The Ten Names of God, with their Ideas, Orbs and Hierarchies Largely Explained

God himself though he be trinity in persons yet is but one only simple Essence, there are in him many Divine powers, which as many beams flow from him which the Philosophers of the Gentiles called Gods.

1. The first name of the Divine Essence is EHEIE and his Idea is called Cether, which signifies a Crown, the most simple Essence of the Divinity which the Eye seeth not and is attributed to God the Father and hath his influence by the Order of Seraphims, who the Hebrews call Hayoth Hecadoth, that is, Creatures of Holiness, and then by the Primum Mobile bestoweth the gift of being to all things filling the whole Universe, both through the Circumference and Centre, whose particular Intelligence is called Metratton, that is, the Prince of Faces, whose duty is to bring others to the face of the Prince, and by him the Lord spake to Moses.

2. The second name is JOD or Tetragrammaton. His Idea is Hochma, that is, Wisdom, and signifieth the Divinity full of Ideas, and the first begotten, and is attributed to the Son, and hath his influence by the Order of Cherubims, which the Hebrews call Ophanim, that is forms or wheels, and from thence into the starry heaven where he fabricateth so many figures as he has Ideas in himself, and distinguisheth the very Chaos of the Creatures by particular Intelligence called Raziel who was the ruler of Adam.

3. The third name is called TETRAGRAMMATON ELOHIM. His Idea is named Bina, viz., Providence and Understanding, and signifies Remission, quietness, the Jubilee, penitential Conversion, a great trumpet, Redemption of the world, and the life of the world to come. It is attributed to the Holy Spirit and hath influence by the Order of Thrones, which the Hebrews call Aralim, that is, great Angels, mighty and strong, and from thence by the sphere of Saturn administreth form to the unsettled matter, whose particular Intelligence is Zaphkiel or Zazel the Ruler of Noah, and another Intelligence named Iophiel, the Ruler of Sem. And these are threesupreme and high Ideas, as it were seats of the Divine Persons, by whose command all things are made, but are executed by the other seven upon Earth, which are therefore called the divine Ideas framing.

4. The fourth name is EL whose Idea is Hesed, which is Clemency or goodness, and signifies Grace, Mercy, piety, magnificence, the Sceptre and right hand, and hath his influence by the Order of Dominions, which the Hebrews call Hasmalim, and so through the sphere of rupiter, fashioning the Images of bodies, bestowing Clemency and pacifying Tustice on all. His particular Intelligence is Zadkiel, the Ruler of Abraham.

5. The fifth name is ELOHIM GIBOR, that is the mighty God punishing the wicked, and his Idea is called Geburah, that is, power, gravity, fortitude, severity, rudgement, punishing by slaughter and war, and it is applied to the tribunal of God. The Girdle, the Sword, and the left hand of God, it is called Pachad, which is fear, and has his influence through the Order of Powers, which the Hebrews call Seraphim; and these through the sphere of Mars illuminate the Rosy Crucians to whom belongs fortitude and prudence. It draweth forth the Elements, and his particular Intelligence is Camiel the Ruler of Sampson.

6. The sixth name is ELOHA or a name joined with Vandabat, his Idea is Tiphareth, that is Apparel, beauty, glory, pleasure, and signifieth the tree of life, and hath his influence through the Order of Virtues, which the Hebrews call Malachim, that is, Angels, into the Sphere of the Sun, giving brightness and life unto it, and from thence producing metals and thereto make aurum potabile. His particular Intelligence is Raphael who was the Ruler of Isaac and Toby the younger, and the Angel Peliel Ruler of Tacob.

7. The seventh name is TETRAGRAMMATON SABAOTH or Adonai Sabaoth, that is the God of Hosts, and his Idea is Nezah, that is, triumph and victory. It signifies the eternity and Tustice of a revenging God, he hath his influence through the Order of Principalities, whom the Hebrews call Elohim, that is, Lords, into the sphere of Venus. Gives Zeal and Love of righteousness, and produceth vegetables. His Intelligence is Haniel, and the Angel Cerviel the Ruler of David.

8. The eighth name is ELOHIM SABAOTH, which is interpreted the God of Hosts, not of war and justice but of piety and agreement; for his name signifieth both, and proceedeth his army. The Idea of this is Hod which is interpreted both praise, confession, honour and famousness, it hath influence through the Order of Archangels, which the Hebrews call Ben Elohim, that is the Sons of God, into the sphere of Mercury and gives eligancy and consonancy of speech and produceth living creatures. His Idea is Michael who was the Ruler of Salomon.

9. The ninth name is called SADAI, that is, Omnipotent, satisfying all, and Elhai, which is the living God. His Idea is Jesod, that is, foundation and rest, and hath his influence through the Order of Angels, whom the Hebrews call Cherubim, into the sphere of the Moon causing the increase and decrease of things and taketh care of the Ideas of the Earth, of the Rulers of the Twelve Divisions and of their Images or figures and of the Genii and keepers of men and distributeth them. His Genius is Gabriel who was the keeper of Toseph, Toshua and Daniel.

10. The tenth name is ADONAI MELECH, that is Lord and King, his Idea is Malcuth, that is Kingdom and Empire, and signifieth Church, Temple of God and a Gate, and hath his influence through the Order of Anamastick, viz., of blessed Souls, which by the Hebrews is called Assim, that is Nobles, Lords and Squires, they are inferior to the Hyerarchies and have their influence in the sixteen figures of Geomancy, the twelve Ideas, the four Elements and their twelve Regions or places divided, the twelve Winds which come forth from the twelve Houses of the Earth and on the Sons of Men. And thus they give knowledge, and the wonderful understanding of things, industry and predictions, and the President among them is Methratton, which is called the first Creature or the Soul of the World, and Sorath or O distributeth his virtues. And after this manner do the Earthly powers receive their Commissions which are figuratively incorporated into seven and they again in their natures given it to twelve, which also in twelve places signify all things past, present and to come in all the world.

(Angel Magic, From the Ms Harley 6482 British Museum Library)