Prior to Eliphas Levi, no Western occultist was really open about his "source" of knowledge of the spiritual/occult history of mankind. Levi spoke of his source as the "Astral Light", which for him included the Akasha as well as all other phenomenon, including the "electro-magnetic ether, the ambient and all penetrating fluid, the vital light and the body of the holy ghost." As the good madame Blavatsky said "Eliphas Levi commits a great blunder in always identifying the Astral Light with what we call the Akasha." For her, "Akasha is not even the Ether, least of all then, we imagine, cannot be the astral Light, which is simply the older sidereal Light of Paracelsus." These are the reasons occultists refuse to give the name of the Astral Light to the Akasha or to call it the Ether. For the good Madame, "Akasha is space itself, in one sense, or both it's sixth and seventh principles", the fifth principle being is what is commonly called the Ether. And, " Akasha is the primary ether, emanating from Pradhana in seven forms of Prakrita, of which the Astral Light is the lowest", deriving from the forces of nature. As a cosmic element or bhuta, it is thru the Akasha that the light-sound and life ethers manifest as the 5th-6th and 7th principles of creation.

What is known in occultism as the Akasha Chronicle is the reflection of the Akasha in the three higher macrocosmic ethers of light, sound and life. For this reason, the Akasha Chronicle exists in the macrocosm on these three different levels and likewise can be "seen in vision" in the light ether, "heard" as sound in the sound ether or "swallowed" in the life ether as in the "Book of Wisdom" related in the Apocalypse. Neither Levi nor the good Madame actually said that they read from the chronicle, but we certainly know that they did. It was Dr. Steiner in his two books, OCCULT SCIENCE and COSMIC MEMORY, who first said that he in fact read from the chronicle. Here he says, "The one who has the ability to perceive in the spiritual world comes to know past events in their eternal character...They appear before one in full life...Those initiated into the reading of such a living script can look back into a much more remote past than is represented by external history." From this script, Steiner has given us the historical facts of the Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon and present Earth manvantaras, including the lives of the Lemurian and Atlantean racial Ages. Dr. Steiner did say that " I am obligated to remain silent about the sources of the information given here." Presumably, he had been restricted from revealing much of the "knowledge hidden within the Theosophical movement."

Long after the deaths of Levi, Blavatsky and Steiner, the Anon-ymous author of MEDITATIONS ON THE TAROT gives us a further explanation of the Akasha Chronicle and it's relation to the Fifth Gospel of Christ.

For Anon, "the Akasha chronicle is the macrocosmic analogy to the total memory of the microcosmic unconsciousness." For him, the unconsciousness corresponds to the collective psychic memory of all humankind as with Jung in his "collective unconsciousness." The three tableaus of psychic memory correspond to the three types of conscious memory which he terms the "Automatic memory, the Logical memory and the Moral memory."

Automatic memory is that faculty manifested in childhood which reproduces in the imagination all the facts of the past as raw material for use by the conscious self. As such, automatic memory is "weakened in proportion to the extent with which age increases."

Logical memory is that faculty manifested during middle life , wherein the rational mind "weaves a tableau of the past according to the lines of sequential reasoning that intelligence finds relevant." The tableau of factual associations developed during childhood is replaced over age with a more meaningful memory of the relationships between things, events and ideas.

Moral memory is that faculty arising during old age wherein the memory tableau reveals moral and spiritual values. The recall memory of a person in old age depends on the intensity in which these values are interwoven with the past tableau of automatic and logical memories. What we observe as senility in old persons depends largely on the fact that those persons did not develop a moral memory tableau during their lifetime. Emotional intensity is the key here more so than the intrinsic moral value of an event. However, moral events always carry with it the requisite emotional intensity, such that all moral events are more likely to be remembered. For example, a senile person may not remember what he had for breakfast today, but he is likely to remember what he had for breakfast on the day of his first communion. this moral memory is a sort of common ground in which the other two memories take root.

Now this three fold human memory take it's correspondence in the macrocosm in the three-fold Akasha Chronicle, which in turn takes it's correspondence in the three-fold higher ethers of light-sound-life. Herr Dr. Steiner only spoke about a single cosmic memory which he describes as a sort of movie picture reel of pictures unfolding before the higher Imaginative consciousness. However, Madame Blavatsky recognized a two-fold cosmic memory as early as ISIS UNVEILED when she said, "The astral light is dual and bisexual, the male part of it is purely divine and spiritual; it is wisdom; while the female portion is tainted , in one sense, with matter and therefore is evil already." In the SECRET DOCTRINE the Madame says, "the seven principles of the Eastern initiates had not been explained when Isis Unveiled was written" and she goes on to say "they are one and the same thing seen from two different aspects, the spiritual and the psychic." She recognizes that the Akasha as a whole manifests in a septenary extending from the purely spiritual to the purely physical and as such, this creates two streams from the single source described by Steiner. Says Anon, "Thus, a two-fold process takes place in the Ahasha chronicle: it is spiritualized and at the same concretized, in proportion to the extent that the distance from the present into the past increases."

The trail of the chronicle extending backwards over long periods of time, on the one hand, ascends towards higher spheres and on the other hand, descends towards lower spheres, which for the good Madame was the duality of male/female, wisdom/tainted and spiritual/physical.

_______ Higher chronicle (2nd)



(Back in historical time) ________________ present time



_______ Lower chronicle (1st)

The lower Chronicle consists of the history of facts in a Quantitative tableau which corresponds in the microcosm to our automatic associative memory in humans. As such, it is subject to the errors and mistakes of interpretation and extrapolation that also exist in automatic memory. In this regard Dr. Steiner said, "Spiritual perception is not infallible...This perception can err, can see in an inexact, oblique, wrong manner. No man is free from error in this field, no matter how high he stands." This "error of transcription"occurs because the further one goes back in history, the further the lower Chronicle has slipped from sphere to sphere, ending in what Blavatsky called the (sub-terranean) sphere of matter/evil. It is from this lower record that we see the clairvoyant investigations in the 20th century of C.W. Leadbeater and Edgar Cayce's visions of ancient Atlantean culture.

For this reason, both Anon and Steiner have stressed that there is no further need for new revelations from the Chronicle. (but what of the revelation of the two Jesus children?) What is necessary is to develop a "living tradition", where each occultist continues the work of his predecessor, by confirming the truth, filling in the gaps and correcting the errors of vision or interpretation. Steiner writes of a tradition,

"that various initiates can relate about history and pre-history will be in essential agreement. Such a history and pre-history does exist in all mystery schools. Here for millennia, the agreement has been so complete that the conformity existing among external historians of even a single century cannot be compared with it. The initiates describe essentially the same things at all times and in all places." .

The Second Akasha Chronicle is that higher, spiritual record which preserves a Qualitative tableau, which over time has separated out the distortions extant from the lower record. Just as our logical memory replaces the associative facts of our automatic memory, so too the higher Chronicle "is the intelligent memory of the history of the world." The abstractions used in our logical memory transform the associative facts of the lower Chronicle into symbolic facts in the higher Second Chronicle. These symbolic facts, thru this process of discrimination, must be extrapolated into universal intelligent forms , from which all occultists in their vision must draw conclusions to be placed in this "Book of Truth." The esoteric history of the world is drawn from these spiritual conclusions by such authors as Hildegard of Bingen, Fabre d'Olivet, Saint-Yves d'Alveydre, Rudolph Steiner and Valentin Tomberg. By their efforts, the historical facts from the lower record are extrapolated into symbolic facts and preserved in the book of Truth by the "living tradition" of clairvoyant occultists.

However more than just clairvoyant consciousness in the Imaginative tableau is required for a proper organization of historical facts into logical, symbolic conclusions. The act requires the rational faculties of the logical memory together with the moral qualities of an initiate that has purified his astral body from all passion, greed and selfishness. Nothing goes into the Book of Truth from such immoral perverts as C.W.Leadbeater, Pascal Beverly Randolf or Alister Crowley nor from the drug induced visions of Anna Kingsford or Dr. Timothy Leary.

In addition, the function of clairvoyant consciousness here in this Chronicle is not the same as a clairvoyant perception into the etheric and astral spheres of nature, which have revelations of an entirely different nature. I am reminded here of the comments of P.D. Ouspensky on his path thru the lower and higher thresholds of perception.

"I had come across in my reading...which I could recall neither deliberate falsification nor

real clairvoyance. Thus, the clairvoyance of Leadbeater and Dr. Steiner, all the Akashic records, the descriptions of what happened tens of thousands of years ago in mythical Atlantis or in other pre-historic countries. The only difference was that I did not believe my experiences, while the Akashic records were believed and are believed by both their authors and readers.... It very soon became evident to me that it was all reflected, it all came from memory, from the imagination. This explains why it is that authors who describe Atlantis are unable with the aid of their clairvoyance to solve any practical problems relating to the present which are always so easy find."

This raises a very interesting problem that has always personally bothered me. For as Ouspensky further asks, "Why do they know everything that happened thirty thousand years ago and do not know what is happening at the time of their experiments, BUT IN ANOTHER PLACE.?" My feeling was, if these persons are so perceptive, tell me what is happening across the street? This is a poignant question, but misdirected, as there are two opposite processes of clairvoyance going on here. One is clairvoyance on the level of Imaginative consciousness that puts one in touch with our lower and higher Chronicles, which is by definition (as Ouspensky correctly pointed out), reflective from memory and not introspective. Introspective clairvoyance, on the other hand, also takes one into higher levels of consciousness, but thru the opposite path of perception of elementary nature spirits.

In addition to the lower and higher Chronicles, there is a Third Chronicle which contains what is of eternal value to mankind and the future earth evolution. It is called the "Book of Life" in occultism or the "Book of the Prophets" by Sister (Christian) Anne Catherine Emmerich. In what is perhaps Sister Christian's most extraordinary vision, she and her guardian angel travel in vision to the sacred "Mountain of the Prophets" in Tibet. Here she saw a long tent in which a table stood in the center. There was a figure that looked like Elias or (no surprise) John the Baptist and he was writing with a reed on a long scroll of parchment.

"In the middle of the table lay an immense book that could be opened and shut and it was to this book the man referred to see if the others were right...Right and left lay great books and parchments rolls on rods with knobs on either end...He told me he was there to guard everything until the time would come to make use of it...Around the tent were other books and rolls, very old and precious. The figure told me that these books contained all the holiest things that had ever come from man. He examined and compared all and threw what was false into the fire near the tent." Later, after several other visits to the holy mountain, Sister Christian says that "I know why I went to the Mountain. My book lies among the writings on the table, all that is to be secured from destruction is there preserved."

Later, after several other visits to the Holy Mountain, Sister Christian says that "I know why I went to the Mountain. My Book lies among the writings on the table, all that is to be secured from destruction is there preserved."

This story relates four spiritual facts of concern. First, there is a "Book of the Prophets" which is the Third Akasha Chronicle and corresponds to the moral memory in man. It contains those pictures from the higher chronicle that deserve eternal value in the same sense that man's moral memory is eternal and passes on with him into devachan. From this book preserving the eternal moral memory of the world come the "imaginations" which will pass over from this Earth manvantara to the future "Jupiter" manvantara. Here we can see this lives of the most glorious saints, martyrs and initiates and the writings of the Church Fathers long since lost or destroyed.

Second, on this table are many other manuscripts written by many other persons, which are first compared to the great book of the Prophets and if satisfactory, they are added to the great book. this would include the meditative writings and prayers of the great anonymous authors throughout history; the symbolic account of the great moral decisions that occurred throughout history, such as the prayers of St. Hedwig to turn back the Huns or the decision of Thomas Moore of Cantebury to defy King Henry the VIII; and the kind and gentle acts of charity performed by those of less than saintly stature, but nevertheless, remembered as part of the moral fabric of humanity

Third, there is an editor, in the cloak of Elijah/John the Baptist, who compares and edits the symbols from the Book of Truth and transcribes them into the Book of the Prophets. Why John the Baptist in this role? Because as Dr. Steiner said "The St.John Ego descended from the same holy region as that from which the soul-being of the Jesus child from the Gospel of St. Luke descended." This holy soul was also preserved with the Nathan Jesus soul in that Mother-Lodge of Humanity since the time of Adam and before the Fall of Mankind. Who better an editor than this arch-angelic sister-soul of Adam who has lived since the beginning of human time?

Lastly, the Book of the Prophets is preserved and guarded until "the time will come to make use of it" and this time is the Judgment Day of the Apocalypse. It is in every sense a book of Resurrection which will be viewed before the soul in final judgment in the same way that the soul in Kama-loka also views the book of his past life in judgment. And, as the view of moral judgment during Kama-loka passes over into devachan, so too does the moral contents of this book of Resurrection pass over for mankind as world karma into the future Jupiter Manvantara.

Finally, a comment must be made on the nature of "prophecy" in itself and where it is found. Prophecy is being raised in Imaginative vision from the physical plane to the three higher planes of consciousness belonging to the Conditions of Form or in Theosophy, called the Globes. They are in their septenary nature as follows:


          higher devachan

      lower devachan  
    astral   higher astral    

Here on the physical plane, our waking day consciousness of cognitive thought comes from the deeds of our Guardian Angels, while during sleep, we travel in our astral body and ego to the astral plane and live among the thoughts of the higher Angelic hierarchies. Our most profound Christian source of prophecy is the APOCALYPSE OF ST. JOHN. The seer of Patmos wrote this Book of Revelations about the "thunder and lightning" of the revelations of the Seraphim and Cherubim. As such, his source of revelation was from realms within devachan that are infinitely higher than where our normal day or night consciousness extends.

When St. John saw into these higher planes, he described the symbols of the Book of Prophets which appeared to him in Imaginative picture forms. For the future sixth cultural epoch (the Age of Aquarius), he saw the symbol of the Church of Philadelphia and for the future seventh cultural epoch (the Age of Capricorn), he saw the symbol of the Church of Loadicea. Likewise for the future Sixth Root Race following our present Aryan Root Race, he saw the seven seals, which represent the future seven cultural epochs of that Age. For the future Seventh Root Race, he saw the seven trumpets, whose angels represent the future seven cultural epochs of this last great Age. Afterwards, he saw the end of historical time as we will know it, falling into death and destruction symbolized by the seven vials of wrath. On Judgment Day was read the Book of Prophets and from the life of Christ was read the Book of God. Finally, he saw the "descent of the Heavenly Jerusalem", after which comes the long pralaya before the coming of the next "Jupiter" planetary evolution.

The descent of the Heavenly Jerusalem is also a symbol which represents the descent of the plane of Higher Devachan (shown above) to the physical plane. What the seer St. John saw in vision in his day two thousand years ago was our moral symbols from the Third Chronicle which had been preserved up to that time. Sister Christian previously told us that the Book of Prophets was always being written, it is never finished. But certain moral symbols that are recognized as eternal form the vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem on the plane of Devachan, which in the future, will pass over unto the physical plane. Prophecy is the present vision of those eternal symbols located on the higher astral and devachan planes written in the Book of Prophets, the events of which by their intrinsic nature pass from the future into the present over the course of historical time.

finally, the correspondences found in the various spheres of macrocosm and microcosm are related as follows:

Human Chronicle Book Bhutas  
Moral Memory 3rd moral Prophets/Life Life swallow
Logical memory 2nd higher Truth sound HEAR
Factual memory 1st lower Archives light see