1. The Pitris

The good Madame H.P.B. in the Secret Doctrine states that there are seven classes of Angels or Pitris, three incorporeal and four corporeal and two kinds, Agnishvattas and the Barhishads. All Pitris are called the progenitors or fathers of mankind and it is the difference between these two classes and the evolutionary lines that proceed from them that we will discuss here.

The Barhishads are commonly referred to as Lunar Pitris, and are possessed of the creative fire. They are responsible for physical evolution, round which nature has created the present physical form. They are the four classes of corporal bodies, the lower quaternary devoid of intellect, the hosts of the four material classes who originally created men simultaneously in the seven zones on earth.

As the Madame explains in Eastern occultism,

"It is, then, the moon that plays the largest and most important part, as well in the formation of the earth itself, as in the peopling thereof with human beings. The Lunar Monads or Pitris, the ancestors of man, became in reality man himself. They are the monads who enter on the cycle of evolution of Globe A, and who, in passing round the chain of planets, evolve the human the beginning of the human stage of the Fourth Round on this globe, they ooze out their astral doubles from the ape like forms which had evolved in Round III. It is this subtle, finer form, which serves as the model round which nature builds physical man. These monads or divine sparks are thus the Lunar ancestors, the Pitris themselves. For these Lunar spirits have to become men in order that their monads may reach a higher plane of activity and self-consciousness, ie., the plane of the Manasaputras, those who endow the senseless shells, created and informed by the Pitris with 'mind' in the latter part of the Third Root Race."

The other division of Pitris, the Agnishvattas, are commonly referred to as the Solar Pitris. They are possessed of the intellectual fire (agni) and are responsible for the implanting of the fifth principle (manas) in man as opposed to the lower quaternary (physical, etheric, astral, lower ego) in man created by the Lunar Pitris. In the sense that the heart is the center of the human body, these solar angels or fire Dhyanis are considered as the heart of the Dhyani-Chohanic body of celestial angels, as the sun is the heart of the solar system.

Their role in the evolution of humanity is understood only in connection with the Lunar Pitris. The human Pitris evolved the lower quaternary of man during the first three globes or kingdoms of the Fourth Round. During the evolution of the fourth kingdom, after the passing from an arupa to a rupa condition, the earth and its life forms become physical. The human evolved an animal form, but it was mindless, only a shell. The Lunar Pitris did not have the karmic background to endow the human form with a mind. Thus, the animal form of man evolved during the Polarean and Hyperborean root races only to find at the beginning of the third root race, a mindless creature incapable of further intellectual evolution. Because the solar Pitris and the lunar Pitris had evolved separately, the humankind of the Lemurian root race possessed only the lower quaternary, devoid of the fifth principle.

Refused to Create

The occult reason the Solar and Lunar Pitris evolved separately is because the solar Pitris "refused to create". Had they created along with the Lunar Pitris, then mankind would have evolved with all five principles together. There are several levels of explanation as to why the Agnishvattas held back and did not incarnate in man until the Third root races.

One reason is given by L. Gorden Plummer presumably derived from lectures of the Theosophical Society. At the end of each round including the last lunar round, all life forms go into a long pralaya or Nirvanic rest. There are many levels of Nirvana, with each spiritual entity going to that level corresponding to its attained state of consciousness. Thus, lower evolved entities go to a lower level than more highly evolved ones. Higher evolved entities go to a higher level of bliss and for a longer duration.

At the end of the third round, the Pitris were evolved animal monads destined to become human in the Fourth Round. As said before, there are seven classes of Pitris, and the Agrishnatti Pitris were of the higher three classes, being more advanced. Therefore, they stayed longer in their nirvanic pralaya and emerged later than did the less evolved human Lunar Pitris.

This concept is similar to what the good Madame H.P.B. states from a source in the Hindu Puranas, that since the Solar Pitris were of the three higher classes, they were incorporate or arupa, being more spiritual and intellectual. Because they were arupa, they had no astral body to sacrifice to the evolving humanity below. Their refusal to create was not so much as act of rebellion but one of karmic destiny.

In addition, evolution requires a lower class of angels to create inhabited globes and to deal with the dense matter on the physical plane. The good Madame further says, "Where there is no struggle, there is not merit. Humanity was not destined to be created by the first divine breath; therefore they are said to have to refuse to (create) and man to be formed by more material creators, who, in their turn, could give only what they had in their own natures, and no more. Perfection, to be fully such, must be born out of imperfection."

Descent of the Manasaputras

In the Apocalypse of St. John, we read about the great war in heaven, where Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. The great dragon was defeated and cast out and his tail drew "the third part" of the stars in heaven and did cast them to the earth. This third part of the stars in heaven corresponds to the three classes of Arupa Solar Pitris, the ones endowed with Manas or intelligence. Up to the beginning of the Third Root Race, the Lunar Pitris had evolved the lower quaternary but without mind or intelligence, the fifth principle called manas. Eastern occultism calls these Solar Pitris the "mind-born sons" or Manasaputras and the descent of the Manasuptras (the Prometheus legend in Greek) refers to their incarnation in the Lemurian Third root race as kings, Rishis, heroes and leaders of nations and migrations.

Since there are three classes of Solar Pitris, there will be three classes of mind-born sons when they incarnate in the third-root race. Some of these were Nirmanakayas from previous Rounds or Manvantaras and these of course came first and filled the minds of the elect of mankind as Rishis, kings and leaders of nations. Speech did not exist then nor did it have to since mankind recognized their superior qualities and followed them. The second class of Agnishuatta Pitris were far more numerous and incarnated in the vast majority of mankind who were "half ready" and received but a spark of manas. This average humanity of which we are a part needs only to proportionately develop manas during this Round and not to perfect it as in the case of the pre-maturely developed intellects of the first class whom we call "fifth-rounders".

The third class of Solar Pitris relates to the laggards at the close of the Lunar or third manvantara who were not ready to receive the spark of manas. These were the least evolved animals monads on the Lunar chain and had to evolve further at the beginning of this round to mammals. The animal has an astral body which survives for a short time after death, but it does not go to Devachan but instead spends a short time in the species group soul. The animal monad incarnates in a higher species and this incarnation must occur before the middle of the Fourth Root Race when the door shuts closed on further upward transmigration. Thus, certain animal monads evolving during this round and certain laggard Lunar Pitris can evolve into human monads but being the latest arrivals their intelligence is lowest in the chain. These late human monads can only incarnate in bodies of the savage, which has only a dim spark of manas. However, they still have the evolutionary possibility to reach the level of the second or average class of Solar Pitris at the end of this round, so as to incarnate as Sons of Wisdom at the beginning of the fifth Round.

Gorilla Man

Western esoterism describes the evolution of the Solar and Lunar Pitris a little differently, R. Steiner in his Foundations of Esotericism describes what exists as a Jehovah principle and a Lucifer principle. "Halfway through the Lemurian Race kama-manas appeared on the physical plane in the duality of the sexes. The God who brought about kama-manas was Jehovah. This is why H.P. Blavatsky called him the moon God; he is rightly called the God of Fertility. The sexuality which made its appearance in the Lemurian age, when we trace it backwards, in its higher, nature becomes the Second Logos."

With the separation of the Sun and Old Moon during the third manvantara, the Old Moon retained the power of reproduction represented in the kama principle of septenary man. Later, during the separation of the moon from the earth in the Fourth Round, the leader of the Pitris who remained on the moon was the Jehovah God, of Hebraic tradition and also one of the seven Elohim of Genesis. The fifth principle, intelligence or manas, did not interest him. His intention was the perfection of form, the creation of beautifully formed human beings. However, this principle if exhausted to its limit would have produced beautiful but rigid, frozen forms and in addition, would also have expended the power of reproduction.

As a testament to the Jehovah principle, a classic example is visible today in the silver backed gorilla. This magnificent beast is tall, strong, healthy, handsome, intelligent and monument to the evolution of the JHVH principle of form. However, every naturalist who has studied and observed the species says that it is doomed to extinction because the species has a rapidly declining rate of reproduction. The female is still sexually receptive, but the male, the classic symbol of the species virility only has an erection about five or six days a year. This degeneration of the sexual impulse, the victory of form over function, is exactly what occultists predicted about the Jehovah principle of reproduction expending itself into extinction. The condor of the Andes Mountains in Chile is another example of the evolution of a magnificent flying form threatened to extinction because the female only produces a single egg every eighteen months.

On the other hand, there is a line of evolution where form is perfected but not at the cost of loss of sexual virility. In the insect world we see how ants and bees have virtually eliminated sexual reproduction from their social and individual lives. What is sexual and necessary for the reproduction of the species is vested in only one queen. Here lies great wisdom for the future of mankind where sex is replaced by work as the fabric of social structure!


Another approach to understanding the Luciferic spirits is in relation to micro-cosmic evolution of the seven principles. The seven principles in Eastern occultism (Sanskrit) next to their Western counterparts are and the macro-cosmic elements are:

1. Sthula-Sarira Physical body Earth Old Saturn
2. Linga-Sariri Etheric body Water Old Sun
3. Kama-Rupa Astral body Air Old Moon
4. Kama-Manas Lower/Higher Ego fire Earth
5. Manas Spirit-self Akasha Jupiter
6. Buddhi Life-spirit Spirit Venus
7. Atma Spirit-man Divine Vulcan

During each of the seven planetary evolutions or manvantaras a Macro-cosmic element is evolved, which corresponds in man to the septenary micro-cosmic principles. Thus, during the Old Saturn Manvantara, the seed for the physical body was laid down by the Thrones and the Archai or Spirits of the Age achieved their human or fourth principle. During the Old Sun Manvantara, the seed for the etheric body was laid down by the Dominations or Spirits of Wisdom and the Archangels achieved their fourth principle. During the Old Moon Manvantara, the Mights or spirits of Motion laid down the seed for the astral body and the Angels achieved their fourth principle. In each case, the corresponding Archai, Archangel and Angel achieves its fourth principle by actually inhabiting the human physical body (so far as it had evolved) on the earth.

This evolutionary progression continues so that during this fourth Manvantara, we collectively as mankind are to achieve the fourth principle and incorporate it into our physical body. This is the whole mission of this Earth evolution. At the end of this fourth planetary evolution, the lower quaternary of physical, etheric, astral and ego should be completely evolved in the general mass of humanity.

Simultaneously with the evolution of the fourth principle or ego during this Manvantara, mankind is given a glimpse or taste of his three higher principles of Manas, Buddhi and Atma. This was not the Divine plan of the Spirits of Form, but occured as a result of the Luciferic spirits invading the human astral body after the middle of the Lemurian age. The higher triad is not scheduled to be evolved to the degree the ego evolves during this Round, as this will occur during the following Manvantaras. Thus, the plan of the Spirits of Form is during the next Jupiter evolution, the fifth principle or manas will be incorporated into the physical body to the extent that the ego will be during this stage. Likewise, during the Venus evolution, the sixth principle or Buddhi will be incorporated into the physical body and so, with the seventh principle during the Vulcan evolution.

In all, during this fourth planetary evolution, we as mankind only so to speak look up to the higher triad but do not embody it into our physical body. Thus, the general mass of humanity receives a spark of manas during the fifth root race, a spark of Buddhi during the sixth root race and a spark of Atma during the seventh root race. Manas will develop on the physical plane into a kind of hardened egoism, during the sixth cultural epoch, which needs to be overcome with altruism, during the seventh cultural epoch, but these sparks never reach the level of embodiment for the whole of humanity.

The Pitris during the third or Old Moon planetary evolution experienced the corresponding evolution of the seven principles as we do now during earth evolution. For these who had a normal development or as the good Madame H. P. B. would say, "those who ran the race successfully", would come over to the earth evolution with a normally developed physical, etheric and astral body, into which could be incorporated the ego. These normal Lunar Pitris form the general mass of humanity today.

However, some do not run the race successfully. These who run ahead are the moon adepts and those who fall behind are the Lunar Pitris called Luciferic spirits. Not every angel who fully developed its fourth principle during the Old Moon evolution, also fully developed the spark of the higher triad it received as we humans receive the spark during this earth evolution. Some angels may have only developed through the fifth principle, others through the sixth principle. They should have all developed through seven principles, but some were laggards and some the product of normal septenary evolution.

At the beginning of the fourth Manvantara, which is to proceed through seven rounds and forty-nine globes, R. Steiner says in the Cosmic Ego (1912) that there are two classes of Lunar Pitris, "First, those who had developed only their fifth principle and did not develop their sixth and seventh principle. (Second) those who had developed their sixth principle and but not their seventh". To this we can add a third class of normal human monads who had developed their three principles on Old Moon and came to earth evolution ready to develop their fourth (ego).

Of these three classes of beings, only the normally developed human monads could evolve within a human physical body. The two classes of Lunar Pitris did not deserve nor could they attain nor did the possibility exist for embodiment in a human physical body. Thus, in order to continue developing their sixth and seventh principles, these Luciferic spirits penetrated the human astral body as a substitute for the physical body.

During the Lemurian and Atlantean Ages, there were some human monads who had prematurely developed their fourth principle and these persons were the first to be possessed by the Luciferic spirits. As discussed before, these persons became the leaders of humanity, of nations and migrations, kings, heroes and prophets. It is obvious that the great leaders of humanity were not normally developed persons. The great secret of cultural evolution lies in the fact that the intellectual (Manas) development of science, philosophy and mathematics and the Buddhi development of art, music and literature are directed by Luciferic spirits evolving in the astral bodies of normally developing mankind. The traditional role given Lucifer and his legions by the Western Christian exoteric church is that of the evil devil leading his spirits from hell to cause sin, disease and death. Obviously, this designation is misplaced when even the Western name for Lucifer means Light-bearer!

As human evolution has proceeded through the Atlantean Age and through four cultural epochs in the Aryan Root Race, so have the Luciferic spirits evolved their fifth and sixth and seventh principles. Now what we call a genius is a person who is possessed by a Luciferic spirit evolving his seventh principle. Sometimes, this may last only a few years, enough time to enter and leave the physical plane, but the results of genius leave an everlasting impact on our cultural traditions. And, for those Luciferic spirits who successfully develop their higher principles, they are redeemed thru mankind and allowed to pass on and complete their normal evolution in future Manvantaras. Such is a cosmic task of human evolution in developing the angelic hierarchies.

Orpheus Descending

During my lifetime, the musical world of rock and roll serves as the great play ground of the Luciferic spirits. Take a familar example of Jim Morrison of the DOORS. At the age of 20, he was a college film student going nowhere. Suddenly, his ego was taken over by a Luciferic spirit and overnight a star was born. His music was very original and poetic, but with a dark underside of cruelty, parental anger, fear and death. His many monologues also spoke of that Luciferic symbol of antiquity, the serpent, which he called the MO-JO RISING. On the one hand, his many LSD trips put him in a place where his Luciferic spirit guided him creatively, but on the other hand, under the later influence of a witch, he attracted many dark demons from the astral world which carried with them very negative and self-destructive impulses.

He was not at the peak of his career when he committed suicide in Paris. My observation of this Luciferic phenomenon in rock and roll, is that at the upper flat length of the bell curve, the guiding spirit departs. If the creative artist has no "spiritual center" to hold his seven princilples together, unvariably, manic depression and suicide results. In Jim's case, in Paris he realised that his Luciferic spirit had left him high and dry and without prolonging the agony of despair, he killed himself.

This course of events does not happen in all cases. For example, another singer, songwriter and political activist, Phil Ochs, rode the Luciferic comet to the top. He was compared to Bob Dylan. His bell curve flattened out around 1970 when he cut his final album. Unlike Jim Morrison, Phil struggled with what his biographers call "disillusionment, poor career choices and depression" over the next six years, until his suicide in 1976.

We actually observe three types of rock and roll stars, which by definition are drug dependant, possessed by Luciferic spirits. In the Morrison case, the astral demons wasted no time in leading the soul to suicide. The same can be said about Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Sid Vicious. In the second case of Phil Ochs, after he realised that his muse had left, he struggled and tried to pull his life together, but over time and having no spiritual center, he also surrendered to suicide.

The third type can be seen in a star like Paul McCartney formerly of the Beatles fame. Without question, when the Beatles split apart, the spirit departed in a hurry. But, McCartney did not go the path of the first two types. The essential difference with the third type is the nourishment of a "spiritual center." One can never give himself up wholly to his Luciferic spirit without maintaining an ego centered around a higher spiritual value. I do not personally know what held McCartney together, but it may be as simple as love, marriage and family, a spiritual value not common to rock stars. With Bob Dylan, it was religion and family. New Age critics scoff at stars who "get religion", but it is precisely having this spiritual center to fall back on that pulls artists thru when the spirit departs. Granted, getting religion takes many weird forms, such as, Jesus freaks, vegetarians, cultism and spiritualism, and this represents a low level insecure response to the loss, but they hold together and do not commit suicide.

Do not think for a minute that the Luciferic spirit enjoys leaving his host high and dry. The successful creative artist, such as Paul Simon, keeps his spirit over time by nourishing a spiritual center without being dragged down by the astral demons. No star has been thru more and lived to see the sunrise than Elton John, but, somehow he has kept his spirit, thru the rise and fall of astral demons.

The lesson here is simple. The Luciferic spirits need a warm body to develop their principles and we can ride the comet to fame and fortune, or we can consciously develop-in unity with the spirit-our higher principles around a Buddhic Center (6th principle), our higher ego, and enjoy the ride without a fall.

Soul Food

The Knights Templar take their name from the Temple of Solomon given to them by King Baldwin II after the victorious First Crusade. In Arabic, this temple is called Al-Aqsa and was built by Abd-Al-Malik at the site of the Temple Mount built by King Solomon. The Koran tells the tale of the night Muhammad the prophet was awakened by the Archangel Gabriel. He was led to the Kabba (built by Abraham) and there he mounted a beautiful snow white winged beast which flew him to the Temple Mount and former site of Razed Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Inside the Temple he had discourse with all the prophets who proceeded him, including Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Mohammad was asked by the prophets to choose a drink for refreshment, either milk or wine. He chose the milk and Gabriel said that this was a wise choice for him and his generations. Henceforth, the consumption of wine and other alcoholic spirits was banned from Arabic society.

This story has great symbolism relating to our Solar and Lunar Pitris. The food of the Lunar Pitris line of evolution is represented by everything relating to milk. This first form of human food dates from the pre-Lemurian Age of mammals feeding their young with their own milk. Occultists call milk, moon-food, and persons who nourish themselves on milk are called Sons of the Moon. Milk contains the Jahve forces of the moon.

Scientists have long recognized the difference in races and nations that can and cannot dissolve the milk sugar lactose in their stomachs. For example, an Irishman can drink a 16 oz. glass of milk and the same drink would give an Italian a belly-ache. Biologist Jared Diamond of UCLA recently divided all human nations into two groups, the "lactase race" and the "lactase-deprived race" saying that there is an actual gene for this enzyme which dissolves lactose. Other scientists say that everyone is born with this enzyme but that it stops producing itself in the stomach after infancy, in certain cultures, particularly the Mediterranean. Thus, there is an actual genetic basis for moon-food that has biologically evolved since Lemurian times and which now seems to be phasing itself out of racial evolution.

The food of the Solar Pitris line of evolution is represented by everything relating to the upper part of the plant. The leaves, blossoms and fruit of the plant grow, live and die while bathed in the light giving forces of the sun. The plant proteins of nuts and fruit feed the lower body of man while the stem and leaves feed the middle body to nourish the heart and lungs. Occultists call all that portion of the plant that grows above the ground, sun-food and the farming and gathering peoples, Sons of the Sun. This was the second form of human food.

The difference between sun food and moon food is preserved in the Bible story of Cain and Abel. Cain was a farmer of the soil and represented the Sons of the Sun. Abel was a shepherd and represented the Sons of the Moon. The Jehovah forces of the moon worked their way into the forces of animal nature in the flocks of beasts who nourished their young with milk. Steiner says that, "It was a falling away from Jehovah when man went over to the sun-food. This is why Jehovah would not accept Cain's offering, because it was the offering of sun-food." Thus, the burnt offerings of pre-Christian animal sacrifice were intended for our moon Elohim, as an appeasement for the farming and gathering tribes of the rising Atlantean root-race.

A third type of human food was added during the evolution of the Fifth Root Race, when man added to his diet what he took out of the earth in the form of minerals. This includes the root part of the plant consisting of mineral salts that lies beneath the soil, out of the reach of the sun's rays. This also includes such plant tubers as the potato and the turnip. In addition, the mineral form includes all food forms prepared through a chemical process, such as applied to plants and proteins and fruits. The representative of chemically prepared food products is wine because the grapes are sun-food worked over chemically by man and not by nature.

Thus, there is an evolution through the food groups of milk, plant proteins and wine corresponding to the Lemurian, Atlantean and post-Atlantean Ages, corresponding to hunting, gathering and farming and lastly, mining peoples.

There is also a similar correspondence among the initiates of the various mystery centers. As can be seen from our Koran story of Muhammed the Prophet, the initiates of the Hindu, Persian and Egyptian epochs rejected the use of ceremonial wine. These three cultural epochs were repetitions of earlier cultural evolutions. With the beginning of the fourth cultural epoch in the Greek-Roman sub-race, we see for the first time an actual mystery cult celebrate wine was part of the initiation ceremonies. The Greek Dionysius was a wine God! This celebration of wine transferred over into the Christian culture when Christ turned water into wine at the marriage at Cana. Christ also inaugurated the celebration of wine at the Last Supper as a repetition of the giving of bread and wine by Melchizedek to Abraham, as he arrived in Jerusalem from Ur. Christ is the Son of Man in the sense that the Solar Pitris are the Sons of the Sun and the Lunar Pitris are the Sons of the Moon. Likewise, the Christian clergy are the Sons of Man since they daily celebrate the taking wine with each Mass.

Why is the Christian clergy instructed to drink wine at every Mass? It is because wine and all alcohol consumption represents a loss of memory. With the Atlantean atavistic clairvoyance, the etheric body had unlimited ancestral memory. The Christ event in the fourth cultural epoch represented the macro-cosmic ego of fourth principle being given to humanity for development throughout the remainder of earth evolution in this Manvantara. In order to fully develop the ego, it was absolutely necessary to suppress the memory and teaching of incarnation and Karma. For this reason, the Judeo-Christian tradition teaches the significance of this earth life and Karma has been turned into the doctrine of pre-destination (from St. Augustine to John Calvin). The difference in ego development between Western culture with its wine food and Eastern culture with its teaching of incarnation and karma is clearly evident.

Since the Archangel Michael event in 1879, the teaching of incarnation and karma is ripe for the Christian culture. Hopefully, we shall see the clergy stop celebrating wine at Mass and also see a miracle of turning wine back into water.