" The conception of space is an entirely human concept. In Western civilization this conception of space has become ingrained in man since the 15th. century. The Gods with whom man resides between death and a new birth have a vivid conception of time but no conception of space such as man acquires on earth. Anthroposophical Spiritual Science (must) transform the scientific ideas and concepts that are unintelligible to the Gods in such a way that they are spiritualized and are thus able to provide a bridge to the Divine-Spiritual. Through the spiritualizing of purely spatial knowledge, bridges to the Divine world have been found again...and man can conquer a new portion of the universe for the Gods if he will but bring the spirit again into the conception of space. This Spiritual Science works from below upwards, stretches out its hands as it were from below upwards to grasp the hands of Michael (the archangel) stretching down from above. It is then that the bridge can be created between man and the Gods."

Rudolph Steiner from MAN AND THE WORLD OF STARS (1922)

"Geometry is pure Spiritual Imagery; it is the language of Devachan. As long as geometry is taught in Russian schools, then there is a connection with Spiritual life. Devachanic language is beyond the sphere of the astral world, in the quality of forms...We can take every saying of Christ's, all occult formulae and give them geometric Devachanic forms."

Valentin Tomberg from notes on the SPIRITUAL HIERARCHIES.