Of the Numbers that the Ancients Consecrated to Their Gods and Ascribed to the Elements and Planets

The PYTHAGOREANS dedicated certain Numbers sacred to the Elements and heavenly bodies. To the Air and Octonary, to the Fire a Tetragon, to the Earth a Senary, to the Water a Duodenary number they assigned. Moreover, they ascribed unity to the Sun, because he is the only King of the stars, wherein God placed his Tabernacle. They ascribed the same to Jupiter, who was the father and head of the Gods, as unity is the beginning and parent of Numbers.

Duality is given to the Moon, which is the second luminary, and figures out the Soul of the World, and is called June, because between her and unity there is the first conjunction and alike concord. It is also given to Saturn and Mars, the two Infortunes with Astrologers.

The Number Three agrees with Jupiter, the Sun and Venus, the three fortunes, it is also deputed to Vesta, Hecate and Diana. This triad is therefore dedicated to this virgin, which they say is powerful both in heaven and hell.

Four or the Quaternary Number belongs to the Sun who by that number constitutes the cardinal points of heaven and the seasons or times of the year, it is also deputed to Cillenius which was the only quadrate God esteemed.

Five or a Quinary is assigned to Mercury from one parity and one imparity, as it is manifest from either sex, masculine or feminine. Also it is attributed to the heavenly world, which above the four elements is the fifth under another form.

A Senary pertains to Venus and Jupiter, which is made up of a triad led by a dyad, which number Pythagoras is accommodated to generation and marriage.

Septenary, a number of rest, belongs to Saturn. The same number concerns the Moon's motion and light. It is assigned to Minerva who hath no generation, also to Pallas that virago, because it consists of numbers as well masculine as feminine. Plutarch gives this number to Apollo.

The Eighth number belongs to Jupiter, sacred to Justice and it is dedicated to Vulcan. It is attributed to Cybele, the Mother of the Gods, to whom every Cube is given. Plutarch assigned that number to Bacchus or Dionysius, who was born in the eighth month; because others born in the eighth month died, they constituted that number to Saturn and the Parcae.

The number Nine belongs to the Moon, the last receptacle of all celestial influences and virtues, no less than if it were dedicated to the nine muses, as also to Mars from whom is the end of all things.

The tenth number is circular because Monas or Unity belongs to the Sun. Also it is assigned to June. In like manner the Twelfth number, because the Sun goes through the 12 signs in 12 months. This number is given to the world, to the heaven, and to the Sun. But the eleventh number because it is semicircular is attributed to the Moon and deputed also to Neptune.

(From ANGEL MAGIC, British Museum)