As stated before, the Mission of earth evolution is the development of the Fourth principle or the ego, the human I. At the stage of the Third Root Race or Lemurian Age, man consisted of what was carried over from the three previous Manvantaras: the physical body from the Old Saturn age, the etheric body from the Old Sun age and the astral body from the Old Moon age. However, at this time, the ego had not yet descended into the human sheath, nor was there incarnation of souls because mankind was under the guidance of a common group soul, located on the Astral plane. In addition, the earth-moon planet was separated out from the ancient sun but was united as a single planetary body.

Had the earth remained united with the moon, the physical bodies of animal evolution would have become hard and calcified, leading to an evolutionary dead-end. Recognizing this problem, the Spirits of Form with help from the other Hierarchies, separated out the moon and with it all the dense, heavy matter that would have grounded humankind. In this sense, the moon is thought of as a corpse of the earth planet. The Elohim Jahve went with the moon and with him the forces of reproduction. Thus, during the Lemurian Age, the separation of the sexes occurred, the first "fall" of mankind into generation.

Sexual reproduction wrecked havoc upon the evolution of the human animal. Interbreeding among species of animals occurred resulting in all sorts of grotesque by-products. The beautiful astral bodies of the Apollo men sacraficed by the Solar Pitris during the Hyperborean Age were later degenerated into physical human bodies incapable of developing the ego principle. This was the darkest period of humanity and human evolution as we know it almost came to an end.

Two things needed to happen to save the human race. First, the principle of species heredity needed to be established. Probably the greatest achievement of Jahve was to evolve the biological mechanism of heredity to prevent species from inbreeding.

Second, a spiritual pralaya was needed to protect incarnating animal monads from entering these grotesque bodies resulting from the orgy of sexual reproduction. The Hindus still worship the monkey as a reminder of the sins of our fathers. Prior to the actual extrusion of the moon from the earth-moon mass, the life wave of incarnating human monads was descending upon the earth to begin their ascent through evolution. Certain souls also having incarnated several times an earth remained in the spiritual world of the earth's aura, and "refused to create" or descend again into these unsuitable Lemurian bodies. Certain other incarnating souls wanted to descend but found the Lemurian bodies too hardened and ossified.

As Steiner says, "only the very strongest souls were able to master the hardened matter sufficiently to incarnate on the earth; the others were obligated to withdraw again into the spiritual world". Thus, a sort of spiritual pralaya occurred as described in Occult History, and of course this resulted in a serious de-population of the human species on the planet.

Where did this life-wave of incarnating animal monads and previously incarnated human monads go? Steiner says that they were transported to other five planets that had formed out of the planetary substance, some to Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. This was not a new concept, going back to Plato's Timaeus of Locri who says "She (nature) then took up the task of working out mortal and ephemeral living beings, whose souls were drawn in from different sources, some from the moon, others from the sun, and others from the various planets." A significant result of this sojourn to the various planets was that these souls could not come under the direct influence of the Spirits of Form residing in the sun and whose task it was to guide the racial evolution of humanity.

Earth Rotation

During this spiritual pralaya, the sun, earth and moon forces evolved into their astronomical relationship we now see. For example, when the Old Moon planet separated from the Old Sun during the third manvantara, although it followed an elliptical orbit around the Old Sun, the planet itself did not rotate in place. (For a planet to rotate on its axis, a Spirit of Motion is necessary to reside therein). It always kept its same side facing the Old Sun as the moon now does in respect to its orbit around the earth. Thus, during the Old Moon age, the activity of the Spirits of Form residing in the Old Sun was continuous, without alternating day and night.

During the Hyperborean Age, prior to the extrusion of the moon, our planet earth also orbited around our sun in a similar manner, keeping one side always facing the sun. However, after the extrusion of the moon during the Lemurian Age, the earth began to rotate in place causing day and night and the corresponding alternating activity of the Spirits of Form. This physical event was very important for the salvation of humankind after the separation of the sexes.

As said before, the greatest event of the Jahve Elohim was the evolution of the principle of species heredity. This event saved the human race as a populating species. However, it also grounded the evolving ego principle entirely in the earth aura. With the heredity principle, each animal species developed a group soul which was entirely bound to earth evolution. Early man evolving during the Lemurian Age also had a group soul. It was not until the end of the Atlantean Age that most individual souls had fully detached themselves from the group species soul. The animals of Eziekie'ls vision and of the Apocalypse, the bull, lion, eagle and man are ancient symbols of the work of the group soul on the etheric body during the first four sub-races of the Atlantean Age.

Thus, the evolution of the ego principle in each individual incarnating monad is simultaneously a separation of the individual ego from the unified group soul created in the plan of the Spirits of Form. As a result of the heredity principle, in each earth life the soul felt the existence of a group ego all the way back to the earliest ancestor and this ancestral memory was preserved in the etheric body. The down side to the Jahue achievement was that each individual ego was restrained from evolving as an independent soul, being always grounded in earth evolution. It was necessary to preserve mankind's contact with the higher spiritual beings who sacrificed their bodies for them.

The physical solution to this problem of ancestral memory restraining the evolving earth ego from its contact with spiritual worlds occurred when the earth planet began to rotate on its polar axis. With rotation in place come alternating day and night. During the day, the human ego and astral bodies worked into the etheric and physical bodies. At night, this daytime activity ceased, and the ego and astral bodies separated from the physical and etheric bodies. In this body-free time during sleep, the ego and astral bodies communicated with the higher spiritual beings known as Angels, Archangels, and Archai. In this way, the higher spiritual beings could influence the ego and repair the damage to the astral body caused by the day consciousness Luciferic spirits.

Before the physical event of day and night, the incarnating ego on earth would have had no contact with the spiritual hierarchies during life and after death the ego would have returned to the group soul and been later reborn in another human body, without the spiritual union in a body free condition with the spiritual hierarchies. The more grounded earth ego can during sleep maintain its contact and retain memories of higher spiritual beings and during each successive incarnation evolve out of the group ego as an individual being. Examples of this accomplishment are plentiful. For example, the heroes of Greek mythology are actual beings who lived on the astral plane during the Atlantean Age with memory of that being retained by incarnating souls into the Aryan Age.

This condition of night time caused by the rotation of the earth allowed the ego and astral body to have spiritual communion with the members of the third Hierarchy of Angels, Archangels and Archai. Their influence was determined for this manvantara by working on mankind during the night while the ego and astral body were in a body-free condition during sleep. But what of the influence of the true leaders of earth evolution, the Spirits of Form from the second Hierarchy ? They work thru the sunlight during the daytime and at night, their influence is stopped by cover of darkness.

During the Hyperborean Age, when the sun had separated out the earth-moon planet, the work of the Spirits of Form was continuous, because there was no night time. During the early Lemurian Age, when the moon separated out from the earth-moon planet and the earth began to rotate, the activity of the Spirits of Form was not continuous, but interrupted by the night condition. Would mankind evolve in a condition where the activity of the Spirits of Form was only half-fold ?

The solution to this problem came when the Spirits of Form sent the JAVHE Elohim to the moon. At the end of the Old Moon manvantara, 7 spiritual beings had evolved whom we call the Spirits of Form or Elohim and they worked from the sun to guide evolution. Other spiritual beings, who had not achieved their rank in the Hierarchy, needed a place to reside so as to continue their development and for this reason the sun separated out the planet Mercury for the Archai and the planet Venus for the Archangels. The sphere of the angels became the moon, after it separated out.

The activity of the Spirits of Form is embodied in the sunlight and it is in this sunlight that they fill the planetary cosmos with their mission during each manvantara. During the Old Sun manvantara, the mission of the Hierarchies created a "cosmos of strength." During the Old Moon manvantara, the Hierarchies created a "cosmos of wisdom." The mission of the Elohim during this earth manvantara is to create a "cosmos of love." As this earth evolution rests upon the foundations of the earlier manvantaras, our cosmos of love rests upon the pillars of Strength and Wisdom (represented by the pillars of Jochim and Boaz in the APOCALYPSE and in the Masonic tradition).

The occult laws of three and seven teach that from the unity proceeds, first the three and then the seven. The ancient mysteries taught that the sun was three-fold, as last expressed by Emporer Julian the Apostate at the close of the mysteries in the fourth century. The light of this three-fold spiritual sun is sevenfold in its rays of the spectrum as reflected in the seven Elohim collectively called the Logos by Gnostic and Hellenistic wisdom. It is in the rays of sunlight that the Elohim send down the forces of love to embody the mission of this manvantara.

With the separation of the moon from the earth, the Spirits of Form sent the JAHVE Elohim to the moon to continue their activity. During the day, the rays of love from the remaining six Elohim work on man's whole body from outside. But they cannot work directly on the ego and astral body because, during the day they are not in a body free condition, being incorporated in the other principles of man. However, at night during sleep, the JAHVE Elohim works on the ego and astral body in their body free condition thru the reflected light of the three-fold spiritual sun.

Return to Earth

With the reciprocal relations of the sun, earth and moon being established by the Spirits of Motion during this spiritual pralaya, the time came when these souls who had previously been removed to the planets, returned to populate the earth. This was the life wave of incarnating monads commencing during the end of the Lemurian Age and continuing into the Atlantean or Fourth Root Race. As the souls migrating to each race increased, so did the human population. Racial chacteristics are a direct result the different soul-lives experienced during the sojorn to the various planets.

The Lemurian continent arose in the area of the Indian Ocean. Australia and New Zealand are remaining portions of it. When this continental plate subducted a portion of the plate containing the nation of India collided with the continental shield of Asia causing the Himalayan Mountains to uplift. Life during this age was difficult. The continent was shaped with tremendous volcanic activity and at the other extreme with periodic glaciation. Surviving this great winter of the earth's discontent was one ancestral pair, the Adam and Eve of Genesis. Modern anthropology recognizes this fact with the theory that all humans have the same genetic link back to an original mother or Eve. This pralaya made it possible for human substance to be refined and suitable to receive the weaken souls. Until the middle of the Atlantean Age, the descendants of Adam and Eve were able to live in a more plastic substance then had been available before the extrusion of the moon. Thus, all the generations of persons evolving on earth are the result of propagation with the descendants of this ancestral pair. That an historical pair did survive the entire planetary evolution is now recognized by anthropologists as the Biblical or Mitochondrrial Eve, which they genetically trace, for now, back 200,000 years to Africa

As the Atlantis land mass became isolated from the sea floor spreading of the Mid-Atlantic ridge, a continental island emerged supporting life and as the peopling of the earth increased, two evolutionary lines of souls emerged. First, there were those human generations whose souls coming from the various planets were from the first time appearing on earth. Second, there were those souls, the direct descendants of Adam and Eve, who had previously incarnated an earth, having never left it during the pralaya. This would require a racial line of the Adam-Eve descendants who were under the direct influence of the Spirits of Form and a separate racial line under the direct influence of the five planetary spirits, the Spirits of Motion. With the advent of incarnation through both soul lines, there appeared for the first time, individual human karma. This human karma increased as the number of individuals evolving their ego principle and separating from the species group soul increased.

Those souls descending for the first time from planetary space and incarnated in human bodies stood in a different relation to those souls who had already several earth lives behind them. The first group of planetary souls brought with them for their earth life only the conditions to which they experienced during their pralaya in the planetary spheres. The second group of souls added to each successive earth life, the earthly karma they acquired. Thus, over time, there appeared fewer and fewer of the young planetary souls appearing for the first time and more and more of the older souls carrying with them the fruits of past karma.

Thus, the first important aspect to recognize as a result of these two lines of propagation, is the moon nature of the physical and etheric bodies of evolving humanity. That ancestral pair that remained on earth during the period in the Lemuria Age when the earth-moon planet was united, also survived through that period in the Lemurian Age when the moon was extruded from the earth. That ancestral pair, the Mitochondrial Eve, experienced both the union of earth-moon and the separation of earth-moon. After the separation of the moon, the earth bears within it none of those physical elements that detached and went with the moon. Thus, the earth carries within it no trace of the moon forces but the human physical and etheric bodies do carry the forces of the moon densification. All generations of Adam and Eve bear the moon influences within the physical and etheric bodies while the astral and ego bodies bear the planetary influences brought by the souls returning to earth after the earth-moon separation from Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, etc.

The second important aspect to recognize as a result of these two lines of propagation, is the planetary nature of the astral and ego bodies of evolving humanity. The spirits of form, the Elohim, have in one way or another always worked upon mans physical and etheric bodies. Thus was accomplished directly from inside when the sun-earth-moon were united. It was accomplished indirectly from outside, when the sun separated from the earth-moon planet. Even after this separation, a part of the Elohim remained united with the earth during the earth-moon evolution. Then, after the earth-moon separation, the Elohim forces still worked through Jahue on the moon from the outside and from the inside through the reserved moon forces in man's physical and etheric bodies.

This work of the Elohim from inside and outside, both as a separate Elohim from the moon, such as Jehovah and as united Elohim from the sun, as the Logos can be recognized as the Solar Pitris line. This should not be confused with what was said earlier about the Lunar Pitris being the fathers of humanity. To the extent the Spirits of Form work on the perfect physical body and the higher chakras of the etheric body, this is the work done by the Solar Pitris. They had a general plan for the development of the physical and etheric bodies carried out by the Solar Pitris. However, this plan was modified by the influence of the Lunar Pitris and our present human form is the result of the combination of the two.

The important distinction here is the fundamental unity of man's physical and etheric bodies, created during the Old Saturn and Old Sun manvantaras, with the Spirits of Form working thru the Solar Pitris generational line. The astral body and ego came much later in the history of evolution and are associated more with the Lunar Pitris who intervened in the normal course of evolution and against the general plan laid down by the Spirits of Form. As a result of the intervention, the Lunar Pitris are associated more with the four lower principles or lower quaternary of man and less with the three higher principles.

Now, it was described previously, the Luciferic spirits in order to complete their own evolution, needed human sheaths to develop their sixth and seventh principles. It was also described that these spirits preferred those humans which had a more developed ego of fourth principle. This type of more advanced human is represented by the first soul type of the older souls descending from the Adam-Eve line. The union of the older souls with the Luciferic spirits produced the kings, prophets and leaders of humanity Steiner says,

"Although the Luciferic influence made itself felt at first only in the more advanced individuals, it soon spread out to others. The descendants of these advanced human beings intermingled with the less advanced. By this means the Luciferic power injected itself into the latter. The etheric body of the souls returning from the planets could not receive the same degree of protection enjoyed by the etheric body of those who had remained on earth."

Steiner refers here to the etheric body. To avoid confusion, it should be said that the Luciferic forces primarily attack the astral body first, but then work into the etheric and physical bodies over time.

Here lay the seeds for the destruction of the Atlantean races. We know the unevolved ego has its higher and lower aspects. In its higher aspect it looks up to Manas and in its lower aspect, it is drawn down to kama (desire) and the sexual principle of JAHVE, the lower quaternary. The Solar Pitris angels gave protection of the etheric body of the older souls of the Adam-Eve descendants. This line of humanity was called the "Sons of the Sun" and the higher ego in these Sun-Men was the Spiritual sun or Christ Spirit.

Not so fortunate, the etheric bodies of the young souls returning from the planetary spheres. Their higher egos were controlled by the presiding spirit of Motion of each respective planet, Jupiter, Mars, etc. The separation of spirits followed the recapitulation of the Old Saturn, Old Sun and Old Moon Manvantaras at the beginning of our earth evolution. When the sun separated from the common planetary mass, the Spirits of Form or Elohim went with the sun where they remain.

It was their ordained task to guide human evolution with a series of seven etheric bodies, one for each of the seven spirits of form. In addition, each of the seven etheric bodies was to develop in sequential order, from first to last, with each sub-race dying out in order, similar to the way the Neanderthal Man died out with the rise of the CroMagnon man. However, just the opposite to the Divine Plan occurred because of the effect of the planetary spirits during the spiritual pralaya.

Instead, the highest planetary spirit of each respective planet decided to create its own separate racial line of evolution and in this way, the Atlantean races were distinguished by Jupiter men, Saturn men, Mars men, etc. In addition, the higher ego of each initiate and his followers was controlled by the respective planetary spirit. Thus, instead of seven races evolving under the guidance of the seven Elohim, with Christ as their leader, we have five planetary races separately evolving, each looking up to their planetary spirit as leader and highest "God".

Because of this evolution of diversity instead of unity, the greatest confusion has evolved among the great spiritual leaders of mankind. For example, the Madame H.P.B. says that Buddha is Mercury, and she is correct. For the Mercury race of incarnating monads, the higher ego of the initiates and religious leaders is the Mercury spirit revealed through Buddha. For this reason, they do not recognize the Christ as the highest spirit. When their initiates achieve the highest evolution possible, they look up and find the Mercury planetary spirit, because they are in fact generational descendants of the Mercury line. Only the initiates of the Sons of the Sun generational line after developing their three higher principles, can look up and find the Christ. In the same way, the initiates of the Jupiter race of Greeks looked up to Zeus as the highest God.

From this it is easy to see that the greatest minds and the most spiritual adepts could never agree that the Christ Spirit of the Sun man is the highest of the planetary spirits. There is a racial prejudice extending all the way back to the orgin of their soul life in their respective planetary spirits.

The Race Spirits

A planetary spirit is another term for the logos of a planet. Historically recognized by every religion, they have been called by the Hindus, the Dhyani-Chohans and Kumaras; by the Gnostics of Alexandria, Ialdaboath and his six sons (the Demiurge and the Aeons); by the Kabalists, the lower seven Sephiroth; by the Zoroastrians, the Star-Yazatas; recognized by the Egyptians in the seven chambers in the Cheops pyramid; in the mysteries of Samothrace, the 7 Kabiri; and by the Christians, the planetary Angels or the 7 Spirits before the Presence. They are the Virtues in the second angelic Hierarchy of Dominations, Virtues and Powers (Spirits of Form) and stand four stages higher than mankind.

It is easy to confuse these with the Elohim or Spirits of Form because they are both seven in number. The Spirits of Form, which stand three stages higher than mankind, have seven logi, six of them work from the sun and one from the moon. Exoterically, there are also seven planetary spirits, historically drawing their names from the seven ancient planets as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon. But, herein lies a veil or blind.

The sun and moon are not related even physically to the other five planets, the sun is higher and the moon is lower. The moon is a planetary corpse of earth and the sun is a fixed star, again not even a planet. Therefore, it is only exoterically that the sun and moon are included in the numeration of the ancient planets. Esoterically, the sun and moon are blinds for two hidden planets yet to be discovered or manifested. The sun can be substituted for the planet Vulcan, whose orbit is within the orbit of Mercury, and the moon can be substituted for Uranus. Therefore, the five ancient planets and the veiled sun and moon represent the seven planetary spirits that originally took part in the formation of our solar system.

The other planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto did not belong to the formation of our solar system, but have been captured, and to the extent that they rotate on an axis, they too have planetary spirits, but they are not directly involved in earth evolution as are the ancient planets. Thus, the five planets of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus are manifested in their influence as Race Spirits and the two veiled planets are unmanifested, keeping in mind that the planets are also septenary lives that evolve thru seven stages of embodiment, only the fourth of which is physical.

It is also important to keep in mind that the seven rays from the Spirits of Form and the seven rays from the five and two planetary spirits all influence the earth and mankind. Thus, as they interface, each planet is in esoteric conflict within and without by these two sources.

Now a certain arrangement had to be made when the moon extruded or geologically separated out of the earth. If the moon had remained united, human evolution would not have proceeded as we know it. When certain older Spirits of Motion had decided to remain behind in their evolution and not proceed to the hierarchy of Spirits of Wisdom, the normal Spirits of Form had to weaken their strength to maintain the equilibrium required to further evolution. " The Spirits of Wisdom established a colony upon the moon in order to preserve the equilibrium, and so from the direction of the moon, compensating spirits work in upon humanity." This task was accomplished by the JHVH Elohim splitting off and going with the moon, while the other six Elohim remained united with the sun. The moon does not rotate so it is not inhabited by a Spirit of Motion, but it does pass light, although reflected from the sun. Thus, it does embody a Spirit of Form being that Old Testament entity known as Jehovah.

These held back Spirits of Motion have two faces. As Spirits of Motion, there are the planetary spirits whose sphere of influence extends up to each of the five ancient planets. However, in respect to certain qualities in which they have made sacrifice or renunciation, they act also as Spirits of Form. Thus, in a cooperative activity, we have working in our solar system, the activities of the normal Spirits of Form working from the sun and together with the activities of the held back Spirits of Motion, working from the other five planets. The effect of this cosmic arrangement is seen most dramatically in the development of the human races.

In Genesis the 7 Spirits of Form are called the Elohim and they have their activity centered in the sun. One of these Elohim split off when the earth separated from the moon and He works from the sphere of the moon. The creative forces of the Elohim stream down in the sunlight, six rays from the sun and one reflected as polarized light from the moon. Interacting with these rays of the Spirits of Form are the five planetary rays of the held back Spirits of Motion radiating from Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. As discussed above, after the return to earth of the souls from their spiritual praylaya, each of the planetary spirits (in cooperation with the Spirits of Form) decided to create its own separate racial line as embodied by a distinct racial etheric body. They have produced what are known as the five root-races. The common human form and a unitary group soul was each created by the normal Spirits of Form, the racial modifications of this common form comes from the influence of the five planetary spirits also called Race Spirits.

The cooperation of the Mercury Race Spirit has produced the negro race characterized by the Ethiopian culture and its activities are reflected in the glandular system.

The efforts of the Venus Race Spirit has produced the Malay or yellow race and its activities are reflected in respiration as it effects the solar plexus and sympathetic nervous system.

The efforts of the Mars Race Spirit has produced the Mongolian race and its activities are reflected in the blood.

The Jupiter Race Spirit has worked into the Aryan-Caucasian race, the predominant type of this Fifth Root Race age. The Aryan race began in India and worked westwards, so that now, in this cultural epoch, its activities are reflected in the peoples of Asia Minor and Western Europe. Its forces stream in through the sense impressions as processed by the higher nervous system of the brain and spinal cord.

The last Race Spirit of Saturn works in the brown race of the American Indian. Its activities invade the glandular system tending to ossification and ending in human death. The Saturn spirit brings about the decay and decline of a racial line as represented in the past in the American Indian and in the future seventh cultural epoch in the American culture.

A special modification of these five racial lines occurred as a result of the plan of the Spirits of Form to incarnate the Christ Spirit on earth. Christ should have incarnated during the middle of the Atlantean age. This was the time ordained for the Spirits of Form to begin work on the human ego. However, the matriarchal cultures of the Atlantean peoples lagged behind and were not ready to recognize so significant an event. In addition, as a result of the Luciferic spirits invading of the human astral body during the Lemurian Age, the descent of the Christ Spirit was delayed as far into the future Aryan Age as the intervention of the Luciferic spirits lay in the past.

For this event a special racial type had to be prepared to serve as a vehicle for the incarnation of the macro-cosmic Christ ego. The genealogy of this racial line is preserved in the historical description of the 3 X 14 generations of the St. Matthew Gospel. Since the Mars race spirit works into the blood, a special cooperation had to be effected to prevent its activity in the blood line of the Hebrew generations. The spiritual mission of the Hebrew nation to prepare a physical body suitable to host such a great spirit, was led by the Jehovah Elohim from the moon and He worked thru the blood line. For this reason, JHVH is the God of the Hebrew nation who worked in the blood line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, thru the sons of the House of David and finally He appeared in the birth of the Solomon Jesus child.

The Temple Legend

In the previous discussion about Soul Food, we saw the profound wisdom of the Cain and Abel offering to the already predisposed Moon god, Jehovah. In the TEMPLE LEGEND Steiner lectures about another ancient mystery concerning this ancestral pair of brothers and their generational lines.

One of the Elohim created the primal mother called Eve in the Genesis Bible story. From their union the son Cain was born. Then another Elohim, called Adoni or Jehovah, created the primal man, Adam. From the union of Adam and Eve the son called Abel was born. Thus, from the beginning of human evolution, there were two distinct lines of evolution. Cain killed Abel and the Abel line later descended thru his brother Seth, born later to Adam and Eve. After the fratricide, Cain travels east of Eden and begets his own race.

The wisdom of this myth relates to our Pitris and the separation of the races of humankind. The Cain line has been called the Sons of Fire and represents the Solar Pitris generational line in evolution. They are the farming and gathering peoples who till the soil, the Sons of the Earth. They are the creators of the arts, language and sciences, the workers in metals and ores as taught by Tubal-Cain.

The Abel line has been called the Sons of God and represents the Lunar Pitris generational line in evolution. They are the shepard's who take from the earth what it freely gives without effort and skill. From them descend the priestly line seen as the Brahmans of the Hindus, the Magi of the Persians, and the priests of the Temple for the Chaldeans, Egyptians and Hebrews. Begining the fourth cultural epoch, the priestly line evolves into the the succession of Kings as rulers of the masses. As such, the sons of Cain have been historically subjected to the sons of Abel.

With the building of King Solomon's temple, these two divergent lines came together for a brief reconciliation. Solomon came from the Abel line of priests and did not have the skills to design and build the temple. For assistance he had to seek the help of Hiram-Abiff, a son of Cain who had the necessary skills of geometry, metallurgy, architecture and building. Together they built the grand edifice to the Moon God, Jehovah. Although no temple was built for the God of the sons of Cain, the monument to their achievement was to be the casting of the molten sea or brazen sea. This was a huge mold to hold firm in bronze the movement of the waters, which if accomplished, would have made Hiram the greatest artisan in history.

Without getting into the details of this long story, which forms the ritual of the Third Degree in Masonry, the casting of the molten sea was destroyed by a conspiracy of three rejected masons seeking revenge upon Hiram. When the mold broke, a horrible catastrophe followed spilling molten metal mixed with water and fire, killing people and causing Hiram the greatest humiliation. The important part of the story concerns Solomon who was told by the workman Benoni of the plot and Solomon did nothing to prevent its execution. It seems the great Hebrew king had his own failings of greed and jealousy as Balkis, the Queen of Sheba, had taken a fondness to the power of Hiram.

In grief, Hiram threw himself into the furnace that prepared the metal for the molten sea. There he met the "father of thy fathers, Tubal-Cain, son of Lamech" who taught him the weakness of Jehovah, whom we know from the Old Testament to be a vengeful and unforgiving God. He was also told, " A son shall be born unto thee whom thou shall indeed not see, but whose numerous descendants shall perpetuate thy race, which, superior to that of Adam, shall acquire the empire of the world...at last the best shall become the strongest, and restore on the earth the worship of fire. Thy sons, invincible in thy name, shall destroy the power of kings, the ministers of the Adonai's tyranny."

With the help of the grand master Tubal-Cain, Hiram successfully completed the casting of the molten sea, much to the disappointment of Solomon and again, gained the favor of Queen Balkis. Solomon again hatched a plot which ended with the murder of Hiram by the three fellow-craftsmen.

Historically then, we see an opportunity for the coming together of the generational lines of the sons of Cain and Abel in the building of King Solomon's temple. However, King Solomon used this meeting for his own selfish purposes. First, he builds the temple for his personal fame and glory, which he could not have otherwise done without help from the sons of Cain. Then he plots to get the favor of Hiram's sweetheart, Queen Balkis and lastly, he consents to a plot that gets Hiram murdered. To add insult to murder, he finally marries the Queen of Sheba and has children with her. Historically then, this opportunity to merge the generational lines did not occur as a result of the reprehensible acts of King Solomon.

The important part of the prophecy given to Hiram by Naamah, sister of Tubal-Cain, was that a son was to be born that would destroy the power of Kings. The rule of the sons of Abel began first as priestly rule in the temples and evolved over time into kingly rule. Historically, we have seen a transition from kingly rule to Parliamentary rule and Democratic rule in Western Europe and America. Arguably, the change from kingly rule to democracy occurred through the efforts of Rosicrucians in Europe and Masons here in America. The secret history of the French Revolution and the death of Louis XVI was a case in point.

Although Steiner does not identify the name of the son to be born, he does credit the orgin of the Temple legend to Father C.R.C., Christian Rosenkreutz in the 14th. and 15th. centuries. His birth in 1378 came shortly after the murder of Jacques de Molay and the total genocide of the Knights Templar in 1314 by Plilip IV King of France and Pope Clement V. Steiner further says that the Rosicrucians were the successors to the esoteric tradition of the Knights Templar and he also confirms the spiritual identity of Father C.R.C. with the Comte of Saint Germain.

Cazotte was an initiated Martinist. The Masonic Convention of Paris in 1785 was attended by Saint Germain and Cagliostro, who at the suggestion of Cazotte, predicted the events of the French Revolution and further gave the name of the Corsican, Napoleon Bonaparte, whose historical role was to revenge the Pope. Jacobinism took its name from Jacques. To realize the dream of Jean Jacques Rousseau, after his death, a Masonic lodge meet in his former house to plan the conspiracy of the revolution. Before his death, the last King was held in prison in the old palace of the Templars. These events were also predicted in the APOCALYPSE OF ST. METHODIUS published in the year 1527.

In America, most of our founding fathers were Masons, from General Washington to the succession of the early presidents. Ben Franklin frequently went to Paris for meetings. I wonder who was his council? At least for our cultures, the prediction of Naamah has come true and the lines of the sons of Cain and Abel have not yet joined.

The Atlantean Races

All persons in their successive incarnations pass thru the various races. Before heredity became the controlling factor of race, the geographical place where a man was born was determinative of racial characteristics. These geographical locations were controlled by the Spirits of Motion, whose influence radiated out of the earth and determined the whole life of mankind. There is an original development of man as reflected in the Mercury race in Africa. Here, the forces of the earth imprinted upon this race the characteristics of early childhood. Moving eastward to Asia, the Venus and Mars spirits imprinted upon the racial type those characteristics of youth. Moving westward to Europe, the Jupiter spirits imprinted upon the racial type the characteristics of early adulthood. Finally, in America the Saturn spirits imprinted upon the brown race, those characteristics dominating the last one-third of life, being old age and death.

Steiner says that the evolution of civilization assumes the character as shown by a continuation of the race line and this was a geographic line beginning in Africa, moving east to Asia and westward again to Europe and ending in America. In the American and Mexican Indian and the peoples of the Carribean Islands, we see descendants of the Atlantean races struggling to survive. They have no national identity as their folk-soul passed on thousands of years ago. Under the geographic influence of the Saturn spirits, these cultures are destined to pass away as racial development follows an ordained path from birth, childhood, youth, middle age and finally, into old age and death.

The Atlantean races were the first Root Race to strictly sub-divide into seven racial types following the influences of the Spirits of Form and the race spirits. At various times during the evolution of the Atlantean races, migrations took place out of Atlantis to various geographical locations on the earth where they could receive the correct racial cultivation. The guidance of this distribution of races took place in the Mystery centers of various Atlantean Oracles. For example, the Manu of the Mercury Oracle guided his peoples to Africa to cultivate the Ethopian race. In this way, the earth was populated by the racial types under the guidance of the Oracles of the Spirits of Motion. For this reason, as discussed above, the initiates of each Oracle looked up to their corresponding planetary spirit as its own "God".

From a portion of the elect and most advanced of the Lemurian Third root-race, the first sub-race of the Atlanteans developed. The task of this Fourth Root Race was to develop memory and language in the sense that the task of the Fifth Ayran Root Race is to develop Manas or cognitive thought. Drawing from Theosophical sources, in COSMIC MEMORY Steiner describes the seven sub-races.

The first sub-race was called the Rmoahals. Here, the vestiges of speech began and as memory increased so did the development of language. The word was sacred, magical and powerful.

The second sub-race was called the Tlavatli. Here, with the development of communal life, ancestral memory began. With the great deeds of men being preserved through memory, leaders emerged and their legacy was venerated through an ancestor cult worship.

The third sub-race was called the Toltecs whose descendants after emigration, consisted primarily of the Mayan Indians of the American continent. Here, the social community reached full development into an autocratic type state government, led by a king whose power and authority was passed from generation to generation.

The fourth sub-race was called the primal Turanians. Here, occurred the development of personality and ambition, which combined with an autocratic government, caused tribal wars and slavery.

The fifth sub-race was called the Primal Semites. In them, the origins of logical, cognitive thinking began as memories were compared and combined. The faculty of judgment developed. From this sub-race were chosen those persons led by the Jupiter Manu to begin and populate the future Fifth Root Race after the decline of the Atlantean race.

In the sixth sub-race, that of the Akkadians, the faculty of thought developed further into the origin of regulations of law and justice. Colonization began, and with it, the commerce of trade between tribes and nations.

In the last sub-race, that of the Mongols, the path of thought developed in the fifth and sixth sub-races, sort of turned in upon itself, returning to the vestiges of the fourth sub-race. Ancestral memory and ancestor cult worship returned as a stronger force over the ascending Manas force, which effects can still be seen today in the Chinese culture.