The Amahraspands

The holy book of the Zoroastrians is the AVESTA, which like the Hindu VEDAS, codifies the much earlier oral teachings that existed for thousands of years before the book. The Persian cultural epoch lasted from 5076 BC to 2907 BC and Zarathustra was the prophet appointed by the solar deity. The general schema of Mazdean cosmology reflects the tropical zodiac structure of the phases of the declination of light. The Persian wisdom was very simplistic and separated the universe into two halves, one of light, represented in the tropical zodiac as the passage from the vernal equinox thru the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox, and one of darkness, represented in the tropical zodiac as the passage from the autumnal equinox thru the winter solstice to the vernal equinox.

The Avestan Ahura Mazda, later in the 9th century texts, Ohrmazd, was the appointed "Lord of Wisdom" and he ruled the height of the heavens of light. His appointed antagonist was the Avestan, Angra Mainyu, later called Ahriman. Ahriman ruled the depth of the abyss of darkness and was the counter-power of the power of light. He was responsible for evil, disease, disintegration and death. It is for this reason that Dr. Steiner calls Ahura Mazda the second revelation of the Christ, the first revelation of the 7 Rishis being the Hindu Vishnu and the third revelation of the Egyptians being called Osiris. Karman Ahriman, he calls the spirit of the earth whose elementary spirits are the forces of the laws of nature.

Between these two eternal powers of light and darkness, good and evil, was the earth as battleground, together with all creation. Evil was a substance created by god, but placed into the creation to separate matter, so that it may run its course of the seven-fold cycles of infinite diversity of manifestation. At the end of the cycle of manifestation, the aeon will come to restore the mix and cast Ahriman and his demons back into the abyss. this is the source of the theological dualism long attributed to Mazdaism and later to Manicheism by our professors of dogma, who reduce this revelation to childish and rudimentary cosmology.

Surrounding the Lord of Wisdom and Light were six emanations called AMAHRASPANDS, the Avestan Amerta Spenta, belonging to the hierarchy of archangels. Together with Ohrmazd, these six archangels form a Divine Heptad, of which three were masculine on his right side and three were feminine, on his left side. To the masculine side were assigned the tasks: VOHO MANAH, the protection of the entire animal creation; ARTA VAHISHTA, the element of fire in all its manisfestations; and to XSHATHRA VAIRYA, the delegation of the metals.

To the feminine side were assigned the tasks: SPENTA ARMAITI, the divine wisdom (our Sophia); HAARVATAT, the element of water and its kingdom of creations; and to AMERTAT, the entire plant and vegetable kingdoms. These were so many emanations from the good principle as blessings bestowed upon mankind in which to cooperate for the element or kingdom assigned.

Ahriman, in his turn, also emanated six DEVS, as eternal opponents of the six good emanations. Again, this shows the Mazdean concept of evil as a roadblock across the path of normal evolution, a celestial plan of opposition, so as to manifest the infinite possibilities of existence on our physical plane. Helping assist the Divine Plan of the Powers of Light, are so many YAZATAS, or Izads in Persian, which belong to the hierarchy of angels, whose legion is infinite. Finally, there is the legion of FRAVARTIS, called "those who have chosen", who were feminine angels who also assist the Divine Plan but are also heavenly archetypes of all the ranks of angels, including Ohrmazd himself.

The ancient wisdom of the tropical zodiac symbolized the six Amahraspands under the banners of light and the six Devs under the banners of darkness. This, of course, corresponds to the six months of positive declination and six months of negative declination. In Mazdean chronology, cyclical time was measured by the passage of the sun thru the tropical zodiac in a great year of 12,000 human years and of 12 parts, one for each zodical house. During the great cycle, the tropical zodiac was divided between the two powers, for 3 thousand years, good triumphed, then for 3 thousand years, evil held sway. Then for the remaining 6 thousand years, they mutually destroy each other's labors. At the end of the 12 millennia, a virgin enters the waters of lake Kansaoya, where she is miraculously impregnated and gives virgin birth to the Aeon sent to redeem mankind. Sound familiar ?

The Essene Belial

The saga of the Lords of Light doing battle against the Lords of Darkness does not end with the fall of the Persian cultural epoch. This eschatological text is resurrected in the Dead Sea scrolls written by the Essenes of Qumran. This brotherhood renamed the Persian Ahriman as Belial, the leader of the spirits of darkness. We discussed (infra) that St. Paul learned his esoteric angelology from the Essenes and brought this secret widsom to Athens where he initiated Dionysius the Aeropagite. In II Corinthians 6:15 Paul asks, "What concord hath Christ with Belial?", clearly equating Belial with Satan, the leader of all demons.

The Essenes called themselves the "Sons of Light" who opposed the "Sons of Darkness." In the WAR SCROLL they describe another cosmic battle between good and evil. In it they also resurrect the 4 cycles of 3 thousand years war described in the Avesta.

" The Sons of Light and the lot of Darkness (the army of Belial) shall battle together for God's might. In the war, the Sons of Light shall be the strongest during three lots, in order to strike down wickedness, and in three lots, the army of Belial will gird themselves in order to force the lot (of the sons of Levi, Judah and Benjamin) to retreat."

The Sons of Light do eternal battle against the forces of Belial, which include both traditional Hebrew enemies called the Kittim, probably the Roman empire, and their own brethern, who belong to the "congregation of Belial." Sister Emmerich clearly identified this congregation as the Pharisees, the Sadduces and the Herodians, all of whom were enemies of the new covenant of the coming Christ. They were led by the "wicked priest" who was probably that series of Hasmonean priests from Judas Maccabaeus to Alexander Jannaeus, during which time the Teacher of Righteousness was crucified.

The Essenes placed themselves in the very center of this cosmic battle between good and evil. They wrote of Belial,

" Accursed be all the spirits of his lot,

in his wicked plan,

for they are the lot of Darkness,

and the lot of God is for everlasting Light.

You created Belial for the pit,

angel of enmity,

his domain is in darkness,

his counsel is for evil and wickedness.

All the spirits of his lot,

angels of destruction,

walk in the laws of darkness."

The Essenes call on Michael, the archangel of Israel, as Prince of Light to "exault the authority of Michael over all other gods." He does battle against the Prince of Darkness,

" To assist truth,

and destroy wickedness,

to demolish darkness,

to exterminate all the sons of darkness,

and increase light."

The Sons of Light are, of course, the normal angels, angels of light led by the archangel Michael. His battle with the sons of Darkness we now know from Dr. Steiner as the legions of earthly elementary spirits led by Ahriman. The archetypal symbol of this struggle is Michael v. the Dragon or in more modern times with St. George as Michael. This battle is not unique to the Essenes, for as said in the Avesta, the battle lasts for eternity, to the end of cyclical time.

Dr. Steiner has made us familiar with the most recent scene of the battle between Michael and Ahriman, that which occurred between the years 1841 and 1879. Like all such battles, it occurred first in the spiritual worlds. There, the vanquished are banished from heaven and cast to Earth. " Losing the battle means they are no longer in the heavens, instead they are to be found in the human realms."

In this last battle, the normal archangels were preparing the angels to replace them as agents working in the human blood, so they could move on and become active in the human nervous system. However, certain retarded angels made the attempt to replace the evolving archangels in the nervous system, instead of their designated place in the blood. As the victor in this spiritual battle, Michael cast the "angels of darkness" out of the nervous system and back into the blood, where they belong. What they do in our blood is another story.

The point here is that " every battle between Michael and the dragon is similar to the one in 1840, but it is about different things. A crowd of Ahrimanic spirits seeks over and over again to bring something into world evolution, but they are always overcome." The first battle between Michael and the dragon was the so-called "War in Heaven." Here, in the planetary evolution between Jupiter and Mars, certain Spirits of Motion, belonging to the middle level of the Second Hierarchy, separated off and became "Gods of Hindrance" whose task was to oppose the Divine Plan of cosmic evolution. These spirits were in fact adversely commanded" by the higher hierarchies to cause opposition.

Herein were laid the seeds of evil, for in evolution, everything repeats itself (at a higher level) and during later planetary recapitulations, what was once adverse orders, became in the future, acts of spiritual free-will. Thus, during the Old Moon manvantara, when the earth and moon spheres separated, certain spiritual beings advanced and others remained behind, causing evil deeds again. During the Lemurian Age of our present Earth manvantara, when the moon again separated out from the earth, certain beings advanced and others remained behind, causing Luciferic angels to be cast down to earth and invade the human astral bodies.

Thus, during the normal course of planetary evolution, the first War in Heaven was repeated two more times during the subsequent stages of recapitulation. Although the beings who remained behind are characterized on the planetary scale as Luciferic spirits, when the same process is repeated during earth evolution, the same parallel separation occurs on the human scale in the microcosm with respect to the earth spirits of Ahriman/Belial.

As a result of the War in Heaven and its two subsequent planetary recapitulations, three hierarchies of evil are created, one on the level of angels, one at the level of archangels and one at the Archai level. During the middle of the Lemurian Age, Lucifer and his legion intervened in human evolution to invade the astral body and during the middle of the Atlantean Age, Ahriman and his legion intervened to invade the etheric body.

In our present Fifth Aryan Age, mankind will be visited by a new, much more powerful source of evil coming from the hierarchy of Archai/Spirits of the Age. These retarded Archai separated off the normal path of evolution of the good Archai during the Old Saturn manvanta, before the separation of the sun. Ahriman separated off during the second stage of recapitulation, when the earth-moon planet separated from the sun. Lucifer descended during the third recapitulation when the moon separated off from the earth. The hierarchy of the Archai was originally designated by the Hindu tradition at the rank of "Suras", which represented the ENTIRE hierarchy of Archai. Later, during the second cultural epoch, the Magi recognized the division within the hierarchy between good and evil, between normal and retarded Archai and renamed the hierarchy "A-Suras." The negative connotation of which would only apply to the evil suras. Because our Western tradition of angelology derives from the Magi/Chaldean/Hebrew/Essene sources, the Hindu name has come to represent the entire hierarchy.

ADZURA is the name given to the leader of the Asuras within the hierarchy of Archai. He and his legion of angels will attack the human physical body in opposition to the 7th principle of Atma. In our chart of planetary forces relating to the seven principles (infra), Saturn controls Atma and its opposition is in the moon. In the sense that Manas is a conscious transformation by the ego of the astral body, Buddhi is a conscious transformation by the ego of the etheric body, Atma is also a conscious transformation by the ego of the physical body. For most people, this transformation occurs unconsciously, during sleep and after death, by the efforts of the normal Archai. However, beginning in our cultural epoch and extending into the future epochs, Adzura will attack the conscious transformation by the ego of the physical body causing decay and disintegration. As with Ahriman, his corruptness lies in leading mankind on the path of materialism, to blind man to the source of life within the spiritual worlds.

Dr. Steiner says that,

" In the course of the earth period, man will cast away all the evil brought to him by the Luciferic spirits together with the blessing of freedom. The evil wrought by the Ahrimanic spirits can be shed in the course of karma. But the evil wrought by the Asuric powers cannot be expunged in this way. These Asuric powers will seize hold of the consciousness soul together with the 'I', to unite with earthly materiality. Fragment after fragment will be torn out of the 'I'and in the same measure that in which the Asuras establish themselves in the consciousness soul, man must leave parts of his existance behind on the earth. What thus becomes the prey of the Asuric powers will be irretrievably lost."

This leads us to the reason for the Avestan and Essene abyss.

The Eight Sphere

We have seen that the intentional cosmic deed of the War in Heaven led to the three hierarchies of evil. The Asuric, led by Adzura, resulted from the recapitulation of the Old Saturn manvantara; the Ahrimanic, led by Ahriman, resulted from the recapitulation of the Old Sun manvantara and the Luciferic, led by Lucifer, resulted from the recapitulation of the Old Moon manvantara. As a result, the evolution of the spiritual gifts (the three higher principles) given to mankind by the hierarchies are constantly under attack by these legions of evil, which we have now come to call the Spirits of Darkness. Lucifer works thru the hierarchy of angels within the astral body; Ahriman works thru the hierarchy of archangels within the etheric body and Azdura works thru the hierarchy of Archai within the physical body. The elemental spirits of Lucifer work thru the elements of air and water. The elemental spirits of Ahriman and Adzura work thru the elements of earth and fire and working with fire is much more powerful than the other elements, as the ancient Atlanteans hopefully learned.

The three hierarchies of archai-archangels-angels are reflected in the spheres of Father-Son-Holy Spirit in the regions of physical-etheric-astral bodies in man. Lucifer in his battle in the sphere of the Holy Spirit was redeemed by the act of the Christ in His decent into hell after the crucifixion. Ahriman in his battle in the sphere of the Son, will be redeemed in the future by the act of the Christ becoming the Lord of Karma. However, what is lost in the sphere of the Father, is forever lost to human evolution and the symbol of this is the abyss of the Eight sphere.

The occult concept of the Eight sphere was first made exoteric by A.P.Sinnett in his landmark book ESOTERIC BUDDHISM. Here he absolutely identified the Eight sphere with the materiality of the moon. Some of the errors he made were later corrected by the Good Madame Blavatsky in her SECRET DOCTRINE, where she hoped that future editions of Sinnett's book would finally correct the mistakes. However, this was never done and the errors still persisted leading to the conclusion that the Eight sphere was the moon, the former sphere of Lucifer during the Old Moon manvantara.

Later, when Dr. Steiner identified the nine interior levels of the earth with source levels of evil, the Eighth sphere became identified with the earth, the sphere of Ahriman. In addition, Steiner said that man could not penetrate with his consciousness the earth's interior thereby setting up an absolute barrier for knowledge of the Eighth sphere. Dr. Steiner in his book THE OCCULT MOVEMENT IN THE 19TH CENTURY (1915) tried to reconcile the two views.

As we know, seven of the 12 conditions of consciousness are available to mankind thru the evolution of the seven manvantaras from Old Saturn to Vulcan. We are presently in the fourth, the Earth manvantara. These seven spheres represent successive stages of evolution and they occur within each other, as transformations of the planet earth. Since the beginning of this Fourth round, Lucifer and Ahriman have had a plan to create or mineralize their own sphere, which at the end of plantetary evolution, would detach itself from the earth and go its own way into the cosmos. This sphere has come to be called in occultism, the Eighth sphere.

In order to accomplish this task, it is necessary for a process of mineralization to occur. What are "imaginations" or thought forms in an earlier sphere, become materialized in the next sphere. Thus, the imaginations of humanity that occur during this Round, will descend from the astral world during the next Jupiter sphere and become physical. This is especially true for the great works of art and music we produce now.

During the transition from the Old Moon manvantara to the Earth manvantara, what was formerly only imaginatively perceptible, becomes materially perceptible. This occurs by adding matter to the spirit by the process of mineralization. All the imaginations present in the Old Moon manvantara, should have passed over into Earth evolution to become mineralized. However, Lucifer and Ahriman stole certain imaginations belonging to the Old Moon evolution and when these are added to the sphere of Earth evolution, an Eighth sphere is created that works in opposition to the Divine Plan of the Elohim. The Earth sphere arrives out of the Old Moon sphere by virtue of the activities of the Spirits of Motion being added to the activities of the Spirits of Form. During the Fourth globe of this Fourth round, the mineral kingdom is added to the plant and animal kingdoms that previously evolved on the Old Moon. When the activities of Lucifer and Ahriman are also added to the normal activities of the Spirits of Motion and of Form, the Eighth sphere becomes mineralized, presently with astral substance, which in the future, will become physical substance.

Now, when these stolen imaginations become mineralized during our Earth evolution, they take with them certain physical atoms that rightfully belong to our Earth evolution. What is taken away is directed by Lucifer and Ahriman into the Eighth sphere in the hope of creating their own planet. This was the planet promised to Lucifer after the War in Heaven but, as you can see from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, this planet was destroyed and only remnants remain, still in orbit. Thus, do the Spirits of Form, "Battle for every morsel of substantiality capable of mineralization lest it should be wrested away from them by Lucifer and Ahriman and borne into the Eighth sphere."

As a counter-weight to the astral materiality of the Eighth sphere, the Spirits of Form mineralized the moon, with a much greater density than that of the earth. Thereafter, when the moon separated from the earth, JHVH-Elohim went with the moon to command the forces of the Elohim from there. Thus, the imaginations created during the Old Moon manvantara that were stolen by Lucifer and Ahriman which by now had mineralized into physical atoms, went out of the earth to remain in the physical moon. The mineral content of the present moon also contains the spiritual content of the Old Moon forces. As such, the major source of mineral atoms from which Old Moon imaginations could be mineralized, was removed from the earth and put back under the domain of the Spirits of Form as a physical counter-weight. However, what materiality that still remains within the earth sphere is subject to the war between the Lords of Light and the Spirits of Darkness, only the largest source has been removed.

We seen then the error of Sinnett was to mistake the astral corporality of the real Eighth sphere with the physical materiality of the moon. The moon in effect acts as a counter-weight, with its center of gravity located in the center of the moon, which is under the influence of JHVH. Like the polar field of forces of a magnet, the moon, as one pole, draws against the center of gravity within the center of the earth, as the other pole, which is under the influence of Ahriman. In the middle is the astral sphere of the Eighth sphere with Lucifer in his domain as leader of the Old Moon forces.

The astral substance of the Old Moon forces (imaginations) is the actual Eighth sphere. As the astral becomes etheric and as the etheric hardens into physical matter, so too the combined activities of the Spirits of Motion, the Spirits of Form and Lucifer/Ahriman would have passed over to the Jupiter manvantara only a shell of the earth, while at the same time creating a physical planet to further the evolution of the Spirits of Darkness. Whether or not this will actually happen is a matter of future evolution. Since our earth is the planet destined to become a future sun in a far distant manvantara, with Christ as our leader, we do not want any competition from the Spirits of Darkness.

What they really need is to capture a human soul to take with them. This has been symbolised in the past literature by the "pact with the Devil" such as seen in the 16th century HISTORIA VON D. JOHANN FAUSTEN, Christopher Marlowe's play and Goethe's FAUST. To date, no human soul has yet been lost to the Eighth sphere, including those of Nero, Ghengis Khan, Shaka Zulu and Hitler. However, can this happen in the future sixth and seventh cultural epochs ?

The Abyss

When St John received his revelation within the thunder and lightning at the Isle of Patmas, he had the historical eschatology of the Avestan, with the battle of the Amahraspands and the Devs and the Dead Sea Scrolls, with the Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness, to draw upon. Both sources had seen fit to describe the battle as one between the light and dark phases symbolized in the tropical zodiac. But what of the symbolism of the Abyss? We can see now that it is that indescribable place of the Eighth sphere.

From the darkness of pralaya ending the Old Moon manvantara, emerged the first Earth Globe, then in a dissolved condition of Arupa. During the Earth manvantara, the earth evolves thru 7 Conditions of Form, called Globes in Theosophy. They are as follows:

1. Higher Devachan           7. Archetypal

(higher Devachan)
  2. Lower Devachan       6. (Lower-Devachan) Intellectual.  
    3. Astral   5. (Plastic) Astral    
      4. Physical      

The first Arupa Globe contains in dissolved form all the evolutionary forms reduced to seeds and imaginations passed over to earth evolution from the Old Moon manvantara, except for those stolen by Lucifer/Ahriman. These imaginations were present in a formless state as pure thoughts of the Spirits of Form, whose task it was to develop this earth and instill into mankind their Fourth Principle-the human (group) ego. When the Arupa sphere condensed, the Rupa sphere emerged with more densified thought-forms, which contained the thought forms of the human, animal and plant kingdoms. When the Rupa sphere densified, the Spirits of form poured out its astral matter filling these thought forms with shape, light and color. Then, during our fourth globe, the mineral kingdom descended bringing about our 7 evolutionary Ages, from the Polarian thru the Seventh root Race which passes thru 7 X 7 = 49 sub-races/cultural epochs.

During the Polarian Age, the sun-earth-moon were still united in one cosmic globe in the shape of a sort of figure 8 double donut. Man and the other kingdoms had not yet descended into physical form. During the Hyperborean Age, the earth-moon planet separated off the sun and the Apollo men, sons of the Solar Pitris, descended into beautiful human forms. During the Lemurian Age, the moon separated off the earth and the Lunar Pitris descended into ugly, primitive human bodies. This Age was the beginning of sexual evolution and during the middle, the Luciferic angels penetrated man's astral body. Those that "refused to incarnate" went into pralaya on the various planets waiting for more favorable conditions. During the Atlantean Age, these human souls returned to earth and incarnated into mankind achieving racial evolution thru 7 x 7 sub-races. During our Fifth Aryan Age, the racial characteristics of mankind recede into the background and heredity evolves thru 7 cultural epochs. During the future Sixth Age of the 7 Seals, humanity evolves so that its karma is carried on the human countenance. It will no longer matter into what racial group one is born, the mark of evil will be carried on the forehead, like the mark of Cain. In a pre-figuration of 6-6-6, mankind will be separated into two classes of good and evil. During the last seventh Age of the trumpets, the course elements of the earth will manifest as brutal conditions of nature as described in REV:8. After the trumpet blast of the seventh angel, earth evolution as we know it (for this manvantara) will cease.

Thereafter, begins the ascent of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Globes into spiritualization in contra-distinction to the previous descent of the three Globes into matter. This is recognized in the APOCALYPSE by the descent of Heavenly Jerusalem, the more-perfect astral world of human imaginations. On the downward curve, the thoughts, thought forms and astral substance was sacrificed and given to mankind by JHVH and his legions. During the upward curve, the earth and all of its creations will dissolve into a seed condition into this heavenly astral globe. There will be a repetition of the conditions that prevailed during the Hyperborean and Polarean Ages. All matter will dissolve and during the Seventh Globe, the earth will re-unite with the sun.

In this ascending astral globe, a separation must occur before the earth passes over into the Jupiter manvantara. Humans will have spiritualized themselves and with the Christ impulse inside, will raise up the finer particles of earthly matter and unite with the sun, with Christ as the leader. Those persons under the influence of the Spirits of Darkness will have not progressed far enough in evolution so as to be a material and corporal expression of the good. They will not have the power to dissolve matter and can not ascend into this astral Globe. That portion of the earth that has remained course and those humans who have remained behind in their etheric form of the Beast, will be united with the Eighth sphere. As Dr. Steiner says, " There will come the time when the insoluble part will be ejected as a separate globe, a new kind od moon." In the transition from the recapitulation of the Hyper-borean Age to the Polarean Age, when the earth is re-united with the sun, all the Old Moon forces must be ejected for a final time for they can not co-exist within the brilliance of the Sun-Devachan sphere. For this reason, the Eighth sphere exists, like a comet, to take away all the cosmic astrality of the Spirits of Darkness.

Thus, the new earth with its carried over seed from that emerges from the pralaya into the Jupiter manvantara, will be accompanied by a satellite (a moon) consisting of the physical matter of the Eighth sphere. This final Arupa/Archetypal Globe is symbolized in the APOCALYPSE as a "woman clothed in the sun, the moon under her feet and upon her head, a crown of 12 stars," REV:12:1. The moon under her feet is, of course, the cosmic astrality of the Old Moon forces mineralized into a satellite moon and represents the victory of the purified human astral body, having expunged the Luciferic forces.

The Final Solution of the eternal battle between good and evil is that mankind is separated into two classes during the future Sixth root race. The second dragon REV:13:1 arises from the sea of human souls that have remained behind having failed to purify their astral bodies of animal passions and instincts. The Beast with seven heads and ten horns represents the Atlantean etheric form that has still remained behind during the fifth and sixth root races. These people will be separated out from those of the "white robes" who bear the Christ impulse. These dammed human souls will be cast into the "bottomless pit" from which will arise the first dragon REV:12:3. This dragon is a symbol for those Luciferic/Ahrimanic elemental beings that can not be united with the sun in its final astral stage. When the earth unites with the sun, a dragon appears in Heaven, because he comes from higher worlds than the sea, whose beings remain in their original condition and are cast back into the lower astral world.

Thus, the Final Solution deals with first, human souls who have remained behind in their evolution, represented in the APOCALYPSE by the second/dragon Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns; and second, the elemental beings of Lucifer/Ahriman represented by the ancient symbolism of the snake/first dragon.

Although the symbolism described by St. John is graphic and unimpeachable, it does give the impression that after the descent of the Heavenly Jerusalem, the final solution ends all. All those souls that can be saved, are saved and damn the remainder, cast into the abyss. This is true in so far as respects the Fourth Earth manvantara. However, the earth becomes physical three more times during each of the Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan manvantaras. Those Luciferis/Ahrimanic elementals symbolized by the second dragon will reappear during the Jupiter manvantara as corrupt nature spirits. In the sense that the Old Moon was a cosmos of Wisdom and the Earth Globe is a cosmos of Love, those beings that remained behind on Old Moon evolution become destructive forces during the Earth Globe. Likewise, these beings that remain behind during the Earth globe will become destructive forces of Love working against the Divine Plan during the evolution of the Jupiter Globe.

As for the human souls who have ascended so far as to entirely perfect their astral bodies into a crystalized form, like that of Buddha, their angels will be released to work with the Spirits of Light on special missions directed by the Hierarchies. These human souls themselves will rise to the rank of angels sacrificing their physical bodies for future mankind evolving on the Jupiter Globe.

As for those humans who have not entirely perfected their astral bodies, but have more good than evil, they will incarnate again into more earth lives during the Jupiter and Venus Globes to progress along the path of salvation. So, most people get many more chances. However, there are human souls that have used up their complete cycle of incarnations and for them, there are no more human forms in which to incarnate again. They will also become nature spirits during the Jupiter Globe.

Thus, the real Final Solution only occurs at the number of 6-6-6 during the Sixth root race of the Venus Globe. This is the last moment for salvation. Those who are not saved will be cast into the FINAL abyss and form the egregore from which a physical body will incarnate bearing the Anti-Christ, whose number is Sorath, the sun-demon. This image is preserved in the APOCALYPSE as the Fall of Babylon REV:17,18. For when the final Vulcan Globe arises, the Earth-Sun will be completely purified of all the cosmic astrality of all forces remaining over from the previous Six manvantaras. Lucifer and Ahriman will have been redeemed. Adzura and Sorath will have been defeated and cast into the Eighth sphere, and like a comet, pass out of our solar system forever.