all things in the mineral kingdom - minus one. The remaining task of our mineralogist's is to identify that last 231st space group, not yet discovered.

This task is similar to the Greek mathematician who discovered the Archimedean semi-regular solids, including the cuboctohedron, but never realized the spiritual significance of this discovery until two millennium later, R.B. Fuller identifies the cuboctahedron as the "divine" equilibrium form of the cosmos.

Finally, R. Steiner's symbol for the three remaining kingdoms is the cross. The mineral kingdom is excluded because man already controls this kingdom. The lower beam corresponds to the plant kingdom, wit its roots buried in the earth and its stem directed upwards. The middle beam corresponds to the animal kingdom, which is a plant turned halfway and carrying its spine horizontally to the earth. The upper beam corresponds to man which is the plant turned upside down. In the plant the sex organs are turned upward in the blossom. In man, the sex organs are turned away and the head is directed upwards. This occult symbol of the cross shows us how man in his evolution must pass through the remaining three kingdoms of nature.

6. Here is Wisdom

"Here is Wisdom", he that can name, number and measure all things under the sun is the hierophant that is the measure of all things. As Dr. Steiner said,

"Just as we place images, Imaginations, before the soul, so on still higher levels the inner power of numbers is placed before human beings. Human beings have to learn to experience the inner proportions of numbers as spiritual music. Of particular importance, however, is the proportion 1:3:7:12. If you understand the proportion of these numbers as a musical relationship in the sense that one number oscillates three times in a given period, another seven, and still another one twelve, then you will find expressed in these numbers the relationship in spiritual music of the 'I', astral body, etheric body and physical body."

This book has been an exercise in understanding and experiencing the inner power of the laws of the numbers 1-3-7-12, numbers which even Steiner says are the most important. This last secret is expressed in this relationship:

I (ego/self) 1 Monadic self
Astral Body 3 Thought and Word
Etheric body 7 Feeling and Imagination
Physical body 12 Will and Action

In addition, our Anonymous author of the MEDITATIONS concurs with this conclusion and says,

"For twelve is the number of modalities of the will and its action; seven is the number of basic modalities of feeling and imagination; three is the numerical law of thought and word; and one, lastly, is the number of the self who thinks, feels and wills. The monad therefore reveals itself through the Trinity underlying thought and word, through the septenary underlying feeling and imagination and through the duodenary underlying will and action.

"The sum of the numbers of reality-1,3,7 and 12-is twenty-two (and not 23, since One transcends the other and includes them itself). This is the true reason for the fact that there are 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot, and no more or no less...The sacred name JHVH comprises four members or numbers: 1,3,7 and 12...Twenty two is four and four is three revealing one."

The Holy Books of the 22 numbers are the Chaldean Book of Numbers, the Sepher Yetzirah, the Apocalypse of St. John and the Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, which follow Hermeticism thru respectively, the second, third, fourth and fifth cultural epochs. Each is an incarnation of the earlier, but on a higher level. Each is the collection of thoughts of living angels connected in a living tradition and community of spirits from age to age.