The Lord's Prayer as Prayed by Rudolf Steiner

you who were, are, and will be
in our inmost being,

May your name be glorified
and praised
in us.

May your kingdom grow
in our deeds and inmost lives.

May we perform your will
as you. Father, lay it down
in our inmost being.

You give us
spiritual nourishment,
the bread of life,
in all the changing conditions
of our lives.

Let our mercy
toward others
make up for the sins
done to our being.

You do not allow the tempter
to work in us
beyond the capacity of our strength.

For no temptation can live
in your being,
and the tempter is only appearance
and delusion,
from which
you lead us. Father.
through the light of knowledge.

May your power and glory
work in us through all periods
and ages
of time.