Sacrifice of the Ram

The Christ event represents the fusion of three mystery streams of occult knowledge, that of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Old Testament Judaism. In discussing the evolution of mankind, the Hebrew Semitic sub-race plays the most important role in the Aryan Root Race.

As a sub-race, the Hebrews had their beginning in the fifth sub-race of the Fourth Atlantean Root Race. They were called the Primal Semites and in them was laid the seed for logical, cognitive thinking. After the destruction of Atlantis, the most advanced from this sub-race were lead by the Manu from Ireland eastward across Europe and the Middle East to the Indus Valley to start the first (Hindu) sub-race of the Fifth Root Race.

The purpose of the Fifth Root Race was to develop Manas on the physical plane and the quality the Manu looked for in these peoples was that of the intellect. The term "most advanced" used above for this sub-race does not mean the best hunters, farmers or shepards, but the most advanced in the power of critical thinking.

As the Manu led the migration from Atlantis across Europe and the Middle East, certain portions of the peoples separated off and began independent cultures along the way. Those that eventually populated the Indus Valley and began the Hindu cultural epoch were not the most advanced in respect of intellect, although they had other qualities. Those peoples who later become the Semites in the third and fourth cultural epochs, stayed in the Middle East area and populated their generations.

ne contribution made by the Hebrews was the preparation of the physical body to become a vessel for the incarnation of the Christ ego. The Christ could not inhabit an unsuitable body as represented in the evolving sub-races of the Aryan Age. For this reason, simultaneously with the descent of Christ thru the heavenly spheres, the physical, etheric and astral bodies of the Hebrew nation was being prepared thru the 3 X 14 generations of the St. Matthew Gospel, begining with Abraham. The entire Hebrew nation descended from his son, Isaac and the generations from him cumulated in the birth of a single person, the Solomon Jesus child.

The more important contribution made by the Hebrew nation also began with Abraham and Steiner calls this the "sacrifice of the ram."

When Abraham came from the land of Ur or Chaldea, he met with Melchizedek, the most high priest of (Jeru)Salem. This meeting is memorialized in Genesis with the gifts of bread and wine. But Melchizedek must have given Abraham something else if he was destined to be the seed for the nation ordained to bear the incarnation of Christ.

We know from OCCULT SCIENCE that the etheric bodies of the seven highest initiates of the Atlantean oracles were preserved, this in accordance with the principle of Spiritual Economy.

"The sun (Christ) oracle knew the secret of producing, for this or that individual, the kind of human ether bodies that were possessed by the highest initiates of the other oracles. With this means at their disposal, counter parts of the most perfect ether bodies of the ancient initiates were preserved and later implanted in the individuals best fitted for the purpose"

Safekeeping of these etheric bodies was given to the Sun oracle who distributed them to the new oracles of the Fifth post-Atlantean Age. The type of etheric bodies preserved were those that had the least degree of separation between the physical and etheric bodies. Such persons were best suited to guide evolution through the age of the descent of Manas. They had less spirituality but had more thinking ability. Co-equal with this development was the separation of the individual ego from the Atlantean group ego. The loss of ancestral memory was inversely proportional to the rise of the thinking or Manas function of the ego. Steiner says, "the part of the ether body bound to the physical body transformed the physical brain into the actual organ of thought and only from that time onward did the human being feel his ego in the physical body."

Now, it is both an occult law and a biological law that every human capacity must have its beginning in one human individuality.

Such is required by the gene pool whether it be the convolutions of Brocca's brain for the faculty of speech or the larynx of the future androgynous man for the faculty of Kriyashakti to give birth from the power of the Logos. Abraham was the first person in whom the faculty of cognitive thought first occurred in the gene pool. This is why he was recognized as the founder of mathematics.

In the GOSPEL OF ST. MATTHEW, Steiner identifies Melchizedek as the great initiate of the Sun oracle, in whom resides the power of producing etheric bodies of ancient initiates. In order not to confuse Abraham, Melchizedek appeared at their meeting bearing the etheric body of Shem, son of Noah, and progenitor of the Semitic sub-race after the Atlantean flood. To Abraham was imparted an etheric body of the type preserved by the Sun oracle within which the physical organ of human cognitive thought had its beginning.

The cosmic purpose of this organ of analytical, calculating reason was to develop the thinking function of the micro-cosmic human ego. It was truely a gift from the Gods. The meeting of the Sun oracle with Abraham was veiled in the Old Testament story of the meeting with Melchizedek. Likewise, the gift of the organ of thinking was veiled in the Bible story of the sacrifice of Isaac.

This story is nowhere told more beautifully then in THE BOOK OF JASHER which one can hardly read without a feeling of piety and dignity. Interestingly, Satan appears four times to Abraham while traveling the road to Mount Moriah with his sons Isaac and Ishmael. The first time Satan "appeared to Abraham in the figure of a very aged man, humble and contrite of spirit" and tried to persuade Abraham from making the sacrifice. But he "knew it was the word of Satan who endeavored to draw him aside from the way of the Lord" and Abraham rebuked him so that he went away.

A second time Satan returned and came to Isaac in the figure of a young man, comely and well favored. Again Satan was rebuked. A third time, Satan realizing he could not prevail over them, transformed himself into a brook, large and powerful as the mighty waters. As the travelers passed thru the stream, the water reached their necks and they were terrified. Suddenly, Abraham recognized the place and he knew there was no water there before. A last time he rebuked Satan saying, "The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan, begone from us for we go by the commands of God."

After Abraham was told by the Lord to substitute "the ram which the Lord God had created in the earth in the day that He made earth and heaven", Satan again appeared and caught the hold of the ram and entangled his horns in the thicket. Abraham freed the ram, placed it upon the alter for sacrifice and sprinkled some of its blood upon the alter, after which the Lord blessed Abraham and his seed. It is interesting to observe the many temptations made by Satan to prevent this event so important to the evolution of the Christ impulse.

Steiner says that the sacrifice of Isaac was a symbol of the sacrifice of the ancient clairvoyant thinking function of the ego, which had to be progressively eliminated from our gene pool so that the new cognitive thinking function of the ego, as represented by the generations of Abraham, could develop in our Fifth Root Race.

"The last faculty to be given up in exchange for the gift of the Hebrew people was connected with the sign of the Ram. Therefore, a ram was sacrificed in the place of Isaac (and) from Isaac the entire Hebrew nation descended."

Steiner further discloses a greater occult secret when he says that,"the two horns of the ram symbolize the sacrifice of the two-petalled lotus flower." This two-petalled lotus flower is the sixth chakra of the etheric body corresponding to the brow.

In Eastern Occultism, it is the AJNA center called the third eye and is connected with the pituitary gland and the autonomic nervous system. Situated between the eye brows, it is the seat of intuition and cognitive faculties on the one hand and of clairvoyance on the other hand. As C.W. Leadbeater pointed out, technically, there are 96 spokes to this chakra but it is mentioned in the Hindu tradition as having only two petals, because it, "has the appearance of being divided into halves, one chiefly rose clored, though with a great deal of yellow about it, and the other predominately a kind of purplish-blue." Traditional Hindu occultism recognizes this center as a white lotus with two petals bearing the letters h and ks with a white triangle, apex pointing downward.

What then was given to Abraham by the Sun oracle was an etheric body which for the first time in evolution had the template of the physical body's organ for cognitive thought. However, in this etheric body, the brow chakra, representing the ancient clairvoyant thinking faculty as reflected in ancestral memory, was closed. The evolutionary plan of the Spirits of Form was to close this brow chakra so that after the evolution of cognitive thought in the Aryan age, this chakra could be re-opened to emerge at a higher level. In the future Sixth Root Race, this gift would be given back to mankind, so that clairvoyance could proceed from a person fully grounded in analytical, calculating and logical reasoning. Esoterically, these two petals of the ANJA chakra were closed and symbolized by the sacrifice of the ram.

The Fall of Mankind-One Key

This is not the first time in the evolution of the races that the Spirits of Form had withheld a gift from the Gods. As the good Madame H.P.B. says, every great symbol has seven levels of meaning and seven keys. One of the keys to the "fall of mankind" as reflected in the Garden of Eden Genesis story, is the withholding of the higher chakras in the etheric body.

Before the fall, the Spirits of Form had designed the human form with seven fully operative and functioning chakras within the human etheric body. The chakras correspond in the micro-cosmic principles of man to that, which in turn, correspond to the macro-cosmic principles of the Cosmic Elements, known in Eastern Occultism as the TATTVAS, as follows:

1. Crown Adi Divine (Life-ether) 1st. Logos
2. Brow Anupadaka Spirit (sound-ether) 2nd Logos
3. Throat Akasha Aether (light-ether) 3rd Logos
4. Heart Tejas Fire Ether  
5. Solar/plexus Vayu Air  
6. Sacral Apas Water  
7. Coccygeal Prithivi Earth  

However, during the Lemurian age of the Third Root Race, our Lunar Pitris, the followers of Lucifer, implanted themselves into the astral body of mankind. The results of this are also sevenfold, but, generally speaking, this descent into matter, earth passion, desire, freedom, evil, etc., was earlier than intended by the Spirits of Form. The effects of this event could not be reversed and the possibility existed, that over time, the course of evolution would require the Luciferic forces to also invade the etheric body of mankind.

If this occurred, the results would be devastating to mankind because of the super-human powers contained in the three higher chakras of the etheric body. For this reason, the Spirits of Form withdrew the higher chakras of the etheric body to be preserved for a later time in the Sixth and Seventh Root Races, when mankind would be more highly evolved and mature. Thus, one key to the mystery of the Fall of Mankind, was the intentional closing by the Elohim of the higher chakras and the function of their corresponding organs, the larynx, pituitary and pineal glands.

For example, in the throat chakra, Steiner speaks in KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHER WORLDS that during an earlier stage of evolution, eight of the sixteen spokes had been closed and ceased their activity. The eight-fold path of the Buddha was an esoteric path to re-open them and attain their full intended use. "Man can now develop the remaining 8 petals by means of conscious exercises, thereby, the whole lotus flower becomes luninous and mobile."

In Eastern Occultism, the good Madame H.P.B. speaks of the KRIYASHAKTI force. This has the power of producing on the physical plane material forms and objects through the potency of Will and Ideation. It was this force that caused androgynous man in the Lemurian (pre-Fall) root races to produce offspring without a sexual union. In Western Occultism, it is this force that Steiner says will manifest itself in the future Sixth Root Race in the human (male) larynx to likewise reproduce without sexual union out of itself with the power of the creative word. If the power of this reproductive force were not withheld, mankind would most likely experience a second Fall, because of the failure of present humans to control the passions of the astral body.

Also, the ego functions of thinking, feeling and willing are reflected in the higher chakras and higher trinity of micro-cosmic principles. To the extent that a person has consciously transformed his astral, etheric and physical bodies, he has partially obtained, Manas, Buddhi and Atma. To a certain extent, all of mankind has achieved Manas and Buddhi, through the feeling and willing function of the ego. This is now more or less achieved unconsciously or instinctively by the work of angels in the astral body. All persons can say "I feel" and "I will" and their functions are reflections from the light ether and fire ether of the macro-cosmic elements. Therefore, we can say these chakras are partially open as Steiner says about the throat chakra.

However, we cannot say "I think" as reflected from the sound ether thru the brow chakra nor can we have the cosmic wisdom of "oneness" as reflected from the life-ether thru the crown chakra. This is a difficult concept to understand because, at first glance, of course every one believes he can think separate thoughts. But as Steiner says in THE GOSPEL OF ST. LUKE, " Whereas each man's feeling and will are personal, we immediately come into something universal when we rise into the realm of words and the realm of thoughts. No one individual can form thoughts that are his alone." And the secret to understanding this concept is said, "If thoughts were as individual as feelings we should never understand one another."

Our words create a cognitive set from which our thoughts arise. This is the basis for the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis of linguistic relativity that the thinking of a particular culture is affected by the structure of the language it speaks. Words have their orgin in the sound ether and this ether extends upwards to the sphere of the moon. Where there is a common language, there is a common or uniform thought pool from which are drawn our thoughts. The Spirits of Form closed the chakra thru which this sound ether manifests itself in the human body. Likewise, the chakra was closed thru which the life ether gives meaning or the wisdom of "one-ness" to cognitive thought.

Thus, there is a great difference in the etheric bodies of mankind from before the Fall and after the Fall. It is thru the path of initiation and adeptship that these closed chakras are restored.

The Lost Pleiad

The mission of the Hebrew nation was at least two-fold. First, their spiritual task was to prepare a physical body thru the 3 X 14 generations suitable for the incarnation of the macro-cosmic Christ ego. Second, their evolutionary task was to extinguish the mental faculty of the ancient clairvoyance and instill in mankind the physical organ of cognitive thought. The sacrifice of the ram was in a very real sense also the sacrifice of the Hebrew nation as a sub-race for over 2,000 years, until the birth of Israel in the 20th. century.

There are many references to the ancient legend of the lost Pleiad, although I personally have never come across it. In every great symbol there are seven levels and seven keys, one of which is the astronomical key. This key has been preserved in the tauroctony or bull-slaying scene from the ancient mysteries of Mithras.

Mithraism and Christianity fiercely competed for the souls of Western man from the first century A.D. to the end of the fourth century, when Constantine converted the Roman Empire to Christianity and the edict of Emperor Theodosius abolished by law the practice of the ancient mysteries. Arising at the same time and covering the same geographic area, Mithraism was truly, "the road not taken by Western civilization."

The scene of initiation for the candidates of Zarathustra were subterranean caves on the ceiling of which were symbols of the planets and the zodiac. Likewise, the initiations into the seven grades of the mysteries of Mithras occurred in a stone vault, now called a Mithraeum, which were also located underground or in temples made to look subterranean. Hundreds of these vaults survive to the present day and common to all of them was the central symbol of the tauroctony carved in stone.

The central icon is the scene of Mithras slaying the bull with a sword placed in its shoulder. Located around this central figure are figures of a snake, a dog, a raven, a scorpion, and sometimes a lion and a cup. Usually above the scene is an arch depicting the constellations of the zodiac. In the upper corners are busts representing the sun and moon and the seven ancient planets are always presented, sometimes as stars in the cape of Mithras. In all, the iconography of the scene depicts the complete astronomical drama of Mithras in the circle of the zodiac, the ancient planets and our trinity of sun, earth and moon.

David Ulansey in his book THE ORGINS OF THE MITHRAIC MYSTERIES (1989) has discovered the key to the astronomical symbolism of the animals in the taurocotony. Being familiar with the solar year of the precession of the equinoxes (our Messianic cycle), he places Mithras on the celestial equator as it was when the spring equinox was in the constellation of Taurus and the fall equinox was in Scorpio rather than now in the 20th. century when the spring equinox is in Aries. Starting with the spring equinox in Taurus, and moving west, the celestial equator passes through the following constellations: Taurus, the bull; Canis Major, the dog; Hydra, the snake; Crater, the cup; Corvus, the raven and Scorpius, the scorpion. In addition, the two torchbearers who usually appear in the scene, as Cautes represents the spring equinox and Cautopates represents the fall equinox. Lastly, with the spring equinox in Taurus, the summer solstice appears in Leo, the lion.

Ulansey's key is that "the taurocotony represents the astronomical situation which obtained during the epoch in which the spring equinox was in Taurus " and his conclusion is that the bull-slaying represents the death of the previous astronomical Age of Taurus brought about by the solar precession . With this analysis, I must agree.

Mithras slays the bull with a sword placed in the shoulder. On closer examination he observes," the position of the Pleaides located in the bull's shoulder is precisely the place where in the Mithraic taurocotony, the dagger of Mithras is entering the bull's shoulder and the left knee of Mithras is always shown in an exaggerated fashion pointing to just this spot."

Now Porphyry refers to Mithras as "a creator and Lord of Genesis." In an Old Testament sense, Mithras has been identified by him as an Elohim of Genesis, which would also make him a Spirit of Form.

Porphyry also describes Mithras as bearing the sword of Aries, which he says is "the sign of Mars." As described above in The Race Spirits, we know that the Hebrew nation had a special relationship with the Mars race spirit so that Jehovah could work in the Hebrew blood line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to secure the 3 X 14 generations.

Thus, on a higher level of correspondence, the Mithraic taurocotony represents a Spirit of Form (an Elohim of Genesis) slaying the bull (the Age of Taurus) with the sword of Mars placed in the celestial position of the seven stars of the Pleiades. As a result of this slaying that occured during the Age of Taurus, one of the seven sisters of the Pleiades is sacrificed or "lost" as represented by the position where the sword enters the shoulder.

In the SECRET DOCTRINE the good Madame says,"the constellations of the Great Bear and the Pleiades constitute the greatest mystery of occult nature...the six present and the one hidden." Most importantly, she also says, "the Pleiades were at one time the Atlantides and connected with Atlantis and its seven races." We learned above that the Primal Semites were an original sub-race, the fifth of the Atlantean Age.

I would suggest that the "greatest mystery" of occult nature is now solved. The lost Pleiad represents the Hebrew nation after the sacrifice of the ram by Abraham and this event occured during the Age of Taurus and its astronomical key is represented by the Mithraic taurocotony.

The Universal Human

As we discussed before, the seven Spirits of Form had a general plan of earth evolution which was modified when the Spirits of Motion held back and became Race Spirits that populated the Atlantean Age with racial varieties. The evolution of these racial varities has been much commentated on in such books as A.P. Sinnett's ESOTERIC BUDDHISM and of course in THE SECRET DOCTRINE. In Theosophical parlance it was commonplace to speak of the progress of the Messianic cycles or cultural epochs of 2,160 years as co-equal with the evolution of the 7 X 7 sub-races for each Root Race.

However, Steiner has commented on several occasions that the differentiation of racial characteristics was a dominant factor only in the Atlantean root Races. As we progress over time, thru the Fifth (Aryan) Root Race and into the future Sixth Root Race, the significance of racial diversity will diminish over time.

The etheric body is the template of the physical body. Aside from racial characteristics our physical bodies are the same. However, there are seven distinct types of etheric bodies spread over mankind. The differences between these seven types correspondingly makes people different. The seven colors of the etheric body reflect the seven rays of the Spirits of Form. Although we can say that the five race spirits have produced the five basic human racial types, originally there were seven types, two of which have disappeared.

The plan of the Spirits of Form was to have these seven racial types with their seven etheric bodies proceed successively in evolution beginning the first sub-race of the Atlantean Age. Then, the first type of etheric body would have predominated as a racial form over the duration of that epoch. Then, during the sixth sub-race, the second etheric bodily type would have dominated, and so on consecutively seven times until the end of the fourth sub-race of the Fifth Root Race.

However, the forces of Lucifer and Ahriman worked against this plan as they work against all the plans of the Spirits of Form. Evolution is designed to have a beginning, middle and end. To the extent that any evolutionary force holds back past its planned termination, Luciferic forces are at work. When, for example, certain Spirits of the Age do not pass on at the end of an epoch, but hold back to maintain their influence over peoples of the next epoch, this is the result of Luciferic forces, throwing a body block across the path of normal evolution designed by the Spirits of Form.

During the Atlantean age, Luciferic forces held back and preserved the racial forms so that the first type developed alongside the second, and the first and second type developed alongside the third, and so on. Thus, instead of consecutive development there was concurrent evolution of the seven etheric types that obviously extends to this present day. The plan of the Elohim was to have one common human racial and etheric type, drawn from an unitary group soul, begining the fifth cultural epoch (1413 A.D.).

One result of this plan was that the physical body as developed during the fourth cultural epoch of the Greek-Romans, was at its peak on the evolutionary scale. This highest human form was reflected in the sculpture of the Greeks in the Apollo-Zeus-Mercury types. Our human bodies are now on the descending arc of that curve beginning the fifth sub-race of Atlantis.

Additionally, had this divergence of the racial types continued as before past the Greek-Roman cultural epoch, evolution would have required the differentiation into seven separate and distinct racial types, each as different from each other as is a separate animal species. What we consider as racism now, would progressively worsen into a condition where the different racial types would not regard each other as belonging to the same species.

The Spirits of Form had to counteract this real evolutionary force separating humanity into seven etheric groups. The solution was to send the Christ Spirit to earth to incarnate in a human body. After the Mystery of Golgotha, the Christ impulse works in two ways to restore both the physical and etheric bodies of mankind.

As concerns the physical body, we said before that the outer human form was at its peak during the Greek-Roman cultural epoch. However, the inner human form was at its lowest. Steiner in FROM JESUS TO CHRIST (1911) describes what he calls the human "phantom" as the "form-shape which as a spiritual texture works up the physical substances and forces so that they fill out the (human) form which we encounter on the physical plane."

Further he says,

"At the beginning of human evolution it was intended that the phantom should remain untouched by the material elements that man takes for his nutrition from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. But it did not remain untouched, for the Luciferic influence brought about a close connection between the phantom and the forces which man absorbs through his earthly evolution...Since the beginning of earth existence man has lived in a physical body which is subject to destruction, which cannot adequately counter the destructive forces with upbuilding forces...Man has lost the form of the physical body."

In Eastern occultism, the good Madame H.P.B. calls this phantom body the "Auric Body" or egg which,

"is the chief principle of all, the luminous egg (Hiranyagarbha) of the invisible magnetic sphere in which every man is enveloped. It is the direct emanation (a) from the Atmic Ray in its triple aspect and (b) from Buddhi-Manas. The seventh aspect of this individual aura is the faculty of assuming the form of its body and becoming the 'radiant', the Luminous Augoeides...the reason why public mention of the auric Body was not permitted was on account of its being so sacred. It is this body which, at death, assimilates the essence of Buddhi and Manas and becomes the vehicle of these sacred principles, which are not objective, and then, with the full radiation of Atma upon it ascends as Manas-Taijasi into the Devachanic state...It is the silver thread which incarnates from the beginning of the manvantara to the end, stringing itself upon the pearls of human existance. After death , the Auric body remains either in the Devachanic state of consciousness, or in the case of an Adept, prefers the state of a Nirmanakaya."

Our physical bodies have evolved over millions of years from the original body of the Adam of Genesis. As a result of Luciferic influences invading our bodies since the Lemurian age, our phantom or auric egg has given over to disease, dysfunction, destruction and death. This of course was not the intention of the Spirits of Form who reside within the phantom body. Christ, thru the Mystery of Golgotha, came to change all of this.

On another level of correspondence, the deterioration of the inner body of mankind resulted from the historical necessity of the liberation of the EGO, which also had been in preparation since the middle of the Atlantean Age. Dr. Steiner says in THE EVOLUTION OF THE WORLD AND OF HUMANITY (1923),

"The astral body before the year 333 A.D. was such that the greater part, the more active part of it, was in the upper part of man and the less active part in the lower man; the middle man lying between the two. By reason of the upper part of the astral body being more powerful in those olden times, the higher Divine Spiritual beings were able to exercise thru it their great influence on human beings. It was part of the plan for the whole evolution of humanity that it should progress in a certain way: while that was the condition of man's astral body about 3,000 B.C., at about 1,000 B.C., the lower part of the astral body had considerably increased in size while the upper part had proportionately decreased. In the year 333 A.D., however, the upper part was about equal to the lower. This was the crises that occurred in the year 333 A.D. Since that time the upper part of the astral body has constantly decreased in size and man's development is furthered by this...If man had not experienced this diminution of the upper part of his astral body, the ego would not have gained sufficient influence; he would never have become free".

The problem here is the old double edged sword of the inversely proportional relationship. It is from the upper half of the astral body that man derives the strength to control the etheric an physical bodies. Thus, by reducing the size of the upper part, the health of all humanity would gradually diminish. The price of a free will was bought at the expense of increased illness. However, this fatal evolutionary impulse was overcome by the death of Christ and His resurrection in the glorious phantom body Just prior to 333 A.D., the healing forces of the phantom body of Christ forever entered earth evolution.

The physical body in which He incarnated at the time of the baptism at Jordan, had been prepared thru the 3 X 14 generations of the St. Matthew Gospel. Between the ages of twelve and thirty, the ego-less Nathan Jesus child resided in this human sheath. When the Christ Ego incarnated in the physical, etheric and astral bodies of the Nathan Jesus child, for the first time on earth since the "fall" of Adam, an ego was present in a human body that was untouched by the influences of Lucifer and Ahriman. For the three years between the baptism and the crucifixation, the Christ Spirit lived in a human body, the phantom of which had never been in the course of human evolution. After His death and resurrection, what Mary Magdalene and the apostles saw as the figure of the risen Christ, was this luminous phantom, the Augoeides of Christ.

Christ left the seed of this phantom body for us on earth. In the past, when man returned from Devachan to incarnate on earth, he brought with him for his next earth life, the defective phantom which had been given over to disease, destruction and death. "With Christ there rose out of the grave a kind of kernel for the reconstruction of our human phantom, and it is possible for this kernel to incorporate itself in those individuals who find a connection with the Christ impulse." To the extent that a person takes in the Christ impulse, he also takes in part of the phantom body of Christ, which transforms the Adam Auric egg into the Christ Auric egg.

Similarly, during the evolution of Christianity over the fifth, sixth and seventh cultural epochs, those Christians that possess a transformed phantom body, share a common humanity with a rejuvenated physical and etheric body. In sharing the phantom body of Christ, humanity can unite the otherwise natural diversity of racial types. In the same sense that the physical body of mankind could be traced back to the Adam body, now and in the future, the phantom body of persons in whom the Christ Spirit dwells, can be traced back to the second Adam, the Christ. This is the path in which humanity unites thru the physical body.

The other path is thru the etheric body which is reflected on the astral plane and this relates to the mystery of the Second Coming.

Today, as we draw near the end of the second millennium, much is said about the Second Coming of Christ. However, it must be made perfectly clear that this does not mean a return to earth in a physical body as mankind experienced in the Mystery of Golgotha. This extraordinary feat of white magic will never occur again and damn the torpedoes for those who say it will. One level of explanation is as follows.

Christ united with humanity only because the possibility existed that a held back portion of the etheric body was preserved in the spiritual worlds and did not participate in the "Fall of Mankind" as reflected in the Genesis Bible story. We discussed above that, "the Spirits of Form withdrew the higher chakras of the etheric body to be preserved for a later time." We know from the teachings of Steiner that in the Nathan Jesus child, there existed a human soul that went back to Adam before the Fall and this fact is reflected in the generations narrated in the St. Luke Gospel. He says, " the etheric substance withheld from Adam had been preserved and sent down to this child."

The fall of mankind is a symbol for the intervention by the spirits of Lucifer into the astral body of man beginning the middle of the Lemurian Third root race. Likewise, mankind experienced a second fall beginning the middle of the Atlantean Fourth Root Race when the spirits of Ahriman invaded the etheric body. And since the middle of the Aryan Fifth Root Race, the Asuras began to invade mankind's physical body, which in the future epochs will cause an evil far greater than that caused by the legions of Lucifer and Ahriman.

Christ did not incarnate in the body of the Solomon Jesus child because this body participated in human evolution with numerous incarnations since the fall. As great and good was the ego of Zarathustra, his astral body given to Hermes and his etheric body given to Moses, it was tainted by the forces of Lucifer and Ahriman that existed after the fall. Only in the Nathan child did an etheric body exist that was the brother of Adam as it existed before the Fall, that had no previous incarnations and as such did not carry the karma of earthly evolution.

The reason why there is no Second Coming is that this brother soul of Adam was spent on the Nathan Jesus child (and also on St. John the Baptist) and none others exist in the spiritual worlds. At the age of twelve, when the Nathan Jesus child cast off his astral body, it rose upward and united with the Nirmanakaya of the Buddha. Thus, at the Temple scene, the Nathan child consisted of a physical body, an etheric body of an Adam type that bore no earthly karma, an astral body that was united with the Nirmanakaya of the Buddhi, that also bore no earthly karma and the ego of Zarathustra. This person lived on earth from age twelve until age thirty when at the baptism at the Jordan, the macro-cosmic Christ ego descended and replaced the micro-cosmic Zarathustra ego. This incarnation of the Christ ego into the sheaths of the Nathan child was a tremendous chance of white magic and a once in evolution event, never to be repeated again.

This is what the occult law of sacrifice means. At every level of evolution, in each of the nine levels of the Angelic Hierarchies, the possibility exists for a spiritual being to hold itself back, to renounce its advance to the next hierarchy, in order to preserve the possibility of redemption at a critical moment in evolution. Of those Solar Pitris who "refused to create", the angel of the Nathan Jesus ego held back descent to the physical plane until the age of King Herod.

In a similar way but on a higher level in the Hierarchies, the arch-angelic body of the Christ Spirit itself held back during both the Old Sun and Old Moon manvantaras to preserve the possibility of the redemption of mankind in the future Earth Round. Even if Christ could descend thru the spheres again, as He did prior to the Mystery of Golgotha, He could descend only so far as an angelic body because his physical body has been spent. The fruits of this physical body of the Nathan child is represented by the Phantom body discussed above.

After His crucifixion on Golgotha, Christ experienced physical death in every sense that we do when we die. As such, His higher principles are ascending upwards thru the spheres in the opposite direction that He descended downwards thru the spheres to incarnate here on earth. Now a normal person after death also discards his physical and etheric bodies and ascends thru the astral worlds of Kama-Loka (purgatory) and then the divine spheres of lower and upper Devachan (heaven). Then, with his phantom body or auric-egg bearing the seed of his higher trinity of Manas, Buddhi and Atma, he descends down thru the spheres to another earth incarnation. What draws man back to earth for repeated incarnations in a physical body is his karma, his unpaid debt owed to the physical plane.

With the Christ, the situation is entirely different. As discussed above, the etheric body of the Nathan child bore no earthly karma from prior incarnations and his astral body was perfected by none other than the Buddha, now residing in his Dharmakaya body in Nirvana. The Christ ego, during His three and one half years of the ministry, also bore no earthly karma. Therefore, after the physical death at Golgotha, the resurrected phantom body of Christ, carrying His higher six principles, bore no karma to return to earth.

Christ, like a Buddha who enters Nirvana, can never incarnate in a physical body again because there is no karma to connect Him to the physical plane. Like a Buddha, who still continues to help mankind in a physical body of a Bodhisattva thru his Nirmanakaya on the astral plane, Christ continues to help mankind thru his angelic body. But, both the Buddha and the Christ can appear only so far down as the astral-etheric plane, never again on the physical plane.

It is for these reasons that Steiner says that there is no Second Coming of Christ in a physical body on earth. Christ will return in an angelic body on the astral-etheric plane where He can be experienced clairvoyantly by those persons who can raise themselves to this level. It is at this etheric level that those who can say "the Christ in me" will unite mankind in a universal brotherhood, regardless of nation or religion. A true unity of humanity from within to oppose the diversity of humanity arising from without by the race spirits.


"When the Mystery of Golgotha took place, the earthly body of Jesus of Nazareth was given over to the elements of the earth and from that time onwards Christ has been united with the spiritual (etheric) sphere of the earth and lives within it...He manifests Himself directly as an angel...This angelic being, who since then has been an outer form assumed by Christ, suffered an extinction of consciousness in the course of the intervening 19 centuries as a result of the opposing materialistic forces brought into the spiritual worlds...This onset of unconsciousness in the spiritual worlds will lead to the resurrection of the Christ consciousness in the souls of men on earth...from the 20th. century onwards, an ever increasing number of persons will be capable of perceiving the manifestation of the Etheric Christ, that is, Christ in the form of an angel"

In the fourth Greek-Roman cultural epoch, Christ appeared in a physical body on the physical plane. In the fifth epoch, beginning the 20th. century, Christ will appear in an angelic form on the astral plane. In the sixth epoch, Christ will appear in an

astral form on the lower Devachan plane to prepare for the coming of the Maitreya Buddha. In the seventh epoch, Christ will appear on the higher Devachan plane. "I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."


In conclusion, the Law of Seven teaches that evolution begins with the one in unity, in this case the plan of the Spirits of Form, and then separates into the Three, the three-fold sun and diversifies into the Seven, in this case the plan of the Race Spirits. After the evolution of the septenary, there is a return towards unity, which in this case is the unification of humanity through the Christ impulse.

The secret of evolution and of the spiritual guidance of humanity has not been better stated than by Steiner in THE GOSPEL OF ST. LUKE,

"In order that humanity may advance, provision has always been made for two streams of civilization, one of which receives into itself the rudiments of certain faculties and elaborates them, while development of the other, adjacent, stream is as it were held back. The one stream develops certain faculties to a suitable degree-faculties which are then essentially part of this stream and of the men belonging to it. Evolution proceeds, and something new appears; but the first stream would not be capable of rising to a higher stage through its own powers. Provision has therefore to be made for another stream to run side by side with it. This second stream remains in a certain respect undeveloped, having not nearly researched the level of the first; nevertheless it continues its course and is eventually able to benefit from the faculties acquired by the first. Having in the intervening period remained youthful, it is able, later on, to rise higher. Thus the one stream has fertilized the other. Spiritual streams must run their course side by side in this way in the evolution of humanity and provision must be made accordingly by the spiritual guidance of the world"